How To Protect Yourself From Your Cell Phone

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Check How To Protect Yourself From Your Cell Phone

In this article we are going to talk about different ways to protect a person from cell phone radiation. Of these, including protection products, they all fall into two basic types of protection. The first is the element that blocks radiation, or at least keeps it away from us. And the other is a scientifically proven way to “neutralize” radiation, which basically means changing it to a more natural form so it’s less harmful. I like to use both methods.

How to protect yourself from your cell phone

  • Keep your distance. Do not keep your cell phone next to your body or in your bra. Some sportswear companies now make bras with pockets for cell phones, as seen in the image above. PLEASE do not put your phone in your pocket unless your phone is in airplane mode.
  • There is evidence offered by the Environmental Health Trust that suggests that women who keep a cell phone in their bra may develop breast cancer. Research also indicates that men who keep their cell phones on their belts or near their reproductive organs may have lower sperm counts and less sperm motility.
  • Speak on loudspeaker. Holding a cell phone to the ear also exposes the salivary glands to electromagnetic fields. Research has shown a fourfold increase in parotid gland cancer from 1970 to 2006, while rates for other salivary gland cancers have remained the same. The parotid gland is located closer to your cheek.
  • Turn off your phone more often. No radiation is emitted when the device is turned off.
  • Consider alternatives. When possible, use a landline or Skype, which offers a way to keep in touch without a cell phone.
  • Use an EMF protection device. A variety of cases and other cell phone mounts and shields are available that claim to block radiation. If you buy such a product, look to see if it has a SAR (Specific Absorption Rate) value.
  • You want a protective device that blocks most electromagnetic fields. (SAR is a measure of the rate at which a body exposed to electromagnetic fields absorbs energy.)
  • Make the change. Please switch the phone to airplane mode when you give your cell phone to your children to play, especially little kids.
  • Protect yourself while you sleep. At night, put your phone on airplane mode or keep it across the room or try a pillow or blanket that blocks electromagnetic fields.
  • Wear a shungite necklace. This black, non-crystalline mineraloid is more than 98 percent carbon and is found primarily in Russia. There are anecdotal reports that shungite has the ability to shield people from electromagnetic radiation.
  • Use a corded headset. But, because the radiation can still travel through the cable, buy a ferrite bead to attach to the cable. The bead absorbs the radiation that travels through the wire.
  • Distance text. Keep your cell phone 12 to 16 inches away from your body when texting to reduce radiation exposure.
  • Look for a good reception. Cell phones with better reception transmit at lower power than those that need to work harder. Whenever possible, use your cell phone only when you have five bars.
  • Gauss up! Use a Gaussian meter to measure electromagnetic fields in your home or workplace. Gauss is the unit of measurement for magnetic fields. A Gauss meter is inexpensive and can offer peace of mind.
  • Limit the use of Bluetooth. Take off your Bluetooth headset as soon as you finish your call. Switch ears between calls to reduce exposure to one ear. Also, consider using a special headset called a Blue Tube, which was designed to help minimize electromagnetic fields. Because the Blue Tube uses an air tube instead of a wire found in almost all cell phone headsets, radiation emissions are reduced.
  • Get a radiation protection device. New research shows that some standard cell phone cases can increase radiation exposure by up to 70 percent.
  • Food fight. Eat plenty of foods that can help support your nervous system, which is the first body system affected by electromagnetic fields. Foods that protect the body’s cells from the potentially damaging effects of electromagnetic radiation include organic fruits and vegetables, organically raised red meats (eg, lamb, beef, bison, venison), raw dairy products, egg yolks, and slow-cooked homemade bone broths. Be sure to also include an omega-3 fatty acid supplement, which supports cell membrane integrity.

Final remarks: How To Protect Yourself From Your Cell Phone

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