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How to stay focused while studying for online courses

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Check How to stay focused while studying for online courses

Arguably the biggest challenge associated with taking an online course is staying disciplined. When you attend a lesson in a traditional classroom, you’re already “stuck” there during the lesson, so you better pay attention, take notes, and benefit. With an online course that you can take at your leisure, there can be a temptation to get distracted by the material presented to you. Learning often works best in a group, but meeting with friends is not always possible. Libraries are not always open and social distancing requirements can make gatherings difficult, depending on where you are in the world.

Take your online course to the library or coffee shop by forming a study group. A study group can not only be a great way to interact with like-minded people, it can also ensure that everyone stays in check when it comes to work. A study group can hold each other accountable, and a change of scenery, like at your favorite coffee shop, can help keep you going.

maintain a routine

It’s pretty tempting to wake up 2 minutes before class and try to do it in your pajamas from the comfort of your bed, but that’s also a recipe for losing focus once your teacher starts talking. Even if you have to take your courses online, you should stick to your usual routine. Start your day as usual; Whether you take a shower, go for a morning run, or eat a healthy breakfast, do just that.

If you used to have a cup of coffee before class, make sure you get up early enough to make yourself one in the morning. You can have a sip during class. It also helps to dress like you’re going to class instead of staying in your pajamas. Maintaining a routine will keep your energy levels high and help you stay focused throughout the day.

Create the perfect workspace

Let’s face it, taking your classes online from bed or in front of the TV just doesn’t work. You should have a quiet place dedicated only to home classes and study. It should be a place where you can transform into your own space, where you can stay motivated and on your toes. It’s also best to keep your work space away from your bedroom; Otherwise, you will always be tempted to grab your laptop and lie on your bed.

Upgrade your technology

It won’t help your concentration if you’re constantly disconnected from your online classes or can’t hear or see properly. So it’s important to upgrade your existing technology, whether it’s your internet connection or your headphones.

You should also familiarize yourself with the online platforms teachers use for quizzes, discussions, or assignments so you don’t try to figure it out during class and waste your time. You can also get specific apps to help you track time, take notes, or set a schedule or reminders.

Eliminate distractions

Would you scroll through your Twitter or Instagram feed if you were in a real class? Just because you’re not on camera and your teacher can’t see you doesn’t mean you should be distracted. Even if you are listening to the class, you should not be distracted, and social media is the first thing to eliminate. Also, if you’re staying with roommates, it’s important to set boundaries so you don’t get disturbed.

Explain to your roommate that vacuuming can wait until you finish, and make sure they know your lesson schedule to avoid falling for it. Check out our Learning Hacks to Avoid Distractions blog for tips on specific tactics for getting rid of distractions.

Final words: How to stay focused while studying for online courses

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