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How to sync Microsoft To Do with Calendar

This tutorial is about How to sync Microsoft To Do with Calendar. Recently I updated this tutorial and will try my best so that you understand this guide. I hope you guys like this blog, How to sync Microsoft To Do with Calendar. If your answer is yes after reading the article, please share this article with your friends and family to support us.

Check How to sync Microsoft To Do with Calendar

When it comes to keeping your life organized, there are two basic gadgets you should have: your schedule and your plan for the day. Knowing what you want to do and when to do it ensures that nothing is neglected, especially in case you are working remotely or at home.

Be that as it may, most task management solutions keep these two things low-key. You can actually see due dates in your to-do list app, but wouldn’t it be nicer to see them on your calendar, where all your occasions are logged?

Here’s a list of to-do apps that sync with Google Calendar, along with a quick clarification on the most proficient explanation on how to integrate them.

How to sync Microsoft To Do with Google Calendar

As mentioned above, Zapier is the application that will help us synchronize notes and tasks and serves as a bridge between the organization application and the calendar application. Zapier is a workflow automation service and allows you to combine different services for an improved experience. In short, it brings the best of both worlds.

Of course, you will need to create a Zapier account before continuing. There are two ways. If you want the event name and time to appear in your Google Calendar, you can use one of the available workflows (Zaps) to get started. But if you want to customize things like the date and time, you will need to create your own Zap.

Simple method

  • Once you’ve logged into Zapier, search for Google Calendar in the search box in the upper right corner. Select to see all available integrations.
  • Then add Microsoft To-Do in the text box for search apps to connect. Select the one that best suits your needs. In our case, we chose to use Add Quick Events.
  • Now is the time to connect the two applications. To do this, add your Google and Outlook credentials. Zapier claims that all credentials are encrypted and stored. Naturally, you will need to provide a large number of permissions for your Outlook and Google account.
  • Then select the “value” from the Google calendar. In this case, this will be your default email id. Once done, click Activate Zap to OK, activate the trigger, and you’re done. Now whenever a new task is added to your Microsoft To-Do account, it will be reflected in your Google calendar.
  • Since this is a quick event, it will have the same timestamp when added. Besides that, you won’t be able to see any attachments. It’s a simple event and that’s it, but if you ask me, if you just want the event idea in your google calendar, this method is helpful.

For the adventurers

  • In Zapier, search for Microsoft To-Do under Create your own workflow. Do a similar search for Google Calendar.
  • When done, add the trigger and action for both apps. For example, you can select Search or Create event or Create detailed event from the list. When done, press the Test button.
  • Choose your Microsoft account to configure the trigger. Then add the name of the list. As a reminder, Zapier will choose names from existing lists in your To Do account to make your work easier. Touch Continue to test the trigger. Once the trigger is successful, it is time to set up the Google account details.
  • In Action, choose your Google account and tap Continue. If you want to change the action, choose a different action from the list. Then choose your schedule from the list as shown in the screenshot below.
  • Since this is a detailed event, you will need to add a multitude of details, such as the start time and the end time. Just add all the required data. When you’re done, tap Continue and test the trigger. After establishing the connection, click Activate Zap to start the synchronization process.
  • Now all you have to do is open Google Calendar on your phone to see the Microsoft To-Do notes syncing with your calendar. Cool right? You can see a slight delay (1-2 minutes) in my case for the task to appear.

Final remarks: How to sync Microsoft To Do with Calendar

I hope you understand this article, How to sync Microsoft To Do with Calendar. If your answer is no, you can ask anything via the contact forum section related to this article. And if your answer is yes, please share this article with your friends and family to give us your support.

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