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How to Use Search Filters on WhatsApp Business

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Check How to Use Search Filters on WhatsApp Business

WhatsApp Business is testing an update that would allow users to filter their search and easily find messages sent by people in their contact list and others. Advanced search filters would also help businesses see all unread messages in the app at a glance. In addition to the new change aimed at businesses, WhatsApp will create a group when you create a community. This group could allow community managers to share messages with their communities.

WhatsApp introduces a new beta version of WhatsApp Business for Android and iOS that offers three different search filters, Contacts, Not Contacts and Unread. These filters help WhatsApp Business users quickly find messages they have received from their contacts, unknown numbers, or unread messages at a glance. Users can also combine different conditions, including searching for chats where their contacts have sent a photo or video.

How to use search filters in WhatsApp Business

  • Users must first open the WhatsApp app and then go to the search section to activate the WhatsApp Nearby Businesses feature.
  • They’ll see additional search filters, such as restaurant, grocery store, clothing, and more, as they type the search query.
  • Traditional filters like Photos, Videos, Links, GIFs, Audio, and Documents will be available alongside these new filters. The feature will be one of WhatsApp’s features that allows the program to be used for more than just texting.
  • WhatsApp is alleged to be removing the WhatsApp broadcast list. Also, WhatsApp New Group options will supposedly be removed from a conversation.
    • According to another rumor, WhatsApp will keep the archived messages area at the top of the home screen, but will remove the Broadcast List and New Group options from the top right and left of the screen, respectively.

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