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How to Install Visual Studio Code on Arch Linux

Arch Linux might not be as easy to use as Ubuntu, which is also based on Debian, but it has a lot of fans among advanced users who like to have more control over their OS. If you are good at writing code, you may already know a lot about Visual Studio Code. People like VS Code because it has a lot of cool plug-ins and useful features. This article is about how to Install Visual Studio Code on Arch Linux.

Visual Studio has been around for more than 25 years, so there are a lot of resources you can use with it to make your life easier. There are hundreds of extensions that can help you do everything from integrating GitHub to making your job easier by being a powerful productivity tool.

It is also the most popular IDE for C++, and a free version of it is available. There are groups for developers where you can connect with each other and even make plans to meet up.

How to Install Visual Studio Code on Arch Linux

Using AUR Helper

With paru/yay you can install vs-code with just one line ;).

# If you are using yay, just replace paru with yay.

paru -S visual-studio-code-bin

Building VS Code from Source on Arch

The other option is to download the build repository and install it from the source manually. For this purpose, we need some extra packages – git(for cloning the repository) and base-devel(for installing the programs required to build a package). To install these packages use the command

Clone the package repository

Clone the VS-Code stable repository from the AUR using the command:

git clone

Features of VS Code

  • Open-source
  • Integrated terminal(CLI)
  • Git Integration
  • Task runner
  • Large community
  • Thousands of extensions
  • Inbuilt support for multi-cursor and text-wrapping

What is Visual Studio Used For?

Visual Studio is a development environment that programmers use to make websites, web apps, web services, and mobile apps. It is a powerful tool that makes editing and debugging easy.

How Does Visual Studio Work?

With Visual Studio IDE, programmers can work together to write and change their code. It can be expanded and comes with tools to help with building code. This lets you see what your teammates are working on in real time, so you can cut down on work that is already being done. It has code completion with syntax highlighting, an AI-based coding model to help with programming, and a debugging analysis tool.


How to install software from terminal in Arch Linux?

yaourt depends on diffutils, pacman>=5.0, package-query>=1.8 and gettext. -y option is used to sync package content list. It will give you an easy way to install the package by picking a number on the list. Input package number on the list and press key.

How to install Visual Studio Code with Linux?

To install Visual Studio Code, launch the Ubuntu Software app from the Applications menu. Search for Code and select the first result. Then, click on Install. Once the installation is complete, you can open Visual Studio Code from the terminal or directly from the Applications menu.

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