ArticleDealsLogitech K400 Plus HTPC Keyboard: Get 11% Off on $27.99

Logitech K400 Plus HTPC Keyboard: Get 11% Off on $27.99

The Logitech K400 Plus Wireless Keyboard is made for home theater PC (HTPC) setups. It lets you control your media devices from the comfort of your couch and is easy to use. The K400 Plus is slim and small, so it fits well in any living room or home theater. The keyboard is sturdy but not too heavy, and the keys feel solid. The build quality is great, which means it will last for a long time. The K400 Plus uses a USB dongle to connect to a reliable 2.4GHz wireless network.

This gives your devices a stable and quick connection. The wireless range is very good, so you can control your HTPC from a long way away without any lag or problems. One of the best things about the K400 Plus is that it has an integrated touchpad. The touchpad is on the right side of the keyboard and gets rid of the need for a separate mouse. This saves space and makes it easier to move around. The touchpad is smooth and responsive, which makes it easy to control the cursor and scroll.


  • Sleek and compact design
  • Integrated Touchpad
  • Media Hotkeys and Shortcut Keys
  • Long Battery Life
  • Comfortable Typing Experience

The keyboard has a variety of media hotkeys and shortcut keys that make your multimedia experience better. With volume, playback, and navigation buttons all in one place, it’s easy to change the sound, start and stop videos, and move through your content. Common functions like email, search, and settings are easy to get to with the shortcut keys. The K400 Plus’s battery can last for up to 18 months, which means you can use it without having to change the battery often.

The K400 Plus is easy to set up because it just plugs in and works. Just connect the USB dongle to your HTPC or another device that works with it, and the keyboard will be ready to use. There is no need for extra software or drivers, which makes it easy to set up. The keyboard layout is well-spaced, so you can type for long periods of time without getting tired.

How to get Logitech K400 Plus HTPC Keyboard?

The keys have a good amount of travel and feedback, which makes it easy to type quickly and accurately. Overall, the Logitech K400 Plus Wireless Keyboard is a great choice for anyone who wants to easily control their home theater PC (HTPC) or other multimedia devices. It is easy to use and flexible because it is wireless, has a built-in touchpad, media hotkeys, and is comfortable to type on. Because it has a long battery life and is easy to set up, you can control your entertainment system without having to deal with cables or complicated setup.

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