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How To Uninstall Applications in Windows 11

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Check How To Uninstall Applications in Windows 11

Once you no longer need or use apps in Windows, it’s a good idea to get rid of them from time to time. Especially games and other great programs. There are plenty of great things you can install on your Windows 11 PC, but even the most passionate PC enthusiasts can’t always seed and dump with fruitful abandon. That’s why you’ll want to know how to uninstall programs in Windows 11. After all, there comes a time when you need to steel yourself, raise the black flag, and start collecting apps from your hard drive. That’s when you’ll want to uninstall programs forever.

Windows 11 will allow you to uninstall games you no longer play in several different ways, and there are also several third-party programs that can also remove games you’ve completed or lost interest in from your hardware. Like Windows 10, Windows 11 includes a built-in uninstaller that is easily accessible through the Start menu and Settings screen. And for those of you who are nostalgic for the Windows XP era, the classic Programs and Features menu is still hidden inside Control Panel and can be used to uninstall games and programs. In this article we will teach you how to uninstall applications in windows 11.

How to uninstall apps in Windows 11

Uninstall apps in Control Panel

The Control Panel is the uninstall method most users will likely be familiar with. Control Panel includes the Programs and Features applet. That is an applet with which you can uninstall desktop applications running on x86 system architecture computers.

Programs and features are a bit outdated compared to some third party uninstallers. It does not always completely remove all files, folders, and registry entries of the uninstalled software, leaving behind some remnants. Also, Microsoft has not updated Programs and Features to include Universal Windows Platform (UWP) apps to uninstall. This is how you uninstall the software with that applet.

  • Right-click Start on the taskbar and select the Run shortcut from the power user menu.
  • Type appwiz.cpl in Run.
  • Click OK to open the Programs and Features window.
  • Select a software package to remove.
  • Click the Uninstall button.
  • Then select Yes on any confirmation dialog that may appear.
  • An uninstall wizard for the software might then open. Go through that wizard to select the required uninstall options.

Uninstall apps in Settings

Since you can’t remove Microsoft Store apps with Programs and Features, you probably need to uninstall some software through Settings. Settings includes an Apps & Features tab from which you can select and uninstall UWP apps. You can uninstall the software in Settings like this.

  • Press Win + I to launch Settings.
  • Click on the Applications tab.
  • Select Apps & features to view a list of installed software.
  • Click a three-dot button on the right side of an app to select Uninstall.

Uninstall apps through the Start menu

The Start menu lists most of the desktop and UWP apps installed on your desktop or laptop. That menu provides handy context menu shortcuts for uninstalling software. Here are the steps to remove the software through the Start menu.

  • Click the Start button on the taskbar to open the menu.
  • Select the All Apps menu option.
  • Right click on an app to remove and select Uninstall.
  • If the software has a folder in the Start menu, click the folder to expand it. Then right-click on the app in the folder to select its Uninstall option.

Uninstall the app through File Explorer

Many desktop software packages will have uninstall.exe files in their folders, you can click to uninstall them. To do so, you’ll need to find your uninstall.exe files within Explorer. This is how you remove the software through File Explorer.

  • Press the Win + E key combination to open File Explorer.
  • Open the installation folder of the software you need to uninstall. If you stick with the default installation directories, you’ll probably be in the “Program Files” folder.
  • Then look for an uninstall.exe file inside the software folder.
  • Double-click uninstall.exe to open an uninstall window.
  • Select the necessary options in the uninstaller window to remove the software.

Delete apps with command prompt

Command Prompt is one of the two command line interpreters in Windows 11. It has a Windows Management Instrumentation (WMIC) command line utility with which you can uninstall the software. If you prefer command line methods, you can uninstall the software using the WMIC command prompt tool as follows.

  • Click the search button (magnifying glass icon) on the Windows 11 taskbar button.
  • Enter command prompt to find that app.
  • Select the Run as administrator option for the Command Prompt search result.
  • Enter wmic at the prompt and press Return.
  • Type this command and press Enter:
  • Write down the name of the software you want to uninstall from the list. You will need to include that name in the uninstall command.
  • Then enter this command:
    • product where name = “program name” call uninstall
  • Press Enter to run the command.
  • Then press the Y key and press Return to confirm. You will need to replace the program name in the command specified above with the title of the software you noted down. For example, this is the command to uninstall Epic Games Launcher:
    • product where name = “Epic Games Launcher” call uninstall

Delete app with PowerShell

You can’t uninstall some built-in Windows UWP apps, like Camera and Photos, in Settings. If you want to remove some of those built-in apps, you can do so with this PowerShell command line method. Follow the steps below to uninstall the software using PowerShell.

  • Open the Windows 11 Search tool by pressing Win or by using the search bar on the taskbar.
  • Type PowerShell in the search box to find that command line interpreter.
  • Right-click on the Windows Powershell search result to select the Run as administrator option.
  • To see a list of applications, type this command and press Return:
  • Find the app you want to uninstall in the list and note the PackageFullName specified for it. you can copy the
  • PackageFullName by selecting its text and pressing the hotkey Ctrl + C.
  • Then enter this app uninstall command and press Return:
    • Remove AppxPackage [App Name]
  • Make sure to replace [App Name] in that command with PackageFullName for the app you want to uninstall. A command to uninstall Edge would look like this:
    • Remove-AppxPackage Microsoft.MicrosoftEdge_44.19041.1266.0_neutral__8wekyb3d8bbwe

Final words: How To Uninstall Applications in Windows 11

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