ReviewsLogi Dock review (2023) the ultimate all-in-one docking station

Logi Dock review (2023) the ultimate all-in-one docking station

The Logi Dock is a great tool for making your desk less cluttered.


Build Quality and Design


Logi Dock is a cost-effective solution for anyone who likes to listen to background music or listen to audio books. It combines its functions as a video conferencing tool and docking station, delivering clear, distortion-free sound from its powerful speakers. It lets you play any audio file from your Bluetooth-enabled devices.

The Logi Dock is a step up from most other docks. It’s made to be an all-in-one docking solution that lets you ditch microphone headsets and the low-quality audio recording and playing back features built into laptops. Logitech has added in-meeting controls, a built-in speakerphone, and cool underlighting to its docking station, which already has extra ports and the ability to charge laptops. It’s a lot more fun than the boring slabs that are usually given out in corporate offices.

Logi Dock: Description

The Logi Dock can support up to two 4K 60Hz displays and send up to 100W of power to a connected laptop. This is enough power to charge almost anything except for power-hungry gaming hardware. It weighs a little more than two pounds and has rubberized feet that keep it from moving around on any surface. This dock is mostly meant for permanent office setups. It’s light enough to throw into a bag if you have to, but the power brick it needs is huge and hard to move around.

Most of the connections are on the back of the dock, which is great if you don’t want cables all over your workspace. There are two USB-A ports, two USB-C ports, one HDMI 2.0 output, and one DisplayPort 1.4 output on the back. In addition, the Logi Dock has an input for the 230W power brick that comes with it, a Bluetooth 5.1 pairing button, a Kensington lock slot, and a purple-marked USB-C Upstream port that connects the dock to your laptop.

Logi Dock: Pros and Cons


  • High-quality audio
  • I/O ports galore
  • Supports 100W charging


  • Expensive
  • No LAN or 3.5mm audio connectors
  • No DisplayPort over USB-C

Specification Table

Hardware InterfaceUSB Type C, HDMI, USB 3.0
Compatible DevicesDesktop PC/Tablet/Smartphone
Dimensions5.18 x 6.3 x 3.34 inches
Total USB Ports6
Number of Ports8
Item Weight33.23 Ounces
Official linkVisit Website

Build Quality and Design

Logi Dock review

The Logi Dock is a sturdy box with a speaker on the front and a lot of ports on the back. It comes in either dark gray (graphite) or white. The Logi Dock’s body is slightly tilted, so the speakers can send sound toward the person in front of it. The bottom of the Logi Dock has a texture that makes it stick to a desk so it doesn’t move around. Like any other desk dock, the Logi Dock is meant to be set up once and then left alone. On the top of the Logi Dock, there are two buttons that you can use to turn on or off your webcam and microphone. There are also buttons to change the volume and a button to join a meeting.

The back of the Logi Dock is where most of the ports are. It has two USB-C ports for accessories, two USB-A ports, a DisplayPort port, and an HDMI port on the back. There is also a Kensington security slot you can use to lock the dock. All of the USB-C and USB-A ports can go up to 5 Gbps, but none of them can connect to a Thunderbolt port. That could be a big deal for some users who need fast storage or more bandwidth. The key to the dock is an extra USB-C Upstream port that can both send and receive data and power. After you have set up all of your devices, you can connect to your PC using the purple USB-C Upstream port. The Logi Dock has a USB-C port on the side. This makes it easy to charge a phone without having to reach around to the back of the device.

Logi Dock: Features

Logi Dock review

Logi Dock is a docking station that helps users be more productive and stay connected. It has a number of features that make work easier and make it easier to connect different devices. Logi Dock’s many ways to connect is one of its most important features. It usually has several USB ports so that users can connect their keyboards, mice, external hard drives, and other devices. Also, Logi Dock usually has video ports like HDMI or DisplayPort so that users can connect external monitors or projectors to their desktops to get more out of them. Another great thing about Logi Dock is that it can be used as a charging hub. It usually has charging ports or can charge wirelessly, making it easy for users to charge their smartphones, tablets, or other compatible devices.

Logi Dock also focuses on making the user experience as smooth as possible. It may give you one-click access to certain functions or applications and let you set up shortcuts to get to tools you use often. Some models may even have built-in speakers or microphone arrays that make it easier for people to hold conference calls or join virtual meetings with better sound quality. Also, Logi Dock may have advanced features like noise cancellation or echo suppression, which improve the sound quality during calls or when watching videos or other media.

Logi Dock: Performance

Logi Dock review

Logi Dock is mostly made to make it easier to connect and get things done, not to make it perform better. Its performance is mostly determined by how well it can connect devices to each other and transfer data between them. Logi Dock aims to provide stable and reliable connections for a variety of devices, such as USB peripherals, external displays, and devices that charge other devices. It should be able to send and receive data quickly and efficiently, so that file transfers and interactions with other connected devices go smoothly.

Even though Logi Dock isn’t designed to have high-end processing power or graphics, its performance can be judged by how well it can handle multiple connections at once and keep data transfer rates stable. It should handle the input and output of data well, so users can use their peripherals and other external devices without any problems.

Final Words

You can buy all the parts separately for almost the same price. For example, a good desktop USB-C display hub like the Anker 563 will cost you £260, a good set of speakers like our award-winning Creative T60s will cost you another £70, and a good wired headset like the Creative Chat USB will cost you another £40, bringing the total to £370. So, whether or not you want to spend the extra money on the Logi Dock depends on how important a clean desk and a single-cable connection are to you. The Logi Dock does that, and it does it well (with a few exceptions), but it is definitely very expensive.


How much is Logi Dock?

The Logi Dock Flex will cost $699 if you buy it from a store.

What is the equivalent of the Logi Dock?

Microsoft’s all-in-one dock has three ports: one for HDMI, two for USB-C, and one for USB-A. It can also be used as a speaker, and its buttons can be used to control meetings and microphones. Like the Logi Dock, the Microsoft Audio Dock lets power pass through, so when you disconnect it, your laptop will be fully charged.

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Logi Dock is a cost-effective solution for anyone who likes to listen to background music or listen to audio books. It combines its functions as a video conferencing tool and docking station, delivering clear, distortion-free sound from its powerful speakers. It lets you play any audio file from your Bluetooth-enabled devices.Logi Dock review (2023) the ultimate all-in-one docking station