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How To Update Facebook Privacy Settings

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Check How To Update Facebook Privacy Settings

Facebook’s privacy settings are confusing. Take the “Clear History” button. It doesn’t really delete anything. And then there’s facial recognition control, which was missing from hundreds of millions of accounts. It can even be difficult to find Facebook settings that work as expected. For users concerned about their privacy, it’s important to know what settings are available, even if those controls don’t offer all the protections you might want. This guide will take you through Facebook’s most useful privacy settings, as well as some third-party tools you can use to further limit tracking by the company.

How to update Facebook privacy settings

By default, everyone can see your status, photos, posts, and timeline.

If you never change your settings, this information is completely public. If you want to post something that you want only certain users to have access to, you should use some of the privacy settings described in this article.

Your default contact information is “friends only”

If you trust this default setting, you should make sure you trust someone with this information before connecting with that person on Facebook. Later in this article, we’ll talk about how you can limit this information to a subset of friends instead of all friends.

“Friends of friends” are not under your control

If you choose the Friends of Friends security level for certain content, you should consider whether you want to trust that content to people who are not mutual friends.

You can’t get it back once it’s out there

If the content you post is public, someone else could copy it and post it elsewhere without your knowledge. Also, search engines could cache that content and display it in search results for a period of time. Therefore, if you hide content after it has been publicly available, it could continue to circulate on the Internet long after you have hidden it.

Allowing third-party applications to access your information is your responsibility.

When you connect to an application or link to another website, you give that company access to your data. Facebook warns you that you are putting yourself at risk. Research the app from trusted sources and decide if you trust the people behind the app before allowing access to your personal data.

Occasionally, Facebook changes its privacy policy

Please be aware of these changes and adjust your privacy settings if necessary. Facebook should notify you by email when these important changes occur. Now that you know about some of the potential threats to your privacy on Facebook, let’s take a look at how you can keep those threats in check. To do that, let’s take a tour of your privacy settings. Let’s start with the big section in the middle: “Share on Facebook”.

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