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How to unlock iPhone with iTunes

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Check How to unlock iPhone with iTunes

If you lose access to the iPhone, iTunes can do you a favor. On this page, we will show you how to unlock iPhone with iTunes. You will find it helpful to unlock your iPhone no matter you remember passwords and lock passcodes or not. Also, no matter what causes your iPhone to get locked: forgotten passwords, a series of wrong password attempts, locked lock screen, or other unexpected issues. The solution to unlock iPhone via iTunes can help you quickly and it’s very easy.

All data and settings will be completely deleted after unlocking iPhone with iTunes to reactivate your iPhone. If you already have an up-to-date copy of the content on your device or can create a backup when you unlock your phone, you can recover your data by restoring from backups. Otherwise, you will lose everything after entering the phone.

How to unlock iPhone with iTunes

This solution is effective when you have synced your iPhone with iTunes. In this method, the iTunes backup will be used to restore your iPhone, once the device has been unlocked. As we have already discussed, this process would result in data loss and you will need to reconfigure your device settings after unlocking. Here is the detailed guide on how to unlock iPhone with iTunes.

  • Please update your iTunes to the latest version and then launch it as soon as possible on your computer. Once iTunes is running, connect your iPhone via lightning cable.
  • Choose the device icon at the top left of the iTunes interface. Click ‘Summary’ later and then hit ‘Restore iPhone’. To confirm your selection, press the ‘Restore’ button again.
  • iTunes will erase your device while installing the latest iOS and restore your iPhone to its factory settings. All you need is to set up the iPhone again as a new one after resetting it.

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