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ArticleVersusLeadSquared vs Freshsales: which CRM software is right for you?

LeadSquared vs Freshsales: which CRM software is right for you?

LeadSquared is a CRM platform, while Freshsales automates sales.

Customer Relationship Management (CRM) software leaders LeadSquared and Freshsales are both strong in their own ways. LeadSquared’s main goal is to give businesses a complete CRM system that helps them manage leads, automate marketing, and improve sales. It is important because of how well it can capture, nurture, and convert leads, which will eventually lead to more sales and better relationships with customers.

Freshsales, on the other hand, has a flexible CRM and sales automation tool that is meant to make the sales journey easier. It makes it easier for sales teams to close deals by giving them tools like lead scoring, email tracking, and process automation. Freshsales is important because it can help raise sales and revenue by making sales teams more productive, making it easier for them to work together, and getting customers more involved.

LeadSquared vs Freshsales Comparison table

This table compares the main CRM features of LeadSquared and Freshsales, such as contact management, automation, and reporting, so that companies can choose the best one for their sales and marketing needs.

Contact ManagementComprehensive contact database with lead scoring.Contact organization with lead scoring and segmentation.
Lead TrackingLead tracking and monitoring through the sales pipeline.Lead tracking, automated lead scoring, and analytics.
Email AutomationEmail marketing automation and drip campaigns.Email tracking, automation, and campaign management.
Sales Pipeline ManagementVisualize and manage sales pipelines with stages.Customizable sales pipelines with deal stages.
Workflow AutomationAutomate repetitive tasks and workflows.Workflow automation for sales and marketing processes.
Reporting and AnalyticsIn-depth reporting and analytics for sales insights.Robust reporting and analytics for sales performance.
Lead NurturingLead nurturing through personalized content and triggers.Lead nurturing with email campaigns and lead scoring.
Integration OptionsIntegrates with various third-party apps and services.Integrations with popular tools like Google Apps, Zapier.
Mobile AccessibilityMobile app for on-the-go access and management.Mobile app for sales teams to work from anywhere.
Customization and BrandingCustomize CRM fields, forms, and templates.Highly customizable CRM with branding options.
Customer SupportEmail, phone, and chat support with knowledge base.Email, phone, and chat support with online resources.
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LeadSquared vs Freshsales: User Interface and Ease of Use

LeadSquared vs Freshsales

LeadSquared’s user design is simple and easy to understand. The main dashboard has several tabs, and each one shows a different part of your sales process. You can easily get to all the features and functions you need from the main screen, without having to dig through multiple menus.

The fact that LeadSquared’s user design is easy to change is one of the things I like most about it. You can change the layout of the dashboard to fit your needs, and you can also add or remove custom fields and tabs. You can change LeadSquared to fit the needs of your business with this amount of customization.

Overall user interfaceClean, modern, and intuitiveUser-friendly, but a bit cluttered
NavigationEasy to find the features you’re looking forCan be difficult to find the features you’re looking for if you’re not familiar with the CRM
DashboardCustomizable and provides a high-level overview of your sales pipelineAlso customizable, but not as much as LeadSquared’s dashboard

Freshsales has a more modern and aesthetically pleasing user layout than LeadSquared. The main screen is clean and simple, and it is easy to get around. Freshsales also has a lot of customization choices, so you can change the user interface to fit your needs. The fact that Freshsales’s user design is easy to use is one of the things I like most about it. All of the different functions and features are clearly marked and easy to find. Freshsales also has a lot of helpful guides and tutorials that can help new users.

LeadSquared and Freshsales both have user screens that are easy to use. But I thought LeadSquared’s user design was easier to use, while Freshsales’s was more modern and aesthetically pleasing. In the end, your wants and preferences will determine which CRM system is best for you.

LeadSquared vs Freshsales: Integration Options

Both LeadSquared and Freshsales have a lot of integration choices that make it easy to connect them to other tools and systems that your business uses. But there are some big differences between the two systems when it comes to how they can be used together.

One of the biggest changes is that LeadSquared integrates directly with Zapier, while Freshsales does not. Zapier is a strong platform for automating tasks that lets you link together thousands of different tools and services. With a Zapier integration, you can automate many jobs between LeadSquared and other tools, such as sending emails, making new leads, and updating records.

LeadSquared also has more native integrations with major marketing automation platforms like HubSpot and Marketo. Freshsales also works with these systems, but its integrations are not as complete.

Number of pre-built integrations300+200+
Custom integration optionsYesNo
Data synchronizationTwo-wayOne-way

From my own experience, the integration choices on LeadSquared are more complete and easier to use than those on Freshsales. For example, it only took me a few minutes to set up a Zapier link that sends new leads from LeadSquared straight to my HubSpot account. With Freshsales, I would have had to use a third-party connection tool, which would have been harder to set up and take more time.

Overall, I’d recommend LeadSquared if you’re looking for a CRM tool with a lot of ways to connect. Freshsales is also a good choice, but it might not be as good for businesses that need to connect to a lot of different tools and systems.

LeadSquared vs Freshsales: Customization and Scalability

LeadSquared vs Freshsales

I’ve used both LeadSquared and Freshsales, and LeadSquared is more flexible and scalable than Freshsales. You can change almost everything about the CRM with LeadSquared, from the fields and layouts to the processes and automations. You can also make your own modules to keep track of any important info for your business.

CustomizationHighly customizableCustomizable, but not as much as LeadSquared
ScalabilityHighly scalableHighly scalable

Freshsales can also be changed, but not as much as LeadSquared. You can change some of the processes and automations, as well as the fields and layouts. But you can’t make your own modules, and some of the more advanced ways to customize aren’t available in the free plan.

LeadSquared can also grow with your business more than Freshsales. LeadSquared has no trouble handling big amounts of data and users. Freshsales can also handle a lot of data, but as you add more people, it may start to slow down.

LeadSquared vs Freshsales: Reporting and Analytics

Both LeadSquared and Freshsales have full reporting and tracking tools, but there are some important differences between the two.

LeadSquared’s reporting system is more advanced, and you can make your own reports and dashboards. It also has a bigger range of pre-built reports, such as ones about lead generation, the performance of the sales pipeline, and customer engagement.

Freshsales also has a good number of reports and screens, but its reporting engine is not as flexible as LeadSquared’s. It also has a smaller number of reports that are already made.

Standard reportsYesYes
Custom reportsYesYes
Lead scoringYesNo
Sales forecastingYesLimited
Campaign analyticsYesYes
Overall reporting and analytics capabilitiesMore robust and user-friendlyLess robust and user-friendly

I have used both LeadSquared and Freshsales in the past, and LeadSquared is better for reports and analytics. I really like that I can make my own reports and dashboards, which lets me get the exact info I need in the way I want it.

I also think LeadSquared’s pre-made reports are more complete and useful than Freshsales’. For example, LeadSquared’s sales pipeline report includes information about lead stage, lead score, and expected close date, while Freshsales’s sales pipeline report only includes information about lead stage.

Overall, I think the reporting and tracking features of LeadSquared are more powerful and flexible than those of Freshsales. LeadSquared is the better choice if you need a CRM with more advanced data tools.

LeadSquared: Pros and Cons


  • Robust lead tracking and scoring.
  • Email marketing automation.
  • In-depth reporting and analytics.
  • Workflow automation.


  • Learning curve for beginners.
  • May require additional integrations.

Freshsales: Pros and Cons


  • Intuitive user interface.
  • Effective email tracking and automation.
  • Customizable pipelines.
  • Good mobile accessibility.


  • Limited lead nurturing features.
  • Some advanced features in higher-priced tiers.

WLeadSquared vs Freshsales: which one should you consider?

Which one you choose between LeadSquared and Freshsales depends on the needs of your business. LeadSquared has powerful workflow and lead management features that make it a great choice for businesses that need to nurture leads a lot. It is great at being customized and scalable, so it can be used in many different businesses.

Freshsales, on the other hand, has an easy-to-use interface, which makes it a good choice for small businesses that want a simple CRM system. It’s important to note that it can be easily integrated, which makes for smooth operations. In the end, the choice depends on the size, industry, and priorities of your company. Carefully look at your needs to see if advanced functions or ease of use and integration are more important.


Is Freshworks a good CRM?

Freshworks is a great choice for people who are new to CRM systems or who want a platform that is easy to change so they can keep track of sales and give good customer service. A lot of Freshsales’ tools are made for businesses with full sales teams, not just one person who does sales.

What is LeadSquared application?

LeadSquared is a complete CRM and marketing automation software that helps businesses collect, nurture, manage, and track their leads all in one place. The cloud-based system is made for large businesses and small and medium-sized businesses (SMEs). It has tools for lead capture, lead nurturing, sales management, marketing analytics, and more.

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