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Dark and Darker: How To Level Up Quickly

"Gaming Guide: Quick Leveling in Dark & Darker"

Level Up Quickly in Dark and Darker works just as you would expect. As a character levels up, they can use mechanics and features that they couldn’t use before. Still, unlike other games, leveling up in Dark and Darker does not yet lead to better stats. Players think that when they level up, this is where they’ll be able to improve stats like Strength or Agility, depending on what’s best for their class, because there is a Class Training page in the game that they can’t get to yet.

This is where a lot of the different ways characters can be “built” that make them feel more unique would come into play. At the moment, leveling only gives players access to more Perk Slots. By default, they have one, but at level 5, they get two, at level 10, they get three, and at level 15, they get four.

Aside from that, there are no “numerical” benefits to leveling, especially after level 15. Gold, a digital currency, is used for all of the microtransactions in the RPG Dark and Darker game. If you want Gold without having to play the game, MMOPixel is one of the best places to buy it online. We keep our prices low and give great customer service at the same time.

How To Level Up Quickly in Dark and Darker

Make sure Monsters take their last hit.

In Dark and Darker, monsters are not just problems; they are also chances. Every monster you kill gives you experience points, but the character who kills the monster with the last hit gets a bigger amount of XP. So, when you fight creatures in the depths, try to deal the last hit.

The XP Treasure Troves are the chests.

There are treasure chests full of goodies hidden in the video game’s complicated mazes. Not only do these chests have valuable items inside, but opening them also gives a good amount of experience points. So, keep an eye out and open as many chests as your adventure will let you.

Get as much as you can

Not only does taking loot out of dungeons make you richer in-game, but it also gives you experience points. You get more XP the more treasures you can get without getting hurt.

Mastery of Portals

In Dark and Darker, portals are like doorways that lead to deeper, more dangerous parts of the dungeons. If you open as many of these portals as you can, you’ll keep getting experience points.

Dark and Darker: How To Level Up Quickly

The Adventure of the Red Portal

All portals give experience, but the rare red ones are the best. These lead to places that are very hard to get to, but they promise a lot of XP as a reward. If you’re confident in your skills, you can find and go through these red portals to gain a lot of experience points.

Get as much as you can

In Dark and Darker, extraction is a key part of the game. By getting resources, items, and other valuables, you not only add to your inventory but also gain experience points. Always look for things that can be taken out, and make the most of every chance you get.

Player vs. Player (PvP) Showdowns

Darker and Darker isn’t just about fighting monsters controlled by AI. Sometimes the toughest enemies are other players. When you fight in PvP and win, you not only get to brag about it, but you also get a lot of experience points.

About the Game

GenreAction, adventure, RPG, battle royale
Early access release dateAugust 7, 2023
DeveloperIronmace Games
PublisherChaf Games
ModesSingle-player, co-op, PvPvE
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The Importance of Leveling Up

  • It boosts the stats of your character. Your character’s health, attack power, defense, and other stats will all get better as you level up. This will make you stronger and tougher, which will help you stay alive in the dungeon.
  • It lets you learn new skills and do new things. As you gain levels, you’ll be able to use new skills and abilities in battle. You can get a big advantage over your enemies with these skills, making it easier to beat them.
  • It lets you go to new places. Certain levels of players can only go to certain parts of the dungeon. As you gain levels, you’ll be able to go to these places, which may have valuable loot and resources.
  • It gives you a better chance of staying alive. The better your chances of making it out of the dungeon are, the higher your level. You will be stronger, have more skills, and be able to go to more places.


What is the fastest way to level up in WoW?

Even the fastest ways to level up for an XP bonus with level scaling still take a lot of time, no matter which expansion you choose. Spending time finishing a zone while doing quests, bonus objectives, and dungeons is kind of a good way to help you move forward.

Do levels matter in Dark and Darker?

First of all, leveling up in Dark and Darker works just as expected. As a character levels up, they gain access to mechanics and features that they couldn’t use before. But unlike other games, when you level up in DaD, your stats do not get better, at least not yet.

What is the most op class in Dark and Darker?

A priest. In Dark and Darker, being able to heal yourself and others is very important. Because of this, Cleric is easily the most important class in the game and tops our list of the best classes. It can even bring back dead players.

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