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Fix: Instagram ‘Oops an Error Occurred’ Issue: 5 Best Solutions

Instagram is having a lot of problems these days, like showing a blank white screen, not being able to refresh the feed, or saying “Oops, an error happened,” and they don’t know why. It could just be a bug, but you could also have been banned for doing suspicious things like going over the limits for liking videos, leaving comments, following, and unfollowing. In this article we will discuss the how to Fix Instagram ‘Oops an Error Occurred’.

You might get this error when you try to create an account, log in to an account you’ve already made, like or comment, or even upload a post or story. In this article, we’ll give you some ideas that might help you solve the problem.

Fix: Instagram ‘Oops an Error Occurred’ Issue

Make sure stable internet connection

Instagram is something that you can only use on the internet, and if your internet connection isn’t stable, it might not work right. So the first thing to do to fix “oops, an error occurred” is to make sure the internet connection is stable. First, use a speed test on google to see how fast your connection is. If your phone is slow, try turning it off and on again or putting it in airplane mode. You could try connecting your device to Wi-Fi.

Update Instagram app if using app

  • Open the google play store/app store.
  • Look for the Instagram app and then see whether there is an update or not. 
  • If there, click on “update.”

Clear cache of Instagram app

  • Move to settings and then to “apps.”
  • Tap on “manage app” and then go to Instagram.
  • There you’ll see a “clear data” option. 
  • Click on it and confirm that you want to clear the data. 

Change your IP address

Don’t use different IP addresses to log in to your account. Instagram is aware of these kinds of actions. And it could block your device if it seems to be doing strange things. Turn off your VPN and try again if you use it to connect to your account. Such programs randomly change your IP address, which sets off IG’s safety checks.

Reinstall the Instagram App

  • Launch the Android phone Settings and select Apps or Applications.
  • Now tap on the Instagram app and press the Force Stop button.
  • Then confirm to force stop the Instagram app and afterward, open Storage.
  • Now press the Clear Cache button and then tap on the Clear Storage (or Clear Data) button.
  • Then confirm to clear the Instagram storage and tap on the back button.
  • Now press the Uninstall button and then confirm to uninstall Instagram.
  • Once done, power off the phone and networking equipment (like a router).
  • Then wait for 5 minutes and afterward, power on the router.
  • Once done, power on the phone and reinstall the Instagram app but do not open yet.
  • Again, restart the router and phone.
  • Upon restart, launch the Instagram app and check if it is clear of the issue.

Why do you get Instagram ‘Oops an Error Occurred’ Issue?

  • Not sending Instagram the verification code
  • Not being able to use Instagram,
  • The Instagram servers are down because someone broke into them.
  • Error logging in to Instagram on the web

There are a lot of other reasons why this mistake happened, but the most obvious ones are listed here.
On Instagram, you may see similar errors more than once. This happens when you try to upload a photo or video, submit a story, or even set up a new account on Instagram web.

When you use a new device to log in to Instagram, you may get a “oops, an error happened” message. For example, a new phone or computer. The second reason could be the Instagram bug itself. So, give these a try to see if they can help you fix the mistake and error on Instagram.


Why is Instagram saying Oops an error occurred?

The “Oops, an error occurred” usually occurs when Instagram is unable to establish a working connection with its servers. This issue particularly arises when you are using Instagram on a browser such as Chrome or Firefox.

How do you fix error occurred on Instagram?

If the Instagram app is failing to load the modules essential for its operation due to the corruption of the app’s installation, then that may cause “oops an error occurred” on the Instagram app. In this context, a user may fix the error by reinstalling the Instagram app.

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