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How To Turn a Song into Karaoke Track File

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Check How To Turn a Song into Karaoke Track File

Do you want to make a karaoke track with a song? Do you have a song that you prefer to sing rather than listen to? When using commercial music to make a karaoke track, proceed with caution. If you change a copyrighted song, you may run into a variety of licensing and copyright issues. If you like karaoke, you can buy CDs, DVDs, or digital media specifically designed for that purpose.

The voices have been removed and the lyrics have been replaced by subtitles so that they can be played on any karaoke machine. Fortunately, you can create your own karaoke songs for free with just a few audio tools, a video program, and some work.

Vocal Eliminator Online Website

If you try all the suggestions below and find that they didn’t work for your particular songs, give PhonicMind a try. online vocal remover uses artificial intelligence and does the job very well. PhonicMind is NOT free, but it is not expensive either. They offer inexpensive packages for a specific number of songs. All you have to do is walk up the track and she does the rest. You can preview each song before using its credits, and you can also mute and unmute vocals, bass, drums, and other sounds during preview. No, this is not a promotional advertisement. We thought it was so good that we wanted to share it with you.

How do you completely remove vocals from a song?

To get started, you need music apps that include options like voice removal, low-pass filters, and high-pass filters. You can’t completely remove the voices, but you can reduce them quite well. The Voice Eliminators try to eliminate the frequencies that produce the voice, but you end up with another frequency loss that makes the song serious or confusing. Second, low pass filters allow lower frequencies to pass through while blocking higher frequencies. High-pass filters allow higher frequencies to pass without lower frequencies.

Why do you need low pass and high pass filters? If you remember the above, your voice remover removes many other frequencies as well. The high pass and low pass filters allow you to recall some of them by mixing them into a single track.

You can also use an amp plug-in (for high-pass and low-pass filtered tracks) to boost the lower and higher frequencies to better drown out vocals and boost the bass and treble for better results. However, you won’t get all the low and high frequencies unless you want the remaining voices to be boosted with them.

Software to remove voices

Audacity by the Audacity team

Audacity is a free, open source program compatible with almost all operating systems, from Windows and Mac to Linux and BSD. The program was developed with a focus on Linux, but has evolved to offer compatibility with other operating systems. Audacity has been around for years. It is a popular option to remove voices for free and provides many music creation and editing tools. Both installation and source code files are available. YOU MAY run “solo” with this program, but it may be easier to integrate other music applications to better remove those voices.

Remove voices using Audacity for Karaoke

  1. Open Audacity and you will be presented with the main screen.
  2. Select the song you want to convert and drag it to that screen or open it from the drop-down menu Proceedings menu.
  3. Copy the track: press the Please select box of the loaded track click the Edit tab at the top and then select Copy. You can also select the track and just press Ctrl-C in Windows.
  4. Click below the track in the blank area of ​​Audacity and select Edit -> Paste in the tab menu to make a duplicate copy, or you can press Ctrl-V on Windows.
  5. Repeat the steps. 3-4, so you have 3 tracks (groups) in total.
  6. In the bottom two tracks (Groups 2 and 3), click the Be quiet so they won’t be heard when the track divided into Group 1 is played)
  7. In the first track (at the top) select the little black Arrow down on the left of the waveform screen.
  8. Please select Split stereo to mono. Monaural sound is required for both tracks to be identical for the reverse process (cancel voices).
  9. Choose one of the divided tracks by pressing the Please select box. The other should turn light gray and the selected track will have a colored border. The waveform is the blue audio screen in the center.
  10. Please select Effect -> Invert in the top menu. The selected track will be inverted to drown out the voices on both tracks in the group. one.

Now that you have a final mix with minimal vocals, you can save the MP3 as a track.

  1. Please select File -> Export -> Export as MP3.
  2. Please select File -> Export -> Export as MP3.
  3. Label your new karaoke file.
  4. Try it on your favorite mp3 player.

Final remarks: How To Turn a Song into Karaoke Track File

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