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How to Stop Samsung Phone From Overheating

Complaints about overheating from Samsung and other Android phones are becoming more common and hampering what should be great smartphone experiences. Our smartphones are more powerful and consume more power, but that’s to be expected. The bigger problem is when the phone gets uncomfortably warm, even when it’s not running processor-intensive tasks. Overheating affects performance and can lead to battery and other hardware issues later. This article is about how to Stop Samsung Phone From Overheating.

There are many reasons why your Samsung phone is overheating. First, there is the expected behavior. Any processor intensive tasks will cause the phone to overheat slightly. You will see the device warm up when setting up a new phone while it restores apps and data in the background. It also gets warm when playing games or using the camera for a long time.

4 Ways to Fix Samsung Phone Overheating Issues

Optimize Your Samsung Phone

  • Tap Battery and device care from the Settings menu.
  • Now, Hit Optimize now to proceed.
  • After that, select Done to optimize your phone.

Close Apps from Running in the Background

  • Click on Connections from the Settings.
  • Press Data Usage now. Then choose the application you wish to manage its background consumption.
  • After that, toggle the Allow background data usage option to turn it off

Reduce Screen Brightness

Your phone can overheat even more if you frequently watch streaming material or play a lot of mobile games when the brightness is set to maximum. So reduce the brightness of your screen to the level that you are most comfortable with.

Check for Updates

  • Select Software update from the Settings menu.
  • Hit the Download and Install option.
  • Now, click on Install to install new software if available.

Final Words

We hope you like our article on methods to fix Samsung Phone Overheating Issues will help you and resolve all your problem. If you are facing the similar issues and want to know how to resolve this problem then follow the steps mentioned above.

I hope you understand this article, How to Stop Samsung Phone From Overheating.

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James Hogan
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