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How to Restore Deleted Files in Windows 11

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Check How to Restore Deleted Files in Windows 11

Microsoft’s latest operating system is not immune to data loss, but it comes with many features that allow you to recover deleted files that Windows 11 can no longer see or open. The operating system is also compatible with various third-party data recovery software tools, so there is no shortage of recovery options to choose from when tackling all kinds of data loss situations. There are several methods to delete files.

Consequently, it is very common for users to require the recovery of files that have been accidentally deleted. The Recycle Bin is a Windows feature that allows you to recover files after they have been deleted. Unless otherwise specified, saves data that users choose to discard. As a result, frequently deleted user files can be recovered from the bin function.

All references to a file are removed when it is completely destroyed, and as a result, the hard drive space it previously occupied is freed up. Fortunately, files that have been permanently deleted can still be recovered. However, there is a limitation to meeting this requirement. In this article we will teach you how to restore deleted files in Windows 11.

How to restore deleted files in Windows 11

How to restore deleted files from recycle bin

  • Open the Recycle Bin by double-clicking or double-tapping its icon on the desktop.
  • Locate and then select any file or folder that you need to restore.
  • To select more than one file or folder, hold down the Ctrl key while selecting. To select a range of items, use Shift.
  • Note the original location of the files you are restoring so you know where they will end up.
  • Right-click or tap and hold the selection and choose Restore.
  • Please wait while the Recycle Bin restores the deleted files.
  • How long this takes depends mostly on the number of files you’re restoring and the size of all of them together, but the speed of your computer is also a factor here.
  • Verify that the files and folders you restored are in the locations shown in Step 3, or are located where you dragged them in Step 4.
  • You can now exit the Recycle Bin if you have finished restoring.

How to restore a specific file from a deleted folder

Most people are probably fine with restoring a folder without knowing what files are in it, but if you’re curious about what you’re about to recover or want to restore just a selected file or two from the deleted folder, can do it. with command prompt.

  • Open the command prompt. A quick way to do this is to open the Run dialog with WIN+R and then enter cmd.
  • Type the following and press Enter:
    • cdThe text to the left of the writing area should now read C:>.
  • Type the following string and then press Enter:
  • If you get an error try a different command like:
  • Type the following below, followed by Enter:
  • All deleted files are listed in the command prompt window. If there are any folders in the Recycle Bin, those files (and the original file names) are also displayed.
  • Find the name of the folder.
  • In Command Prompt, the folder name is not the same as the name in the Recycle Bin. The folders have
  • Type cd, make a space, and then press the Tab key over and over again to cycle through all the folders in the Recycle Bin.
  • The point here is to find the one that lists the directory you identified in Step 5. In our example (see screenshot below), the directory ends with “1002” (the top section), so we’ll keep tabping until Find them.
  • Press Enter.
    • Type cd, make a space, and then Tab again until you find the folder that has the deleted files you want to identify.
  • Press Enter.
  • You are now inside the folder that has the deleted files you want to view.
  • Type dir and press Enter.
  • This reveals the deleted files within the deleted folder.
  • Use the copy command to copy the deleted file from the deleted folder and to the folder of your choice.
  • In our example we would write this as we want to copy that BMP file to the Desktop folder
    • copy “New Bitmap Image – Copy (2).bmp C:UsersroblefDesktop
  • Press Enter.
  • To restore other files from the same folder, repeat steps 11 and 12.

Final words: How to Restore Deleted Files in Windows 11

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