International Internet Scam Hotspots [Infographic]

International Internet Scam Hotspots [Infographic]

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Check International Internet Scam Hotspots [Infographic]

In light of the recent LinkedIn password incident, netizens are once again woken up by the ease with which sensitive data is lost on the internet. However, this incident is beyond the user’s control and technically the only way these LinkedIn users could have kept their information safe was to have a super strong password. Elsewhere on the internet, lurking Ponzi schemers, Nigerian princes, service fraud, and identity thieves preparing to attack their next unsuspecting victim.

Today’s infographic stats from BackgroundCheck are cause for concern. Alone, more than $ 600 million was lost to internet scams such as auctions, credit card fraud and prepayments, counterfeit cashier’s checks, phishing attempts, and pyramid schemes. And those were just the tip of the iceberg. Also included in the infographic is a geographic breakdown of where most scams originate, as well as prevention tips on how to avoid becoming a victim of internet crime.

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