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How to Update iTunes Issue on Windows 10 PC

This tutorial is about How to Update iTunes Issue on Windows 10 PC. Recently I updated this tutorial and will try my best so that you understand this guide. I hope you guys like this blog, How to Update iTunes Issue on Windows 10 PC. If your answer is yes then please do share with your friends after reading this.

Check How to Update iTunes Issue on Windows 10 PC

While many people now use music streaming platforms like Spotify or Apple Music, programs like iTunes are still vital to many when it comes to keeping track of the music library that is actually on your hard drive. If you use iTunes frequently on your Windows computer, you need to make sure to keep it up to date. Updates can help fix bugs and security vulnerabilities, which can ruin your day if you come across them.

Solve the problem of “iTunes cannot be installed / updated on Windows 10”

If you are having trouble installing iTunes on Windows 10, you may get a message saying that Apple’s app support was not found. Error 2 (Windows error 2) like the image shown below. Disconnect your Apple device to computer and try two methods below.

Disable your firewall or antivirus software

When you are installing iTunes on Windows 10, you may stop using iTunes due to running firewall or antivirus software. So, you’d better turn off iTunes and disable any firewall or antivirus software. Because each piece of software has its own set of steps and processes, it is best to familiarize yourself with the settings of your antivirus program and then follow them.

Run iTunes with administrative privileges

If you have downloaded the latest version of iTunes and it doesn’t work, you can run iTunes with administrative privileges. The steps are pretty straightforward. Right-click on the iTunes configuration file> Choose Run as administrator> Follow the on-screen instructions to do so. Now, you can try using iTunes normally.

Fix “iTunes won’t open / won’t start in Windows 10” problem

Many people complained that after upgrading to Windows 10, the latest version of iTunes could not be opened. If you have the same problem, follow the methods below to get rid of it.

Launch iTunes in safe mode

Opening iTunes in safe mode is the simplest way you can do if your iTunes is having trouble opening in Windows 10. Safe mode helps protect iTunes from all third-party plug-ins that may prevent iTunes from working properly.

To open iTunes in safe mode, you can press the CTRL and SHIFT key while double-clicking the iTunes icon. If your iTunes can work fine in safe mode, you should remove all non-Apple external plugins and try to start iTunes again normally.

Delete existing iTunes library

If there is a corrupt library file for your iTunes, it can prevent you from launching it in iTunes. Therefore, you must delete the existing library and create a new one. The tutorials are as follows.

  • Go to C Drive (C 🙂 Users username My Music iTunes
  • Find iTunes Music Library.xml and iTunes Library.itl and delete them.
  • Launch the iTunes application and it will create a new library file for you.

Fix “iTunes Freezes on Windows 10” Problem

If your iTunes freezes on Windows 10 when you open iTunes, connect your device to computer, sync music, etc., you can try these methods.

Run iTunes as administrator or in safe mode

We have mentioned both methods above and in fact it can solve most of your iTunes problems. If your iTunes freezes on Windows for unknown reasons, why not try these methods?

Disable automatic syncing

Automatic syncing, which is used to check for any changes and then sync with iTunes from your devices, will use your system resources in the background if it’s iTunes-enabled. Thus, it may cause iTunes to freeze on Windows 10. Follow the steps below to disable automatic syncing.

  • Launch iTunes and go to Edit menu> Click Preferences and a dialog box will appear.
  • In the dialog box, choose Device tab> Click Prevent iPods, iPhones, and iPads from syncing automatically and click OK.

Final remarks: How to Update iTunes Issue on Windows 10 PC

I hope you understand this article, How to Update iTunes Issue on Windows 10 PC. If your answer is no, you can ask anything via the contact forum section related to this article. And if your answer is yes, please share this article with your friends and family to give us your support.

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