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How to Secure Windows Without Bars

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Window locks can help prevent theft and deter thieves. If you have French doors or basement windows, make sure they are protected with locks, shatterproof glass, and other security measures. Securing your home against burglars and intruders is a priority. Studies show that 30% of break-ins occur through an open door or window. Most burglars enter through the second story windows of a home. However, there are many reliable solutions to protect your windows from thieves and scammers.

Security bars on windows can deter thieves and stop them in their tracks. If you have French doors or windows in your basement, you need to make sure they are secured with locks and alarms, shatter-proof glass windows, and other security measures. Most burglars enter homes through doors. At least that’s what the statistics say. Therefore, if you want to improve the security of your home, you should always start by hardening the front and back doors. In this article we will show you how to secure windows without bars.

How to secure windows without bars

Adding motion lights

Thieves, no matter how cunning they try to be, do not want to be seen or conspicuous at all. The best way to prevent them from entering your home is to expose them to the threat of that spotlight. A moving light can be more than enough to deter wary burglars from trying to break into your home.

All you have to do is install them in the place where you think a thief would be most interested in trying to break into. You can also install them on all sides of the house if you want to be completely safe. What makes moving lights even better is that many of them can be customized in one way or another.

This means you can add an alarm to ward off intruders, or even add an alert to your phone if the light has gone off, though be prepared for plenty of warnings from flying bugs around the world. If you have CCTV cameras installed, chances are you can also connect moving lights to them.

Adding aftermarket locks

Most windows are equipped with some kind of lock; however, adding a secondary lock can greatly increase the level of security your windows offer you. There are four types of locks to consider, although some locks are designed for specific types of windows.

First, a deadbolt lock is generally recommended for all ground-floor windows. Pin locks are simple but effective. What they do is help protect your home by preventing intruders from opening windows to get into your home. While this doesn’t stop them from breaking windows, it can totally deter some burglars who don’t want to spend too much time trying to break into a home due to the risk of being seen, meaning a pin lock is an easy and effective way to secure your home. .

The next type of lock to consider is the key lock. These castles speak for themselves. This is a traditional type of lock and key, which means that you will need to use the key to open and close the window whenever you need to. While this does come with an increased risk of not being able to secure your home if your key is lost, it does mean that would-be thieves will be quickly contained once they realize they can’t open or close the windows in your home. . As long as you don’t lose the key, they can be just as effective as deadbolt locks at keeping thieves out.

The following two locks are made specifically for double sash windows, which means they won’t be as effective on your standard window, or even not at all. You should have a good idea of ​​which windows in your home need which types of locks. Tilting wedge locks are a type of lock specifically designed for a double-hung window. Like most locks, it prevents the window from being opened from above as well as from below. However, if you want to partially open the window, you can always adjust the location of the lock.

Lastly, there are the flip locks. These locks are commonly used with bi-fold windows and what makes them special is that they allow the window to be opened while remaining locked in place. These are all different types of locks that you can use to keep your window as secure as possible when you are away from home or at night.

altering the glass

This is by far the most expensive and tedious option to choose. However, it is one of the most beneficial and effective ways to ensure that your windows are completely safe and secure from people trying to enter through your windows.

There are three types of glass that you can look at.

Tempered glass is about four times stronger than regular glass and when used in windows it is known as a safety window. It is strengthened by repeated heating and cooling processes, which ensures its durability. It’s also designed to crumble into small pieces when broken, rather than disintegrating into jagged, sharp edges.

With this glass, it will be much more difficult for thieves to break the glass to get into the house or building you are working on. Because most thieves try to be stealthy and don’t necessarily want to get caught, there’s a good chance they’ll give up when they can’t break glass with standard means.

With strategic planning and a budget, you can easily find a way to ensure that all of your windows are replaced with a stronger type of glass if that bothers or bothers you. It is not necessary to replace all windows with one of these types of glass, but the most vulnerable or attractive windows should be replaced. However, if you’re worried about your second story, you probably won’t have to think about replacing all those windows with polycarbonate windows.

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