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How to Run EXE Files on Chromebook

A Chromebook is the most handy productivity tool you’ll find on the market. Whether you need it for office work, web browsing, or social media, Chromebooks offer an efficient way to navigate the most popular Google Workspace apps, including Google Docs, Sheets, and cloud storage. This article is about how to Run EXE Files on Chromebook.

An executable file (EXE) is a computer file that contains an encrypted sequence of instructions that the system can execute directly when the user clicks on the file icon. Executable files usually have an .exe file extension, but there are hundreds of other executable file formats.

While Chromebooks offer a long list of full-featured apps, the biggest limitation is that you can’t run Windows programs, including full Microsoft Office and Adobe apps. This is because Chromebooks are designed to use web browsers as the main operating system, while the cloud is the storage system. Below we have mention the steps to open EXE Files on Chromebook.

Ways to Open and Run EXE Files on Chromebook

Using Wine

  • First, enable developer mode and install Wine. Once that is done, you need to make a fake C: drive for your Windows program.
  • Finally, to install a Windows program using Wine:
  • Download the .exe file for the program.
  • Launch the terminal and go to the directory where the downloaded file is saved.
  • Then, type “wine“followed by the “filename.exe.” Here, the filename is the name of the program you downloaded and .exe is the extension.

Using CrossOver

  • First, enable “Developer Mode.“
  • Download CrossOver (make sure the version you download is compatible with your OS).
  • Right-click on the file you just downloaded and install it with Linux (Beta). Once that’s done, it should show up on your app launcher.
  • Now, download the .exe file of the program you want to install and save it in Linux Files.
  • Open CrossOver and click on “Install Windows Software.“
  • Look for the .exe file and then go to “Unlisted (filename).” Then select “Installer” and choose “Installer files.” The Windows file will start to run.

Final Words

That’s it with our article on methods to run Run EXE Files on Chromebook. Exe files are for Windows operating systems, so ChromeOS generally won’t allow .exe files to run unless you follow some steps to run them. The steps mainly require you to use a third-party application. If you want to know how to access EXE Files on Chromebook then follow the steps mentioned above.

I hope you understand this article, How to Run EXE Files on Chromebook.

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