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How to Tag Someone on Facebook

This tutorial is about How to Tag Someone on Facebook. Recently I updated this tutorial and will try my best so that you understand this guide. I hope you guys like this blog, How to Tag Someone on Facebook. If your answer is yes after reading the article, please share this article with your friends and family to support us.

Check How to Tag Someone on Facebook

Facebook basically relies on our connections with other people and our ability to extend their notifications by tagging them in funny videos, memes, and statuses. Whether you are checking into your favorite restaurant with a best friend or want to write a long thank you to your family and closest friends, there are several ways to tag your friends on Facebook. Tagging is an important part of any social media service as it allows you to notify others that you mentioned them. This helps increase your post’s reach, can make your search easier in the future, and provides a link that people can click to view that friend’s page.

Tagged in status updates and comments

When you post a status update, you can tag your friends by typing an @ symbol followed by their name. As you type, a small window appears that automatically updates to show the best match for the text you entered. Click on someone’s name (or use the arrow keys and Enter) and it will appear highlighted in blue on your post. This means that you have tagged them correctly.

Besides your own friends, you can also tag other people and pages on Facebook. This includes friends of friends, business pages, and the like. The same method also works for tagging others in Facebook comments. Just keep in mind that if your post privacy is set to Friends, tagging someone makes your post visible to your friends as well.

Mention who you were with

Facebook allows you to add various items to your posts, including sentiments, location records, and the like. One of these allows you to mention that you were with certain friends.

To use it, click on the Tag Friends option, which looks like a blue silhouette of a person with a tag next to it. This opens a search box where you can enter a friend’s name. Use the box to select one or more of your friends here. Note that unlike the above, you can only tag your own friends using this method as it claims that you were with them.

Click Done when you are satisfied and you will see a new [Your name] It’s with [friend’s name] line at the top of your state. Enter your post as usual and people will see this line to explain who you were with. Like the above, this allows friends of your friends to view the post.

While tagging people makes sense when mentioning them in what your status says, this method is more helpful in letting people know that your friends were actually with you for something.

Photo tagging

Tagging friends in photos adds their name to a With line in the photo description. It also allows others to easily identify them by hovering the mouse over their face in the image.

Also, the photos you are tagged in appear on the Photos of You tab in the Photos section of your Timeline. Like the previous two, tagging someone allows their friends to see the photo too. To tag an existing photo, open it; the image can be yours or someone else’s. Click the Label icon in the upper right, then click a face in the image. Below the box, enter a friend’s name; friends of friends and pages work too.

Depending on the privacy settings of the person who tagged and the owner of the photo, they may have to approve the tag manually. And you may not see the tag option on other people’s photos, if they have disabled the option to allow other people to tag your pictures.

If you want to add tags to your own photo when you upload it, click the Edit button at the top left of the image when you have the post open. Click on Tag Photo from the left side, then follow the same steps to click on faces and enter names.

Final remarks: How to Tag Someone on Facebook

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