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How to Repost Video on TikTok

You might have noticed some content on your FYP recently if you’ve been using TikTok that doesn’t quite appear “For You.” If something feels more like a meme your BFF would send you than something you’d see on your own page, it may be somewhat in sync with your interests or sense of humour. This can be the case because someone you follow reposted the TikTok you’re seeing. However, if you haven’t been paying close attention to the TikToks on your feed, you might not even notice this. This article is about how to Repost Video on TikTok.

Not every TikTok video has to be entirely original. Some accounts are even solely focused on reposting other people’s videos. Of course, in order to avoid any objections, it’s better to obtain the creator’s consent in advance. TikTok uses a watermark containing the user’s username on saved and reposted videos to deter users from sharing each other’s material. Thankfully, it is possible to repost videos without the watermark.

How to Repost Videos on TikTok

  • Go to the For You feed.
  • Click Share, the icon with an arrow below the Comments button.
  • Tap the Repost option, which is a yellow button with white arrows.
  • Write a message to accompany the newly posted video.
  • Your followers and those you follow will see this video in their For You feed.

Final Words

We hope our article on how to Repost Videos on TikTok will help you and resolve all your problems. This is especially helpful if you want to raise someone’s TikTok because in the past, users had to duet someone else’s TikTok in order for it to appear in their followers’ feeds. In addition, it might be a fun way to be your own curator.

I hope you understand this article, How to Repost Video on TikTok.

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