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How to Run Windows 10 and Ubuntu Simultaneously

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The How to Run Windows 10 and Ubuntu Simultaneously

Most PC users have become accustomed to the latest version from Microsoft and use it as their primary operating system. However, Ubuntu is more resource-friendly and it’s completely free. That being said, Ubuntu still can’t do a lot of things that Windows can, like run popular video games. That is why it is more and more common to have a dual boot system on which Ubuntu for more technical purposes and Windows 10 are installed. Here’s how to install Windows 10 with Ubuntu.

Benefits of Ubuntu

Before you completely skip Ubuntu and just use Windows 10, you need to consider the benefits that the former brings to the table. On the one hand, unlike Windows, Ubuntu is fully customizable. You can customize pretty much anything in your UI / UX which is amazing compared to the customization options you get with Windows 10.

Ubuntu also works without installation, which means it is completely bootable from a USB drive. Yes, that means you can carry your entire operating system in your pocket and run it on any computer, wherever you are. Ubuntu is also more secure. It may not be completely immune to security issues, but it is a more secure environment than Windows 10. It is also a common development tool, which Windows 10 was not intended for. .

Windows 10 on Ubuntu

If Windows 10 is installed on your PC, installing Ubuntu is a straightforward process. Ubuntu is usually installed “on top” of Windows 10 because it is a simpler platform that can even run on multiple computers via a USB drive. However, installing Windows 10 after Ubuntu is a bit tricky and not recommended. However, when things are going well, sometimes it needs to be done.

install Windows 10 alongside ubuntu

Prepare a score

If you want to install Windows 10 in Ubuntu, make sure that the intended partition for the Windows operating system is the primary NTFS partition. You need to create this on Ubuntu, specifically for Windows installation purposes.

To create the partition, use the gParted or Disk Utility command line tools. If you already have a logical / extended partition, you will need to delete it and create a new one Primary partition. Keep in mind that all data on the existing partition will be erased.

Windows 10 installation

Use the bootable DVD / USB drive to start the Windows installation process. First, you will need to provide the Windows activation key to authenticate your installation. After that choose Custom installationbecause the automatic option can cause problems.

Make sure you select the NTFS primary partition that you previously created as Windows 10 installation partition. Keep in mind that after successful installation of Windows 10, GRUB will be replaced with Windows boot loader, which means you will not see the GRUB menu when you start your computer. Fortunately, this is easily fixed by reinstalling GRUB for Ubuntu.

Install GRUB for Ubuntu

In order to install and repair GRUB, a LiveCD or LiveUSB Ubuntu is a must. This means that you will need to get an independent version of Ubuntu. Having a USB stick is ideal here because you can use it easily.

Once Live Ubuntu has loaded, open the Terminal and use the following commands to start start repair to repair GRUB for Ubuntu:

sudo add-apt-repository ppa: yannubuntu / boot-repair && sudo apt-get update

sudo apt-get install -y boot-repair && boot-repair

Once the installation is complete, start repair will launch automatically. Select the recommended repair option when repairing GRUB. Once everything is done, restart your computer and you will see the GRUB menu, where you choose the operating system you want to run.

install Windows 10 alongside ubuntu

Windows 10 and Ubuntu

Windows 10 and Ubuntu are a perfect pair. Every technical job, such as development, is best done in Ubuntu. The majority of day-to-day computing activities, such as gaming, watching movies and TV shows, and browsing are best left to Windows 10. Remember, installing Windows 10 is not recommended. after Ubuntu, but it can be done.

Are you using dual start? Are you using a USB stick for your Ubuntu? What do you think about installing Windows 10 with Ubuntu? Share your thoughts in the comments section.

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