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How to Make Reddit Account Private

Learn how to make your Reddit account private in this easy guide.

A growing number of people who use social media apps are becoming increasingly concerned about their privacy. This worry is a result of an increase in the number of data and security breaches that have occurred across a variety of social media apps, putting the confidentiality of user information at risk. If you want to know how to Make Reddit Account Private.

Even though Reddit has a good reputation for protecting the privacy of its users and the data they post, you should still take steps to ensure that your data is secure. A user’s email address is the only piece of personal information that is required to create a Reddit account, in contrast to other social media apps.

Additionally, the email address is never shown to the public and is only utilized for the purposes of account recovery and notification. However, if you are concerned about remaining anonymous on Reddit, you can make your account more private by activating a number of different settings.

What is Reddit?

Reddit is a social networking site that is organized similarly to a forum in terms of its discussion structure. Users engage in conversation with one another in comment threads and post content to topic-specific communities known as subreddits. The person who created a thread is referred to as the “original poster,” or OP. Users also have the ability to “up” or “down” vote content that was created by other users.

Reddit was initially established in 2005 and then sold to Conde Nast for a total of $10 million USD less than a year later. Even though Reddit is now estimated to be worth between $10 and $15 billion U.S. dollars as of the fourth quarter of 2022, the founders, who had recently graduated from college, made a lot of money.Reddit is all about encouraging its users, also known as redditors, to engage in conversation with one another in order to develop a sense of community.

Why Make Your Reddit Account Private?

  • To avoid harassment. Reddit is a large and diverse platform, and there are unfortunately some users who engage in harassment and abuse. Making your account private can help to protect you from this type of behavior.
  • To control who sees your content. If you are sharing sensitive or personal information on Reddit, you may want to make your account private to ensure that only people you trust can see it.
How to Make Reddit Account Private
  • To build a community of trusted users. If you are using Reddit to collaborate with others on a project or to build a community around a shared interest, making your account private can help to create a more intimate and supportive environment.

How to Make Reddit Account Private

  1. Launch your Reddit account.
  2. Go to Edit Profile and click on it.
  3. Scroll all the way down to where it says “Content Visibility.”
  4. Turn on the “Make my profile private” switch.
  5. Press the “Save” button.

Additional Privacy Tips for Reddit Users

  • Set up two-factor authentication (2FA) and use a strong password. This will help keep people from getting into your account without your permission.
  • Be careful about what you put out there for everyone to see. Do not give out private details like your real name, address, or phone number. Be careful when you share pictures and videos that could be used to find out who you are.
  • Change your privacy settings to decide who can see your comments and posts. Your account can be kept private, or you can choose which subreddits can see your posts. You can also keep some people from seeing your posts and comments.
  • When you click on links or download files from sources you don’t know, be careful. An easy way for hackers to get into Reddit accounts is to use phishing attacks. Be careful when you click on links or download files from places you don’t know, especially if they have something to do with Reddit.
  • Tell Reddit moderators about any activity that seems fishy. Report anything fishy you see on Reddit to the moderators of the subreddit where you saw it. This could be spam, phishing, or harassment.


Keep in mind that Reddit’s rules and features may change over time. For the most up-to-date information on privacy settings and features, you should check Reddit’s official Help Center or community guidelines.


How do I hide my Reddit profile from public?

To get to these settings, click on your avatar in the upper right corner of the screen and then select User Settings. Scroll down on the Profile tab to find the settings for who can see what. This is a safe way to make yourself less appealing to people who are looking for targets on Reddit.

How private is Reddit private browsing?

Some people want to use Anonymous Browsing on the Reddit mobile app so that their Reddit activity, like the searches they do or the communities they read, is not linked to their Reddit account. This is what Reddit won’t do while you’re Anonymous Browsing: Save the sites you visit or search queries you use to your Reddit account.

Can people see my Reddit history?

No. Even so, they can see what subreddits you’ve posted or commented in. Also, if you click on preferences and scroll down to privacy options, you can make your votes public. Then, anyone can see what you have upvoted or downvoted.

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