ArticleVersusJungle Scout vs Viral Launch: which is the best fit for your needs?

Jungle Scout vs Viral Launch: which is the best fit for your needs?

Jungle Scout does in-depth study on Amazon FBA products, while Viral Launch focuses on optimizing products.

Having the right tools and resources can make all the difference in the world of e-commerce and selling on Amazon. Jungle Scout has been a popular choice among the many software programs that can be used for product study and sales optimization. Viral Launch, on the other hand, has recently become a strong competitor in the market. Jungle Scout is a piece of software that was made to help Amazon sellers do study on products. It gives users information about products, including the ability to track products, look for product opportunities and ideas, check sales data from rivals, and even estimate FBA fees.

Viral Launch offers a full set of tools that cover the whole process of selling on Amazon, from finding products to learning about the market to improving your ad and making more sales. Jungle Scout is mostly about researching products, but Viral Launch goes above and beyond by giving a full set of features that meet the needs of Amazon sellers in many different ways. With Viral Launch, you can find all the tools you need in one place, which saves you time and effort.

Jungle Scout vs Viral Launch Comparison Table

The benefits of Jungle Scout and Viral Launch for Amazon sellers are listed in the table that compares Jungle Scout and Viral Launch. Jungle Scout is great at researching products, estimating sales, and optimizing listings. Viral Launch, on the other hand, focuses on keyword research, product launch strategies, and tracking market trends.

FeatureJungle ScoutViral Launch
Product Research✔️ Niche and competitor analysis✔️ Product database and market insights
Sales Estimation✔️ Accurate sales data estimation✔️ Sales and revenue projections
Keyword Research✔️ Amazon keyword tracking and suggestions✔️ Keyword optimization tools
Listing Optimization✔️ Listing optimization suggestions✔️ Listing analysis and keyword recommendations
Product Launch❌ Lacks direct product launch tools✔️ Launch strategy and promotions
Pricing Insights✔️ Competitor pricing analysis✔️ Pricing optimization suggestions
Review Tracking✔️ Monitor product reviews and ratings✔️ Review tracking and analysis
Market Trends❌ Limited market trend insights✔️ Market trends and seasonality tracking
Chrome Extension✔️ Chrome extension for on-page data❌ No Chrome extension
Customer Support✔️ Multiple customer support channels✔️ Customer support and resources
Training Resources✔️ Educational webinars and resources✔️ Amazon selling courses and guides
Pricing💲 Subscription-based pricing tiers💲 Subscription-based pricing tiers
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Jungle Scout vs Viral Launch: User Interface and Ease of Use

Jungle Scout vs Viral Launch

When considering Jungle Scout and Viral Launch, the user interface and how easy it is to use are very important. Jungle Scout has an easy-to-use interface that makes it easier to do market study and research on products. Its dashboard is well-organized and gives users quick access to different tools, making it easy for them to move through data and information.

On the other hand, Viral Launch is also made with the user in mind. It has a simple interface that makes it easy to find keywords, analyze competitors, and estimate sales. Both platforms put the user experience first by giving step-by-step instructions and interactive features that make difficult jobs easier for users of all skill levels to do. Whether you want to use Jungle Scout or Viral Launch depends on your personal tastes and how familiar you are with the platform. It’s best to try out or see demos of their interfaces to figure out which one fits your routine and comfort level best.

Jungle Scout vs Viral Launch: Product Research Tools

Both Jungle Scout and Viral Launch are useful tools for entrepreneurs and sellers in the e-commerce world that help with product study. Jungle Scout has many features, like a product database and a niche hunter, that help users find profitable product possibilities by looking at sales data, trends, and customer demand. Jungle Scout also has a Chrome application that gives you real-time information while you browse Amazon. This makes it a useful tool for both new and experienced sellers.

Viral Launch, on the other hand, has a set of tools, such as product discovery and market intelligence, that are meant to give in-depth information about possible goods. Its data-driven method helps users find profitable niches, figure out how much competition they have, and improve the visibility of their product listings. The tools on each platform give users access to important data, but choosing between Jungle Scout and Viral Launch often comes down to personal tastes, business goals, and the features that work best with your e-commerce strategy.

Keyword Research and SEO Optimization

Keyword study and SEO optimization are very important to the success of e-commerce, so comparing Jungle Scout and Viral Launch is a very good idea. Jungle Scout gives sellers detailed information about keywords and helps them find high-ranking keywords, search traffic, and trends so they can improve their product listings. Its Keyword Scout tool lets users tweak their tactics to get the most exposure.

Viral Launch, on the other hand, gives sellers a set of tools for exact keyword research that help them find relevant search terms and keep an eye on keyword rankings. Its Kinetic tool helps come up with keyword ideas based on what people are searching for on Amazon right now. Both platforms make it easier to be found and more competitive by giving valuable information about how customers look. When deciding between Jungle Scout and Viral Launch, it’s important to look at how accurate, complete, and easy-to-use their keyword research is if you want to make an SEO plan for Amazon that works.

Jungle Scout vs Viral Launch: Sales Estimation and Market Insights

Jungle Scout vs Viral Launch

Sales Estimation and Market Insights are offered by both Jungle Scout and Viral Launch as valuable components of their value packages. With the help of Jungle Scout, Amazon sellers can estimate product sales, research trends, and identify lucrative niches. Its sales estimate uses real-time data to make accurate sales predictions, which helps sellers choose the right products and keep track of their stock.

Viral Launch’s sales estimator gives people useful information about the market, so sellers can figure out how popular a product is and how much competition there is for it. Both platforms give you important information about market trends, such as competitor research, keyword optimization, and sales data from the past. Choose between Jungle Scout and Viral Launch based on the user’s tastes, the features they need, and how deeply they want to look into the data.

Jungle Scout vs Viral Launch: Integration with E-commerce Platforms

Both Jungle Scout and Viral Launch work well with a wide range of popular e-commerce sites. This improves the user experience and makes selling easier. Jungle Scout works with big sites such as Amazon, Shopify, and more. Its integration lets users get important information directly from the e-commerce platform they choose. This helps them make data-driven choices about product research, sales estimates, and keyword optimization.

In the same way, Viral Launch integrates with Amazon and Shopify so that sellers can use its powerful features without having to change their processes. This integration makes it easy to keep track of products, analyze competitors, and do market research, which helps sellers make smart decisions. Both tools work with popular e-commerce platforms, so sellers can easily move their data and information between them. This helps them make better decisions and improve their sales strategies. When it comes to integration, a seller’s choice between Jungle Scout and Viral Launch often relies on the e-commerce platform they use and how easy it is to add the chosen tool to their workflow.

Jungle Scout: Pros and Cons


  • Accurate sales data estimation.
  • Comprehensive product research tools.
  • Effective listing optimization suggestions.


  • Lacks direct product launch tools.
  • Limited market trend insights.

Viral Launch: Pros and Cons


  • Offers keyword optimization tools.
  • Provides detailed product launch strategies.
  • Tracks market trends and seasonality.


  • No Chrome extension for on-page data.
  • Limited competitor pricing analysis.

Jungle Scout vs Viral Launch: which One Should You Consider?

Which one you choose between Viral Launch and Jungle Scout relies on your needs and preferences. If you want to do in-depth study on products and get accurate sales estimates, Jungle Scout might be a better choice. Its interface is easy to use, and it can be connected to many different e-commerce sites.

On the other hand, Viral Launch might be the best choice if you need in-depth keyword study and SEO optimization. It can be helpful that it looks at competitors and gives real-time market information. Think about your priorities, your preferred e-commerce platform, and the features that help you reach your business goals so you can make a choice that meets your specific needs.


Which version of Jungle Scout is best?

The cheaper version is Jungle Scout Extension Lite. The main difference between Pro and Lite is that Pro has the most important features: Opportunity Score, Profit Calculator, and BSR.

What is viral launch in Amazon?

Viral Launch gives you access to almost a dozen tools that can help you start and grow an Amazon store. It helps you find goods with a lot of potential, find the right key terms, make great listings, and run campaigns that are very targeted. I liked how easy it was to use and how strong it was.

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