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LG QNED99 8K TV review

The LG QNED99 8K TV () is definitely one of the best TVs you can get right now for big couch gaming and media - the 8K images are spectacular, and the colors, details, and performance are all top-notch.

The most expensive model from LG’s models is the QNED99 8k, a flagship 8k TV that is a part of the QNED series. It has Mini LED backlighting, which makes it brighter and gives it more control over the local dimming feature. It has an IPS screen with wide viewing angles and low contrast, like the majority of LG’s LED TVs, but full-array local dimming enhances the black level. The most recent version of webOS, which is user-friendly and offers a huge selection of apps for download, is already installed on the TV.

It has a few gaming-friendly features like HDMI 2.1 inputs, little input lag, and a quick response time, but disappointingly, it does not support variable refresh rate (VRR). The LG QNED99 is the brand’s newest 8K model and comes with a variety of amazing pieces of hardware to support its abundance of pixels. It’s a great TV that looks great no matter what you chance to be watching, but its price feels excessive given its 8K specification.

LG QNED99 8K TV review: Design

Similar to the LG QNED90 in appearance is the LG QNED99. It has a high-end design with slender metal feet and borders all around. It appears to be well-made and won’t look out of place in any setup. The construction quality is excellent. Since it is primarily comprised of metal, it is extremely well-built and uses high-quality materials. It is strong, and the screen is well-supported by the stand. Although there is some front to back wobble, it won’t be an issue if you simply set your TV on a table. On the pack panel, there is a small amount of flex near the inputs and VESA slots, but it is not a cause for concern.

The rear is also mostly a featureless plain of dark metal, with only a few alcoves carved for the ports and two in the upper corners for a flush-mounting solution (to be launched later this year). There are also only a few holes for a 400×400-millimeter VESA mounting bracket and not much else. The 1.1-inch-thick TV has a wedge-shaped, brushed-metal stand that you can use if you’d rather set it on top of anything else even though it is intended to be wall mounted. However, the elegant stand increases the depth by 13 inches, so make sure you have enough room for it.

LG QNED99 8K TV review: Connectivity

The LG 75QNED99U features four HDMI 2.1 inputs that can offer up to 48 Gbps speed for material with a maximum resolution of 4K/120Hz. One HDMI input allows for high-bandwidth audio transfer to external audio devices via ARC/e-ARC. Three USB ports, RS-232C control, coaxial antenna and cable connections, optical audio out, Ethernet, and other connections are also supported. The left end of the screen, which is facing the front of the TV, is divided into two sections by the set back (facing down) and side (facing out to the side).

LG QNED99 8K TV review: Audio Quality

The QNED 99 has a 60-watt, 4.2-channel audio system, which is not a bad sound system by any means, and its possibilities are increased even further by the use of other features and technology. The most notable is Dolby Atmos surround sound, which gives recordings of sound you view a deeper level of sonic immersion. But there are also a few more LG-specific settings, such AI Acoustic Tuning, which adjusts the sound to your particular viewing area, and AI Sound Pro, which distinguishes and enhances speech and other sorts of sound.

Movies in particular had a clear, distinct sound, even in the comparatively flat Standard mode, and gained additional oomph in Cinema mode, even when they were jam-packed with action and multiple layers of audio elements (as is typical in Zack Snyder’s Justice League) (the best balanced of the modes to my ear). In tracks like The Knife’s “Silent Shout,” low bass notes were there but not overpowering, and more soaring trebles also sounded fine over the majority of the set’s volume range.

LG QNED99 8K TV review: Smart Features

With a streamlined home screen (more closely approximating the Android TV/GoogleTV design style) that puts the app selection front and centre while still serving up plenty of extra content options from a wide variety of sources, LG’s webOS operating system remains user-friendly and straightforward. The QNED 99’s apps are appealing and responsive, matching what you’ll find on other TVs and mobile devices nicely. The well-designed Apps app for adding additional lets you quickly see which apps are most used and which have been updated most recently.

LG QNED99 8K TV review: Color

Particularly with HDR10 and Dolby Vision content, LG’s hybrid Nano Cell/Quantum Dot colour improvement system does a great job enhancing the vibrancy, detail, and volume of colour. According to the technique, Nano Cell colour and Quantum Dot emission layers are combined to enable a larger and more accurate colour range. In contrast to employing LG’s Nano Cells alone, the QNED system uses a blue LED backlight to transfer photons to the green Quantum Dot layer and the red Nano Cell layer, improving overall colour performance.

LG QNED99 8K TV review: Performance

The QNED99 nevertheless appears utterly revelatory because of its upscaling wizardry, despite the dearth of 8K content. The level of image clarity and detail is astounding, giving the information an almost 3D impression while the colours pop with life and punch. However, because to the enormous size and pixel density, 1080p or lesser quality content looks substantially poorer than 4K content. Any streaming that isn’t in 4K will be a waste of this TV’s potential.

If you feed it correctly, the image is absolutely stunning. The QNED99 made the dreamlike worlds of Middle Earth burst with richness, colour, and contrast, making watching The Rings of Power such a joy. Some scenes appeared to be real. In terms of video games, we’ve never had a better gaming experience than when I played God of War Ragnarok on the PlayStation 5 at such a massive scale. The greatest TV for the PS5 and Xbox Series X as well as the best 120Hz 4K TV you can now acquire in 8K are both contenders thanks to the incredibly gorgeous, fluid, and snappy upscaling on the 4K 120Hz feed with HDR.

Price and Availability

We evaluated the $3,499 75QNED99UPA, a 75-inch LG QNED 99, for our assessment. We anticipate that the performance of the other two models, the 65-inch 65QNED99UPA and the 86-inch 86QNED99UPA, will be comparable because they share the same fundamental features and underlying technologies.


Dolby Vision IQ and Dolby Atmos are features of this extremely large TV that create a compelling movie experience. In any lighting situation, Dolby Vision IQ exposes astounding depth and detail, while Dolby Atmos disperses sound all around you. Experience being thrust into another universe thanks to the AI Sound Pro function, which skillfully converts 2-channel audio into a virtual 7.1.2-channel soundscape.

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Dolby Vision IQ and Dolby Atmos are features of this extremely large TV that make for an immersive movie experience. In any lighting situation, Dolby Vision IQ shows amazing depth and detail, while Dolby Atmos spreads the sound around you.LG QNED99 8K TV review