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How to Send voice message on iOS 16

In this article we will show you how to Send a voice message using iOS 16. There are significant updates to the Messages app with the ability to edit or delete messages, mark messages as unread, and start a SharePlay session. Users can now seamlessly hand off FaceTime calls to other devices and an all-new Freeform app provides a platform for collaboration on a digital whiteboard.

Apple’s iOS updates are released like clockwork. Every year (since the first iPhone), new iPhone software is released to add new features and improve the overall experience. In 2022, iOS 16 is no different. Unveiled at WWDC 2022, iOS 16 will improve your iPhone with new features like a customizable lock screen (with widgets), a revamped notification system, new improvements to Messages, and much more.

It is scheduled to be released later this year, but not all iPhone owners will be able to get the upgrade. The latest Operating System from Apple come with lot of options, in iOS 16 features you can customize an iPhone, Like customize home screen, customize lock screen in iOS 16 and so many other things one of them is send voice messages to someone in iOS 16. Below we have mention the steps to send voice messages via iOS 16.

Send voice message on iPhone

Step 1: Open the Messages app and select the Audio Messages app from the iMessage app dock

Step 2: Tap the on-screen microphone shown in red to begin recording your voice message hands-free

Step 3: When you have finished speaking, press the square shown on-screen to end the recording

Step 4: Either tap the grey Play button to listen back to your recorded voice message or tap the blue Send button

Final Words

We hope you like this article on How to send voice message on iOS 16. Voice messages are particularly convenient for the sender. They only need to be recorded and sent. Speaking is much faster than typing, especially if the message is longer. Voice messaging is also more convenient when working with different languages. This is especially true for those who work with a large number of people and need to speak multiple languages. Text messaging offers many obstacles to such communication.

I hope you understand this article, How to Send voice message on iOS 16.

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