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Industries that are being Rapidly Transformed by Technology

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Check Industries that are being Rapidly Transformed by Technology

Technology continues to transform almost every area of ​​business with constant advancements and amazing new use cases. No industry is completely immune to the effects of technology; However, some are more prepared for bigger changes than others. The experts at the Forbes Technology Council often stay ahead of technology trends. Below, nine members share their inside perspectives on the industries and services that are on the cusp of technological disruption in the near future. Creative destruction took place during the Industrial Revolution when machines and improvements to the manufacturing process, such as the assembly line, supplanted craft and craft production.

If you look at the examples of disruptive technologies below, you will be familiar with many. I’d like to challenge you to stop for a moment and think about how your customers and employees are changing their habits in the new world. Buying habits are changing and “selling” has new challenges where the world reaches the buyer and does not want to be interrupted.

self help

Self-help has been something of an industry for thousands of years. Books on how to improve personal wellness have been around for as long as people could write anything. The 20th century saw a boom in pop psychological self-help and romance novels, and it seems like every decade there was a new trend or fad.

Today, however, the world of self-help is being disrupted by new media and other available technologies. To illustrate, here are some examples:

Smart Watches:

  • These smart devices make tracking your fitness goals, an essential part of self-help, easier and more effective than ever. Where in the past you might have had to spend hundreds of dollars a month on a personal trainer, now you can track how well you’re doing on your goals with a few taps on your Apple Watch fitness tracker.
  • You can record important data like running pace, heart rate and distance, making it easier than ever to track your fitness progress.


  • It may come as a surprise, but since so many US states have legalized marijuana, the old weed is seeing a lot of innovation. From sleek and efficient vaporizer pens that allow consumers to harness the anxiety-relieving effects of cannabis on the go, to CBDfx’s chemically innovative Biotin + CBD Gummies that allow consumers to relax with CBD while enhancing their hair care.

Podcasts and Audiobooks:

  • Sure, books and radio have been around for a long time, but on-demand and on-the-go options like podcasts and audiobooks make it easier (and more private!) than ever for users to gain self-help wisdom. What do they seek. .
  • For example, while jogging, they can listen to their favorite podcasts to learn important emotion regulation strategies.

content marketing

  • Content marketing is already a product of new technologies, and viral Internet content appears as the ideal space to market products and services to increasingly interested consumers. However, new technological developments will further change the content marketing game in the near future. This will happen primarily through two pathways, both driven by advances in artificial intelligence (AI):
  • Targeted advertising will become the norm on all platforms, with users receiving ads uniquely tailored to their interests. Over time, these ads will become more and more direct, to the point where you feel that as soon as a user thinks they might need something, they will receive a link to a useful article in their inbox or an ad with a product. that meets your need in your Instagram feed.

meat and dairy

  • Finally, new technologies will soon transform the meat and dairy industries. New forms of plant-based meat and milk are becoming increasingly popular because they often taste better, are healthier, and don’t require the slaughter of animals.
  • So-called clean meat could also soon be an alternative to animal meat. This substance is made from animal cells grown in a laboratory, rather than a whole animal. Consumers can eat real meat without harming an animal or taking up large amounts of space in feedlots.

Final words: Industries that are being Rapidly Transformed by Technology

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