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How to quickly level up guns in COD: Vanguard

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Check How to quickly level up guns in COD: Vanguard

In Call of Duty: Vanguard, the best methods to acquire XP, level up weapons, and rank up Operators.

Call of Duty: Vanguard has arrived, which is great, but level 1 is not. You’re stuck with the default classes, you can’t use your favorite firearms, and your weapons don’t have accessories that are worth your while in low-range territory. Stupid! If you want to get out of that purgatory ASAP (which you do), you must acquire XP ASAP.

Fortunately, Vanguard has some useful additions this year to make XP a little simpler. Here are our best strategies to quickly level up, rank Operators, and get the most out of your weapon’s XP.


Stick to the rhythm of Blitz battles

Do you know that in all previous Call of Duty, the best way to level up weapons or complete challenges is to play chaotic matches of Shipment / Nuketown 24/7? This is basically the setting of the Blitz combat pace all the time. By filtering your Quickplay to “Blitz” only, you are maximizing the player count for each game mode you have selected (usually 12v12).

On smaller maps, like the World at War Dome remaster, this means there is virtually no downtime between shootings. It can be a bit frustrating to get constantly shot at (at the moment, kills per build are frequent), but constant action is the fastest way to gain weapon experience or complete specific challenges. And if you want to go up to 11, Free-for-All is probably your best option.

Complete the easiest challenges first

At Vanguard, career challenges are grouped into individual challenge groups. Each individual challenge is worth a few thousand XP, but completing a pack of them earns a whopping 10,000 XP.

For this reason, it’s wise to target one pack at a time to get that 10,000 bonus faster. The packages seem to be organized by overall difficulty, so I recommend starting with Boot Camp and Counter Measures. Boot Camp Challenges are super general tasks that you can mostly complete by accident (like “Win 25 Matches”) with only a few requiring extra effort. The hardest is probably “Get 35 Mounted Kills”, unless you’re one of the few CoD players who uses that feature a lot.

Counter Measures isn’t bad either, although it requires more work than Boot Camp. These challenges focus on destroying the enemy team, such as field upgrades and kill streaks. The only one that could slow you down is “Destroy an enemy mine or C4”. You’re out of luck if those teams aren’t popular, and so far I haven’t seen them in use.

Unlock double XP in the Battle Pass

At launch, Call of Duty: Vanguard is running a “preseason” battle pass in the run-up to its first season of proper content in early December. Most of the unlocks in the battle pass are exclusive to Warzone and Cold War, but there are several free tiers along the way that unlock small bonuses in Vanguard (even if you don’t buy the premium pass). Some of these are Double XP tokens:

  • 1 Hour Double XP Token (Level 1)
  • 30 minute double XP token (level 11)
  • 1 Hour Double Operator XP Token (Level 21)
  • 1 Hour Double XP Token (Level 39)
  • 30 minute double XP token (level 48)
  • 45 minute double XP token (level 94)

Again, you don’t have to buy access to the Premium Battle Pass ($ 9.99) to get these tokens, but it will be faster if you do. You can also play Warzone or Cold War to work towards these levels if you prefer.

Final remarks: How to quickly level up guns in COD: Vanguard

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