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How to Install Google Play on Amazon Fire Phone

Get access to millions of apps and games with Google Play on your Fire Phone.

If you want a good Android-based tablet for e-reading, writing documents, or watching streaming content, the Amazon Fire line is a good choice. In this article we will show you how to Install Google Play on Amazon Fire Phone. The tablets have a lot of good points, especially for the price, but we’ve had a lot of trouble with the software during our tests. Amazon Fire tablets have their own operating system called Fire OS, which is based on Android but isn’t very good.

We don’t blame you if you like Fire devices but want to download apps from the Google Play Store instead. The Amazon App Store isn’t very good and doesn’t have many of the popular apps and games you want. Unfortunately, Amazon makes it a bit hard to download the Google Play Store because the company would rather you use its own app store. Good news: getting Google Play on your Fire tablet isn’t impossible; it’s just a pain. Read this to learn how to get Google Play on your Amazon Fire tablet.

Why Install Google Play on Amazon Fire Phone?

  • Better apps and games are available. The Google Play Store is the only place to get many of the best and most popular apps and games. This is because developers know that the Google Play Store has the most apps than any other store in the world. Because of this, they are more likely to put their best games and apps on the Google Play Store first.
How to Install Google Play on Amazon Fire Phone
  • Use of Google’s services and apps. You can get a lot of Google apps and services from the Google Play Store, like Gmail, YouTube, and Google Maps. The Amazon Appstore does not have these apps and services.
  • To make things work better with other Android devices. If you already have an Android phone or tablet, installing the Google Play Store on your Fire Phone will make everything work better with your other Android devices.

How to Install Google Play on Amazon Fire Phone

  1. Tap Settings on your Amazon Fire.
  2. Check Security & Privacy (some models call it Security).
  3. Select Unknown Sources Apps. Others see this as a toggle to turn on.
  4. Otherwise, choose your browser for downloading and installing files. Use Files or another file manager app. You must tap and toggle Allow from this source on your choice.

How to sideload apps on Amazon Fire tablets

  1. Find the app’s APK and download it. Be careful because you must get them from a third-party website. We recommend APKMirror for its reputation and security, but be careful and stay safe.
  2. APK files can be downloaded from a PC and transferred via USB.
  3. Open the APK file and confirm you want to install the app. Press Install.
  4. Let installation finish, then click Done or Open.
  5. The app you installed is ready to use.’

Benefits of Having Google Play on Your Device

  • A lot of different apps and games to choose from. There are more than 3 million apps and games in the Google Play Store, so you’re sure to find something you like. That’s right—the Google Play Store has everything you could want: work apps, fun apps, and games.
  • Simple to use and get around. Anyone can use and find their way around the Google Play Store. You can look through apps and games by keyword, category, or how popular they are. You can also see what other people have said about an app or game before you download it.
  • Updates often. Apps and games on Google Play are updated often to add new features and fix bugs. This makes sure that the apps and games you love always have the newest and best versions.
  • Use it for free. You can use the Google Play Store for free, and so are most of the apps and games that are in it. But you can get some paid apps and games, and you can also buy extra stuff inside some free apps and games.


Why does Amazon Fire not have Google Play Store?

Amazon has its own app store, which it calls Amazon Appstore, so Fire tablets don’t come with Google Play. Not only are the apps carefully chosen, they were also made to work with the specific software that tablets use.

Can you remove fire OS and install Android?

There is a version of Android that comes with your Kindle Fire called Fire OS. If you replace it, you will be able to do things like download apps from the Google Play Store and add your own themes. To do this, you will have to wipe your Kindle Fire and break its warranty. Do this at your own risk.

Can Amazon Fire run Android?

Fire OS is the software that goes on Amazon’s Fire TV and tablets. Since Fire OS is based on Android, if your app works on Android, it will probably also work on Amazon’s Fire devices. As a developer, you might not even need to change your Android code to get your app on Amazon’s store.

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