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Logitech G735 review

The Logitech G735 are wonderful gaming headsets that feature a balanced sound profile, RGB lighting, high-end construction, and dual functionality, which means these headsets can be used for both games and music.

The Logitech G735 Wireless is a component of the ‘Aurora Collection’ series from this company, which also includes the matching Logitech G705 Wireless Gaming Mouse, Logitech G715 Wireless Keyboard, wrist pad, and headphone carrying bag. You must buy each of these items separately. These stylish white over-ears are a bit smaller than other gaming headphones available, making them ideal for gamers with small heads.

If you think the white is too stark, you may alternatively have ear cup padding and a detachable microphone in two different colors. The brand’s recently launched Aurora collection includes the Logitech G735 wireless gaming headset. With the aim of bridging the gap between power users and the casual consumer, this device succeeds to a commendable extent. With 7.1 surround sound and Dolby Atmos support, you will have an advantage in shooters and, for the most part, enjoy spinning records through your preferred streaming service.

The Logitech G735 wireless gaming headset from the Aurora Collection maximizes comfort for all players, including those with smaller heads. including an ethereal RGB lighting design, a lovely white mist finish, and on-ear audio mixing. With a 16+ hour game battery life, Lightspeed wireless, and Bluetooth connectivity, you can play from your rooftop or desktop. The trademark lights for the Aurora Collection, Play Moods animations, are preloaded on Ethereal Light sync RGB.


The Logitech G735 is a beautiful device. Not just because it isn’t in the typical, dark “gamer-y” color scheme, but also due to how little it appears. This is exactly what Logitech aimed for, and it was purposefully made tiny and lightweight for prolonged usage. It’s hard not to fall in love with this headset right away because it’s made out of a blend of smooth, high-quality matte white plastic and white imitation leather. Small, purple button controls add to this.

A USB-C port for charging, a 3.5mm audio jack, a mic mute button, and a volume control rocker are all located on the left earcup. You may quickly switch between wireless modes and sources with the left earcup. The Logitech G735 headphone extensions are enclosed in aluminum for an amazing aesthetic fit. Because they are so rigid, they require some effort to stretch properly.

Additionally, the earcups have inlay RGB, which pulses with a soft blue and pink color that looks beautiful when used at home. There isn’t much to complain about, however we did wish the padding on the top band of the headphones was a little plusher. Despite appearing to be lightweight, it turns out to be highly strong and is likely to stand the test of time. When we handed our partner the headset, she said that it was the only gaming headset she had ever tried on that fit quite as well as the G735.

The only issue we ran into was when we tried to leave the house wearing the headset but without the microphone attached because, after all, it’s more of a lifestyle headset. Unfortunately, Logitech’s G-Hub software is overly complicated and difficult to understand, making it difficult to turn off all of the headset’s lights. Additionally, the lack of a built-in microphone at this price point is disappointing, leaving you with no choice but to attach a cardioid microphone.


It’s admirable that the design of these headphones prioritizes comfort for people with smaller heads and gamers who wear glasses. I can’t confirm whether this headset is successful in that endeavor because bigger and don’t need glasses, but in my experience, the Logitech G735 has proven to be wonderfully comfortable and lightweight for extended hours. The Logitech G735 is undoubtedly one of the nicest-feeling headsets we have worn in a very long time; comfort is the key with this device.

You probably will not experience that problem here if you have ever found some headbands or ski-band straps to be uncomfortable to wear after a time. The extremely plush earcups and the modest clamp force which is actually a little too low of the headset both contribute to comfort. Every time we tipped our head back, the headset started to come off. This seems to be a problem for folks with smaller heads because we actually have a quite large head.


All of the connectors USB-C for charging, 3.5mm aux, and 3.5mm mic are located on the left earcup, along with the power button, volume slider, and mic mute button. An audio mixing paddle and a connectivity button are located on the right earcup. The G735 offers dual audio mixing, allowing you to concurrently listen to two different devices that are linked to it through Bluetooth and 2.4GHz wireless (or aux).

The Bluetooth connectivity of the Logitech G735 is excellent. By switching the dongle, AUX port, and Bluetooth, they may connect to two separate devices in a variety of ways, which is fantastic if you want to stay connected to your PC and console at the same time. Additionally, they connect quickly to iOS and Android devices, keeping your music and visuals in sync. On PCs, they have a very high latency, which can halt the streaming of movies. However, depending on the device, latency can differ.

This is useful for ensuring that you don’t miss any phone calls or notifications while playing games. A detachable boom microphone, a 2.4GHz wireless USB-A dongle, a USB extender, and a USB-C to USB-A charging cable are all included in the G735’s package. The headset contains a 3.5mm aux connection socket, but neither an aux cable is included nor is one available for purchase in the collection.

Noise Cancelling

On a gaming headset, noise cancellation is a bit of a luxury. Even though PC gamers value immersion, noise cancellation isn’t always necessary in a desktop gaming environment. Therefore, we won’t criticize the G735s for lacking it because it isn’t genuinely necessary. The closed-ear design of the headset does precisely what we’ve all grown to adore Logitech headsets for it allowed audio to pass through without distortion.

The chatter surrounding me was difficult to hear over the headset, but it wasn’t entirely muffled, and occasionally I thought someone was attempting to catch my attention. This would have been very similar in an office setting. The noise isolation on the Logitech G725 is subpar, but that’s to be expected with gaming headphones. They aren’t intended to muffle the faint hum of bus engines.

Although they considerably improve the hum of computer fans, they still have trouble minimizing noise that is more specific to gamers, such as ambient talk. The companion software gives this mic a customized noise management performance. Numerous more options, including as gain and EQ presets, are also available in software. They perform well in terms of noise handling even when all of these features are disabled.

Audio Performance

The G735 has 40mm drivers and a 20–20,000 Hz wireless frequency response, which is relatively standard for a good gaming headset. The Logitech G735’s audio quality is absolutely fine. Not terrible, but not fantastic either: While not overpowering, the mids and bass have obviously been scooped, and during Lorde’s and Kaskade’s “Royals” and “POW POW POW” it started to sound rather muddy.

There are many headsets and headphones with a comparable (and less muddy) sound, that are attractive and come in a variety of colors. While this style of audio profile is not the worst, many people find it to be rather pleasant. The Logitech G735 sounds better when used for gaming, especially when DTS surround sound is enabled and configured with Logitech’s software (the headset’s soundstage feels quite small, but this may be improved with software). The 2.4GHz wireless connection’s low latency will be welcomed by gamers as well.

These headphones’ Bluetooth connection has a low latency, which is a blessing given that the 2.4GHz dongle is USB-A and not USB-C. Although the G735 lacks active noise cancellation (ANC), the soft earcups are really very effective at passively reducing noise. According to Logitech, the G735 was made to be worn in a variety of ways, including over and under hairstyles. When we are on camera, it  normally wear our headset over our hair (yeah, because it looks nicer), so it was happy to see that even with our hair in the way, the earcups still created a great seal.

Battery and Charging

The Logitech G735’s battery life is great. The maker claims that they can be used constantly for 16 hours while the RGB lighting is on and the volume is set at 50%. However, using a comparable setup but with volume at above 90%, we measured for over 28 hours. However, battery life can vary depending on usage and settings, so you might experience erratic battery performance.

They have an auto-off timer to help preserve battery life while not in use if you’re concerned about battery life. In an emergency, they can also be used passively, but Logitech doesn’t include an AUX wire in the box, so you’ll need to supply your own. If you turn on the colorful (and actually pastel) RGB illumination, the battery life lasts roughly 15.5 hours.

The battery is currently showing 21 hours at 50% charge, which is less than the intended 300 hours, if you are willing to go without illumination on your head. Although a 3.5mm audio jack can be used in its place to conserve battery life, the headset unfortunately does not come with one.

Final Words

The Logitech G735 wireless gaming headset from Logitech is quite stylish and comfortable, and it accommodates smaller heads, spectacles, and earrings. You can utilize a single set of headphones for all of your entertainment demands thanks to its plug-and-play wireless audio support for PC and Mac as well as Bluetooth-enabled devices.

Additionally, it enables simultaneous audio from two devices and has an internal crossfader for fine-tuning your mix. This is a fantastic pair of multipurpose headphones for pretty much anyone thanks to customizable RGB illumination and a sturdy build quality.

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Logitech's G735 wireless gaming headset is very stylish and comfortable and fits smaller heads, glasses and earrings.Logitech G735 review