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ArticleVersusMailerLite vs Klaviyo: which one is right for you?

MailerLite vs Klaviyo: which one is right for you?

MailerLite provides email marketing, while Klaviyo provides advanced email marketing and automation.

Email marketing software is an important part of current business strategies, and MailerLite and Klaviyo are two big names in this field. These tools let businesses create, automate, and analyze email campaigns, making it easier for them to talk to their audience in a direct and personal way. Email marketing is important because it has a huge reach and works well for nurturing leads, promoting goods, and building long-term relationships with customers.

It makes precise targeting possible, which leads to better conversion rates and return on investment. MailerLite is a great email marketing tool for businesses of all kinds because it is easy to use and comes with features like email automation, landing pages, and responsive email templates. Klaviyo, on the other hand, is known for its advanced features.

It focuses on data-driven, personalized marketing through strong automation, segmentation, and connections. In the next section, we’ll compare MailerLite and Klaviyo by looking at their features and strengths. This will help you make an informed decision that fits your email marketing goals.

MailerLite vs Klaviyo Comparison table

This table shows the main differences between MailerLite and Klaviyo. MailerLite is cheap and easy to use, but Klaviyo has strong e-commerce integration and more advanced tools to meet the needs of different users and businesses.

PricingAffordable pricing based on subscribers.Higher pricing tier, based on subscribers.
Email MarketingYesYes
Marketing AutomationYesYes
SegmentationAdvanced segmentation tools.Robust segmentation options.
TemplatesCustomizable templates library.Extensive template library.
A/B TestingLimited A/B testing capabilities.Comprehensive A/B testing features.
Reporting and AnalyticsBasic reporting features.In-depth analytics with custom reports.
Integration OptionsGood integration options.Extensive third-party integrations.
E-commerce IntegrationLimited e-commerce integrations.Strong e-commerce integrations.
Customer SupportResponsive customer support.Strong customer support and resources.
Ease of UseUser-friendly interface.User-friendly, but complex for beginners.
DeliverabilityStrong deliverability rates.Excellent deliverability reputation.
SMS MarketingAvailable for an additional cost.Integrated SMS marketing capabilities.
Free Plan AvailableYes, for up to a certain number of subscribers.No free plan, but a free trial.
Visit WebsiteVisit Website

MailerLite vs Klaviyo: Ease of Use

MailerLite vs Klaviyo

Most people think that MailerLite is easier to use than Klaviyo. It has a clean, simple design, and even if you’re new to email marketing, it’s easy to get started.

Klaviyo, on the other hand, is harder to learn how to use because it has a more complicated layout. But it has a bigger range of features, such as more advanced automation options.

Overall ease of useEasierMore complex
Intuitive interfaceYesYes, but less so than MailerLite
Simple featuresYesNo
Helpful documentation and supportYesLess so than MailerLite

I’ve used both Klaviyo and MailerLite, and MailerLite is much easier to use. The interface is easier to use, and I can find the tools I need more quickly. The documentation and lessons for MailerLite are also very helpful to me. They make it easy to get the most out of the tool and learn how to use it.

Klaviyo has more features than MailerLite, but I don’t think the added difficulty is worth it for the extra features. It’s harder to get around the interface, and it can be hard to find the tools you need. Overall, I suggest MailerLite to businesses of all sizes, especially those that are new to email marketing. It’s easy to use and has a good number of tools.

Email Templates and Customization

Klaviyo is more focused on making custom templates from start, while MailerLite has a wide range of ready-made templates that are easy to change. MailerLite’s templates are well-made and work well on mobile devices. You can also add your own logos and content to them. MailerLite also has a drag-and-drop editor that you can use to make your own layouts from scratch.

Klaviyo’s templates are more flexible, but if you don’t know how to code, they can be harder to make. Klaviyo also has a number of tools for dynamic content that let you personalize your emails based on the information you have about your subscribers.

Pre-built templatesYesYes, and a wider variety
Drag-and-drop editorYesYes
Dynamic contentNoYes
Product recommendationsNoYes
Custom email blocksNoYes

Overall, MailerLite is a better choice for businesses that want email templates that are easy to use and tools that let them make their emails look different. Klaviyo is a better option for companies that need more ways to customize their emails and want to use dynamic content.

MailerLite vs Klaviyo: Integrations

MailerLite vs Klaviyo

I’ve been using both MailerLite and Klaviyo for more than a year, and I’ve found that both have a lot of ways to connect with other services. But Klaviyo has a slight edge when it comes to the number of connections and how well they work.

MailerLite works with more than 130 different platforms, such as e-commerce platforms, customer relationship management (CRM) systems, and social media platforms. Some of the most common integrations with MailerLite are:

  • Shopify
  • WooCommerce
  • Magento
  • Salesforce
  • Zapier

Klaviyo works with more than 300 different platforms, including all of the MailerLite integrations mentioned above, as well as:

  • Facebook
  • Instagram
  • Google Ads
  • Segment
  • Stripe

Klaviyo has more integrations than MailerLite, and its connections are also better than MailerLite’s. For example, the Klaviyo Shopify integration lets you sync your product catalog, track customer behavior, and send targeted email ads. On the other hand, the MailerLite Shopify integration is simpler. It only lets you sync your subscribers and send email messages.

Overall, I’ve been happy with how MailerLite and Klaviyo have worked together. But Klaviyo is the better choice if you want the most connections and the most in-depth integrations.

MailerLite vs Klaviyo: Email Automation

I started with MailerLite because it is inexpensive and easy to use. It’s easy to make and send emails, and MailerLite has a lot of automation features, like welcome emails, emails for carts that have been abandoned, and emails that suggest products.

I used MailerLite for a few years, and I was generally happy with the service. But as my business grew, I realized I needed an email automation tool with more power. I switched to Klaviyo because it has more advanced automation tools, such as segmentation, dynamic content, and A/B testing.

Automation featuresBasicPowerful
Ease of useEasyComplex

Klaviyo is a more expensive platform than MailerLite, but companies that want to automate their email marketing campaigns to a high level should make the investment. Klaviyo has a lot of tools and integrations, and once you learn the basics, it’s easy to use.

MailerLite vs Klaviyo: Deliverability and Spam Protection

When picking an email marketing platform, deliverability is one of the most important things to think about. You want to make sure that your email users are getting your emails. Both Klaviyo and MailerLite have high delivery rates. I think Klaviyo has a small edge in this area, though. From my experience, Klaviyo emails are more likely to end up in the main inbox than MailerLite emails.

This is because of a few things. First, Klaviyo is more trusted by email service companies. Second, Klaviyo has more tools, like email segmentation and personalization, that can help you get your emails to the right people.

Protection against spam is another important thing to think about. You want to make sure that your emails aren’t being marked as spam. Both MailerLite and Klaviyo have strong tools to stop spam. I’ve found, though, that Klaviyo’s spam security works better. From what I’ve seen, Klaviyo is less likely to mistakenly mark real emails as spam.

Spam protectionGoodExcellent
SPF and DKIM authenticationYesYes
Spam testingNoYes
Content filteringNoYes

Klaviyo uses a machine learning system to find spam, which is one reason why. This program is always learning and getting better, which helps make sure that your emails go to the right people. Overall, I’ve been very happy with how well Klaviyo delivers emails and stops spam. I’ve found that Klaviyo does a better job of getting my emails to my users’ inboxes without being marked as spam.

MailerLite: Pros and Cons


  • Affordable pricing, ideal for small businesses.
  • User-friendly interface for beginners.
  • Strong email deliverability.
  • Good customer support.


  • Limited e-commerce integrations.
  • Basic A/B testing capabilities.

Klaviyo: Pros and Cons


  • Robust e-commerce integration.
  • Advanced automation and segmentation.
  • Comprehensive A/B testing.
  • Excellent deliverability.


  • Complexity may be overwhelming for beginners.
  • No free plan, but offers a free trial.

WMailerLite vs Klaviyo: which one should you consider?

When deciding between MailerLite and Klaviyo, your needs and budget should guide your choice. MailerLite is a great choice for small and medium-sized businesses that want an affordable way to market themselves through email. It has an easy-to-use interface, tools for automating tasks, and a free plan for people just starting out.

Klaviyo, on the other hand, is a more robust tool with advanced e-commerce integrations, highly targeted email automation, and a lot of analytics. It’s perfect for bigger businesses and e-commerce shops that want an all-in-one tool for email marketing and dividing customers into groups. In the end, your choice should fit with the size, goals, and budget of your business.


Is Klaviyo best for ecommerce?

If your ecommerce store is built on Adobe Commerce, you want it to be expandable, flexible, and able to grow and shrink as needed. This is why Klaviyo is a great option for the marketing, data, and analytics needs of Adobe Commerce merchants.

Why choose MailerLite?

You want a tool that isn’t too heavy. MailerLite is a great, light tool that lives up to its name. It takes the best parts of the best email marketing tools and keeps the rest from being too complicated. Try MailerLite if you need a simple tool to send emails, not something fancy, shiny, and covered in glitter.

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