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Best IPTV for Linux

The best IPTV for Linux and Ubuntu-based devices have been chosen by us. Many people now use IPTV as a substitute so they can access thousands of channels for nothing.

Best IPTV for Linux, or Internet Protocol television, is a streaming media for any television material over internet protocol networks (IP). Through client media players, IPTV constantly broadcasts media from television without pausing. Through a collection of boxes with high-speed internet connectivity, it distributes media material. It has unlimited streaming from internet television even if it uses internet protocol.

For both corporate and private media networks, IPTV is a subscriber-based telecommunications network. For VOD content, it uses real-time streaming, and for live TV streaming, it uses IP multicasting using the Internet Group Management Protocol (IGMP) (RTSP). More than 60% of IPTV services are content-only. To stream the content, you must have an external IPTV Player. Many IPTV players are now available for Windows, Android, Mac, and iOS.

But there aren’t as many IPTV players available if you’re using Linux or Ubuntu. It can be challenging to select the top IPTV players for Linux and Ubuntu. But don’t worry. The best IPTV for Linux and Ubuntu-based devices have been chosen by us. Many people now use IPTV as a substitute so they can access thousands of channels for nothing. Depending on how you use it, this Internet TV protocol is neither lawful nor criminal. Below, we have mentioned the best IPTV for Linux.

Here is the list of Best IPTV for Linux


FreeTUXTV is an amazing IPTV player dedicated to the Linux platform. It always allows its users to broadcast a variety of different TV channels and radio stations respectively using your Internet connection. You can watch all kinds of live TV channels, shows and radios for free by installing it. The best advantage of using IPTVX is that you can record any streaming media. In addition, it has many good features. As you can add playlists and locally.

IPTV Smarters

IPTVX is another best IPTV player for Linux and Ubuntu, but it is highly recommended for Linux as it has a dedicated application only available for Linux. The IPTVX application LibVLC library is mainly used for video watching and audio listening. There is also a playback option available for which you can stream videos later. Well, that’s a nice feature of using iptvx right? It is very easy to use with many quality performances.

There is also an option available and the option is that you can browse any content and check the list of EPG channels at any time. Uses Internet Protocol to stream TV content to your computer. Supports .M3U and .M3U8 playlist formats. The user interface of the IPTV player is very simple and straightforward. After setting, you can select your favorite channels from the channel list on the left side of the screen and start streaming it.


Micro is also a great choice for the best IPTV for Linux. It can also download the content you want to watch. It has very good HD streaming quality. The best part is that it supports all video formats through which you can enjoy streaming without any hassle. Miro is another IPTV player available for Linux.

It has many interesting features, but perhaps the most notable is that it allows you to handle multiple video formats without causing problems with HD content. All you have to do is download it, install it, open the app, find the m3u link you want to see and put it in the app to start watching the channels.

Perfect Player IPTV

Perfect Player IPTV is another hugely popular application. It is especially popular with Android TV users looking for an alternative to the native Live Channels app. The application supports M3U and XSPF playlists. And if you want to add an online program guide, you can use XMLTV (ZIP, GZ, XZ) and JTV.

There are also some different decoder options to choose from, such as Auto, Native, Software, Hardware and HW +. Other features include the ability to monitor locally stored content, support for UDP-to-HTTP proxy, and auto-sync with the desktop version of the application for a consistent experience. Like the GSE Smart IPTV, Perfect Player uses a theme that is easy on the eyes and draws its design elements from cable and satellite cable TV EPGs.

Ubuntu TV

Ubuntu TV is not as old as the above applications. Although new to the world of IPTV players for Linux and Ubuntu, it is still a perfect choice for the best IPTV player for watching TV channels and live TV. What makes Ubuntu TV a great choice for the best IPTV player for Linux and Ubuntu is that it has an option that will allow you to easily integrate all the content you would like to watch on live TV.

In fact, it has an exclusive search option for live TV, which we hardly see in other IPTV applications. But that is not all! You will be able to listen to internet radio (it has many radio stations) and go through different channel lists. If you want to watch movies or stream them, you will have this option with your Ubuntu TV.


The IPTV media player on our list is OttPlayer for Windows. You can use OttPlayer to stream IPTV channels from your service provider. Supports and operates on smartphones, setup boxes and TV as well. Various protocols such as HLS, RTSP, TS by UDP, RTMP are supported by OttPlayer for this theme.

The best part about using OttPlayer is that it comes with absolutely zero ads. In terms of playlist format, it supports the standard and widely used M3U playlist format. Managing your playlists, adding new ones, and viewing content with OttPlayer is also extremely simple. Once you have the m3u8 playlist with you, you can connect to it with OttPlayer and start watching all the channels and shows available in the playlist.


Lazy IPTV supports M3U playlists in open view, ZIP and GZ formats. The application can also read playlists in XSPF (XML Shared Playlist Format). Adding new content to Lazy IPTV is easy. You can access media on your local filesystem, as well as paste URLs directly from your device web or clipboard. The application works with HTTP and UDP feeds and can play videos directly from YouTube and the social network VK. There is also a built-in audio player for internet radio channels.

Important for an IPTV application, Lazy IPTV supports electronic program guides (EPG). It can read XMLTV EPGs saved as open view, ZIP or GZ. In terms of usability, Lazy IPTV lets you add favorites, use nested folders, and create playlist groups. You can export your playlists if you decide to switch to an alternative application. The app’s home screen is also fully customizable, giving you the option to add shortcuts to the channels you watch the most and change the way content is displayed.

VLC Media Player

VLC Media Player is one of the most widely used media players in the world. It is one of the top choices as an IPTV player. Using VLC Media Player is so easy as it takes a few minutes to complete all the procedures. It has a huge number of features included in it. One of these features is live streaming with M3U URLs. You can also add more playlists and you can start streaming more. It contains an option with which you can add playlists as a local file. VLC Media Player is widely known for its user interfaces.


Multi-platform IPTV playback application with multiple features, such as m3u and m3u8 playlists support, favorites, TV guide, TV file/catchup, and more. – GitHub – 4gray / iptvnator: Multi-platform IPTV playback application with multiple features, such as m3u and m3u8 playlists support, favorites, TV guide, TV file/catchup and more.


This is a dedicated IPTV player for Windows that helps you watch any TV channel of your choice. The user interface of this media player is very simple and you will not have any difficulty finding any option. Just download the m3u playlist and you’re ready. You can also download on-demand video feeds (VODs).

My IPTV comes with an EPG or Electronic Program Guide, so you can watch your favorite channels directly from your PC. Comes with the option to upload both m3u files offline and electronically or remotely m3u files as a playlist as well. Once added, you can easily access it and start tracking it. My IPTV is available in the Microsoft Store, so you can go to the store and download it right away. You can use an existing IPTV subscription to watch channels or listen to audio.

Final Words

One of the many words we come across while discussing online streaming is Best IPTV for Linux. We are in the midst of a paradigm shift away from traditional broadcasting platforms like cable or satellite TV and toward internet-based streaming, and IPTV as a system is crucial to this phase of change.

It differs slightly from the digital video that millions of people watch on websites and applications like Netflix and YouTube, but it shares a lot of the same omnipresent, pervasive characteristics. Additionally, IPTV allows numerous TV sets in a home to use a single subscription, in contrast to traditional cable or satellite connections.

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