How to Use Emails Read Aloud in Outlook

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Check How to Use Emails Read Aloud in Outlook

Cortana may have been forgotten by many, but that didn’t stop Microsoft from trying to keep the virtual assistant alive. In keeping with this, Play My Emails has been introduced to the Outlook mobile app, allowing you to interact with your unread emails with the help of Cortana. The idea behind Play My Emails is that you can check for new messages without having to set aside daily time slots just to read them. You can get ready for work or drive to your office and Cortana will read your emails out loud. Microsoft says that a variety of playback options will be available even when using Bluetooth headphones, while additional features for Surface Earbuds are on the way.

Play My Emails can be launched from the Outlook hamburger menu or by simply asking Cortana. The wizard first gives you an overview of your communication, and then tells you if your daily routine has changed in any way. You can jump directly to important emails, letting you know if a message is easier to read on a screen, has attachments, or is part of a thread.

How to make Microsoft Outlook read your emails

Before you can use the read aloud feature, you must confirm that Read Aloud is enabled in your version of Outlook.

How to confirm that read aloud is enabled in Microsoft Outlook

  • Open the Outlook desktop app and click Start or Message.
  • You should find the Read Aloud tab in the ribbon area on your right hand side.
  • If you clicked Message, look for the Read Aloud icon (an “A” with speakers).

If you can’t find the Read Aloud tab by default, you’ll need to manually enable it. This is how you do it.

How to manually enable the read aloud feature in Microsoft Outlook

  • Open Outlook on your desktop and click File.
  • Scroll down and click Options.
  • Click Accessibility or Ease of Access depending on your version of Outlook.
  • Check the Show Read Aloud box in the Application Display Options section.
  • Click OK when you’re done. The Read Aloud option should now be visible in the ribbon area.

How to use the read aloud feature in Microsoft Outlook

There are two ways to use the Read Aloud feature in Microsoft Outlook: in the Email Dashboard and in Immersive Reader mode. We will review both methods.

How to use Outlook’s read-aloud feature in the email pane

  • Open Outlook on your desktop and click on the email you want to read aloud.
  • Go to email > select and highlight the part of the text you want to read, or press Ctrl + A to highlight all the content.
  • Click the Read Aloud button and the narrator will read your email word by word and line by line.
  • Auto-scrolling and auto-highlighting help ensure you can control and follow along with your eyes.
  • Please note that Read Aloud in Microsoft Outlook cannot read images or email subject lines.
  • You can use the playback controls at the top of the email pane to manage how Read Aloud works in Outlook.
  • You can use the back and forward buttons to go back to a previous line or jump to the next line, respectively.
  • You can also pause and resume the game as you see fit by clicking the appropriate button.
  • You can change the default narrator voice to any of the three available options using the voice selector. If you want even more options, you can install language packs on Windows.
  • With the Reading Speed ​​slider, you can control how fast or slow the narrator reads.
  • When you’re done, click X to exit Narrator.

How to read emails out loud in Microsoft Outlook Immersive Reader Mode

There is an alternative way to read your emails with Outlook, using the Immersive Reader tool.

Immersive Reader removes pages of extra formatting, allowing you to enjoy a smooth and immersive reading experience. Here’s how to use it.

  • Open Outlook on your desktop and select the message you want to read aloud.
  • Click the View tab in the ribbon area.
  • Click Immersive Reader.
  • You’ll see a number of other tools that allow you to further customize your read-aloud experience.
  • You can experiment with different settings to enhance your reading aloud experience in Outlook with Immersive Reader.
  • Click Column Width to change the length of the line to Very Narrow, Narrow, Moderate, or Wide based on your screen size. This can help you increase focus and understanding.
  • If you like to read in dark mode, you can change the page color by clicking Page Color and selecting black or any other background color of your choice.
  • Line Focus allows you to focus your full attention on one, three or five lines at a time. It accomplishes this by using contrast to highlight the line(s) being read. Click Line Focus and make your selection, then click Read Aloud to see it in action.
  • Click Text Spacing if you want to increase the space between words, characters, or lines.
  • If you like to break words into syllables as you read, click AZ Syllables and then click Read Aloud.

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