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How to Turn Off Driving Mode on iPhone

Turn off Focus for driving to access your iPhone as usual.

Putting an end to Using Focus is a straightforward process that only requires a few seconds of your time on an iPhone. Apple introduced a number of new features in conjunction with the release of iOS 15, one of which was referred to as Focus mode. A user of an iPhone is essentially granted the ability to concentrate on a task by managing notifications, incoming calls, and messages in order to reduce the amount of disruption caused by the device. Something that has a good chance of coming in handy in certain circumstances, like when you’re driving, If you want to know how to Turn Off Driving Mode on iPhone.

Apple claims that its Focus app makes it easier for users to “stay in the moment” when they are in a situation in which they need to concentrate or put their device down for a while. The feature allows users to completely customize it to their preferences, giving them control over when they will be notified of new alerts and notifications from the apps installed on their iPhone. Focus comes pre-loaded with three different profiles: the Personal, Sleep, and Work profiles.

Why You Might Want to Turn Off Driving Mode

  • You’re not the driver. Driving Mode is meant to help you keep your mind on the road, so you should turn it off when you’re not driving.
  • You need to look at your messages. Driving Mode mutes or limits notifications, so you should turn it off if you need to check your notifications.
  • You need to call someone or get a call. Driving Mode limits calls, so you should turn it off if you need to make or take one.
  • You are using a device that doesn’t require you to use your hands. Driving Mode is meant to be used when you are not using a hands-free device, so you can turn it off if you are using one.
  • You are riding along. If you are a passenger in a car, you can turn off Driving Mode to check your notifications, make or receive calls, and use your iPhone as you normally would.

How to Turn Off Driving Mode on iPhone

  1. Go to your device’s settings.
  2. Scroll down to find the “Focus” button and click on it.
  3. There is a “Driving” option at the top. Switch it.
  4. But you may be able to use your iPhone’s driving mode even when you’re just walking in the park. It has flaws, just like any other gadget.

So, follow these steps to get rid of any focus on the driving mode that could happen when you are driving.

  1. To see the “While Driving” tab, scroll down. Just click it.
  2. You will see a bunch of options, like “Automatically,” “Manually,” and “When Connected with Bluetooth.” Choose “Manually
  3. Now, turn around.
  4. Delete Focus” will be under the “While Driving” tab. Just click it.

How does iPhone’s Driving Mode work?

  • As with the normal “Do Not Disturb” mode, the iPhone screen stays dark and alerts are turned off.
  • When you get a text message while driving, the sender gets an automatic reply. It is suggested that you include the word “urgent” in your reply if it is an emergency. In this case, you will get a message about the message.
How to Turn Off Driving Mode on iPhone
  • If you turn on the Do Not Disturb exception, calls from people on that list and calls that come twice in a row will get through.
  • When the screen is locked, you will still see notifications, like when driving directions are shown.
  • A passenger can choose “I’m not driving” to take control of the phone.

Tips for a Seamless iPhone Driving Experience

  • Try out CarPlay. CarPlay is a feature that lets you use your car’s infotainment system to control your iPhone. So, you won’t have to pick up your phone to make calls, send texts, listen to music, or find your way. To use CarPlay, connect your iPhone to the USB port in your car with a cable that works with CarPlay.
  • Use a device that doesn’t require you to hold it. It’s important to use a hands-free device if you need to make or take calls while driving. So, you can keep your hands on the wheel and your eyes on the road. Hands-free devices like Bluetooth headsets, car speakers, and voice-activated assistants are all available.
  • Install your iPhone. If you mount your iPhone somewhere you can see, you won’t have to look down to see what’s on the screen. There are many ways to mount an iPhone, such as on the dashboard, in a cup holder, or on the windshield.
  • Charge your iPhone regularly. It’s important to keep your iPhone charged while driving, especially if you’re using it to find your way or listen to music. You can charge your iPhone by plugging it into the USB port in your car or using a portable charger.


Driving mode is a helpful feature on iPhones that helps people keep their minds on the road. But there may be times when you need to turn this feature off, and this article shows you how to do that in a simple way. By doing these easy steps, you can quickly turn off driving mode on your iPhone and use it as you normally would.


How do I unlock driving mode?

You can change the settings for Assistant that have to do with driving, turn on or off driving mode, and have Assistant handle your incoming calls, read your messages, and reply to them while you are driving. Say “Hey Google, open Assistant settings” on your Android phone or tablet. Or, go to settings for the assistant. Mode de conduite.

Why does my driving mode come on when I’m not driving?

Driving Mode is based in part on whether or not your phone is connected to your car, whether or not you are driving. If you’re sitting close to the car (maybe just on the other side of the wall or outside the window), it’s possible that the phone is connecting to the car and turning on driving mode.

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