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How to update BIOS on motherboard

This tutorial is about How to update BIOS on motherboard. Recently I updated this tutorial and will try my best so that you understand this guide. I hope you guys like this blog, How to update BIOS on motherboard. If your answer is yes after reading the article, please share this article with your friends and family to support us.
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Check How to update BIOS on motherboard

Your computer’s basic input/output system, better known as the BIOS, is a chip that allows your PC to perform basic startup operations before booting into the operating system. It ensures that the operating system is loaded into memory correctly and is therefore crucial to the effective operation of your machine. There are two BIOS standards that you should be aware of.

The traditional type is gradually being replaced by newer UEFI chips, though PCs made before 2007 may still have the older version. UEFI has also created a universal standard for all major processor manufacturers. Sometimes it is necessary to update the BIOS in order for the motherboard to properly support a new processor or other hardware, or to fix bugs and improve stability or performance.

How to update the BIOS on the motherboard

  • Find your current BIOS version – Before updating your BIOS, make sure you are actually installing a new version. The easiest way to find your BIOS version is to open the System Information app by typing msinfo in the Windows search bar. In the window that opens, your BIOS version should be listed to the right, below your processor speed. Record your version number and date, then compare it to the latest version available on your motherboard’s support page on the manufacturer’s website.
  • Enter the UEFI BIOS – When you start your PC, you will see text telling you which button to press to enter the UEFI BIOS. press it! (The exact button needed and the layout of the actual UEFI control panel on each motherboard differs, so these instructions will be more of a guide than a step-by-step.)
  • Boot from the UEFI control panel (when possible): Although not all motherboards offer this feature, on certain models you can boot from the UEFI control panel and use a built-in update utility to connect to the Internet and update the motherboard. latest firmware from the manufacturer’s server. This extremely nice feature makes updating to newer firmware revisions as painless as possible. The process is a bit more complicated for motherboards that don’t support this feature.
  • Find the latest BIOS update on your motherboard’s support page: Go to your motherboard’s support page on your motherboard manufacturer’s website. The latest BIOS update should be in the support and downloads section.
  • Download and unzip the BIOS update file
  • Transfer the update file to a USB flash drive
  • Restart your computer in the UEFI control panel
  • Launch the Firmware Update Tool or UEFI Update Tool and back up your PC’s existing firmware to your flash drive: This protects you in case something goes wrong.
  • Use the same UEFI utility to select the new firmware image you saved to the flash drive: Running the firmware update utility should only take a couple of minutes, but make sure you don’t turn off your PC during this process. This is critical.
  • After the update process is complete, restart your computer – your PC’s updated BIOS is ready to go.

Final remarks: How to update BIOS on motherboard

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