Is Seesaw GDPR-Compliant?

Is Seesaw GDPR-Compliant?

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Check Is Seesaw GDPR-Compliant?

In brick and mortar classrooms, students need to be and feel safe. That translates to the online classroom environment as well. To ensure online safety, the EU General Data Protection Regulation, or GDPR, was introduced to strengthen people’s rights on the internet. Online classrooms are required to meet the requirements.

So is Seesaw GDPR compliant?

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The rocker is GDPR compliant

Yes, Seesaw complies with the rules and regulations dictated by GDPR.

Seesaw will never sell your data and does not advertise. The content you add to the platform is your content, and Seesaw is not the owner. All student work at Seesaw is private to each classroom.

From the beginning, privacy principles have been at the core of Seesaw’s mission. The goal was to provide a safe online learning experience, by design and by default.

To achieve this, Seesaw has implemented a variety of options and tools. Seesaw did this to protect the integrity of the students, teachers, and families involved. Thanks to proper GDPR compliance from the outset, Seesaw remains a platform that values ​​privacy and security online.

But what tools and options are we talking about here?

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Control tools

Seesaw allows its users to update their account settings whenever they want. That includes correcting, deleting and filling in individual account information at any time.

Journals created by students are available to you. Students can export their journals from their accounts to their computers whenever they want.

Each Seesaw user can delete their account at any time. If the user does not access the account for 60 days, it, as well as any data involved, will be permanently deleted.

Parental consent tools are there too. Parents must approve if teachers want to use Seesaw in their classrooms. Naturally, Seesaw does not use personal data in its advertising efforts and on the platform, and the owners / developers do not sell user data.

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According to the GDPR, online services must guarantee a certain degree of transparency. If you want to know what type of data the platform collects, as well as how it uses the collected data, you can find all the relevant information in its Privacy Policy.

For Seesaw’s privacy commitments to its users, see its Privacy Principles.

Seesaw also guarantees that it announces to all users any material changes regarding the privacy practices of the platform. However, if you decide not to accept the new terms, the terms that you previously accepted will continue to apply.

To top it off, when it comes to transparency, you can contact Seesaw’s privacy team at [email protected].

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Additional GDPR requirements

Seesaw has also carefully reviewed the contracts they have with third-party vendors to ensure GDPR compliance.

Each Seesaw employee has also received GDPR-focused security training.

Seesaw has also ensured that your subject’s data pertaining to the government’s access and delete request procedures are properly implemented.

Seesaw has also endeavored to appoint a data protection officer and implement a process for data protection impact assessment.

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GDPR and storage of personal data

Storing personal data is a relevant issue when it comes to online classrooms. You might be wondering if the GDPR requires personal data storage space to be within the limits of the EU. The answer here is no. Furthermore, the GDPR has no specific requirements for data transfer outside the EU. However, these requirements are similar to the EU law that is already in force. Seesaw fully complies with this law.

Seesaw also complies with the Privacy Shield, which pertains to the collection, retention and use of personal information from EU members. Privacy Shield is an agreement between the US and the EU that allows the transfer of personal data between the two parties.

With that said, Seesaw does introduce an option to store data outside of US boundaries.This optional service is available to Seesaw for Schools.

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Teacher Related Responsibilities

The responsibilities of a teacher are perhaps the essential aspect of Seesaw’s GDPR compliance. If a child is under the age of 16, the teacher must obtain parental consent to review and process their personal data. As a general rule, teachers and educational facilities use Seesaw’s school-wide consents for this.

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Seesaw Online Safety

Each platform needs to implement security protocols to ensure a secure environment for people’s information.

To do this, Seesaw uses TLS 1.2 security at the network level. This protocol guarantees that the content of the magazine, as well as all the information of the account, is transmitted in a secure way.

PBKDF2 is used to add salt and hashes to passwords.

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Rocker and GDPR

Seesaw has made every effort to ensure full GDPR compliance. From its Privacy Policy to its security protocols, Seesaw is a safe environment for students, parents, and teachers.

Have you reviewed the Seesaw Privacy Policy? What do you think of its compliance with the GDPR? Based on the information presented in this article, would you use Seesaw? Feel free to join the discussion in the comments below.

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Final words: Is Seesaw GDPR-Compliant?

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