How To Use SharePlay Feature On iOS 15

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Check How To Use SharePlay Feature On iOS 15

Yesterday, iOS 15.1 was released, which means that users can finally start testing Apple’s long-awaited SharePlay feature. After seeing how many bugs there were in the iOS 15 beta, I was able to check out the SharePlay features this week during an update with Apple, and the experience was surprisingly smooth. Although at the moment SharePlay works with only a small group of applications, it will be coming to Disney + soon later, while the NBA and TikTok applications will be updated today to support it.

I saw some videos and a Milwaukee Bucks game through these apps in my demo, and beyond being impressed by how much firmer and tidier everything is since the beta, I also found some particularly helpful tips.

What is Apple SharePlay in iOS 15?

SharePlay allows you to share the screen of your iPhone, iPad or Mac during a FaceTime call to watch movies or shows and even listen to the same songs in sync with your friends.

Everyone is in control of what is being played, so one person on the call can play, pause, or skip forward at their convenience.

While there is nothing new in FaceTime SharePlay that other services do not yet offer, the essence of this feature lies in its deep integration within the Apple ecosystem.

Therefore, you can share and enjoy various kinds of content in real time with your friends more conveniently.

What devices and services are compatible with FaceTime SharePlay?

Compatible Devices:

FaceTime SharePlay will be available later this year with iOS 15, iPadOS 15, tvOS 15, and macOS Monterey.

However, the feature is also available in developer beta versions of all operating systems. If you have an Apple developer account, you can easily install the beta versions on your compatible device. I highly recommend waiting until the public beta is released.

Compatible apps and services:

Also, as of this writing, SharePlay supports Apple Music and some other streaming services like Disney +, TikTok, HBO Max, and more (as seen below). The list is expected to grow in the coming months as developers can use the Group Activities API to integrate their services into FaceTime.

How to use FaceTime Screen Share on iOS 15

As you may already know, screen sharing refers to the ability to present your screen and allow others to view it in real time using video conferencing applications like Zoom. FaceTime now allows you to do this and beyond using its SharePlay feature (as explained above).

That’s how:

  1. Open FaceTime on your iPhone.
  2. Now, start a video call with any contact. You can also create a FaceTime link and share it with your contacts.
  3. Next, tap the Share My Screen button at the top right of the new FaceTime dashboard.

How to Share Music on FaceTime on iOS 15

Similar to Spotify group sessions, you can now listen to music together with your friends on FaceTime. That’s how.

  1. Open FaceTime and voice call any of your contacts.
  2. Now, open Apple Music.
  3. Select a song and press Play.

This will start playing the same song on both devices. Plus, you can invite more friends and listen to the song together in sync, and everyone on the call will have control over the playback.

How to start a watch party using FaceTime SharePlay

Note: To watch movies or shows together with your friends on FaceTime, you must have the supported application and you must also be subscribed to the streaming service used during the call.

  1. First, open the FaceTime app.
  2. Now call or share the invite link with your friends.
  3. Open any compatible app and play whatever you want to watch together.

The movie or TV show will start playing in sync on everyone’s device. You can also chat with each other. Additionally, all users on the call will have playback controls.

Note: You can also use your Apple TV to stream content while chatting with your friends on your iPhone.

Can I use FaceTime SharePlay with Android and Windows?

From now on, SharePlay is exclusive for Apple devices. You cannot share screen, music, or streaming content with Android or Windows devices via FaceTime.

However, you can now FaceTime your friends on Android or Windows devices using the FaceTime link with the new update.

Final remarks: How To Use SharePlay Feature On iOS 15

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