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Microsoft Comfort Desktop 5050 in just $44.99 at Best Buy

The Wireless Comfort Desktop 5050 from Microsoft, made for people who prefer ergonomic keyboards, encourages users to adopt a more natural posture that aligns their arms, wrists, and hands for better comfort. This keyboard/mouse combo comes with Advanced Encryption Standard (AES) 128-bit encryption, a built-in palm rest, programmable shortcut keys, BlueTrack technology, and an ambidextrous design. It can be used wirelessly from up to 30′ away.

The Wireless Desktop 3050 requires 150MB of hard drive space for software downloads and updates and is compatible with Windows 10, 8, and 7, as well as Mac OS X 10.4–10.7. A limited 3-year warranty covers it, and it comes with 4 AA alkaline batteries.

This keyboard offers additional features that make it simple to use in addition to its ergonomic design. The N and B buttons are the biggest keys on the keyboard, to begin with. Although it initially seems strange, you quickly discover that the large landing point for those two keys in particular leads to fewer typos and quicker typing. Other keys have larger contact surfaces to make them easier to press than typical keys.

Shortcut key commands printed on the front of some keys are another minor but useful layout feature. To help you remember that pressing Ctrl+S is the shortcut for saving your work, the word “Save” is placed in small letters on the front side of the S key, for example. Several helpful shortcuts are printed on various keys. On your keyboard, there is a guide that can be used if you aren’t familiar with shortcuts.

In order to determine whether different surfaces have an impact on the responsiveness of the mouse, we tested each mouse in our lineup on a variety of surfaces, including wood, laminate, denim, carpet, marble, and glass. The only surface this mouse had any issues on was glass. This is a typical issue with laser-equipped mouse. The onscreen pointer became unresponsive and slow on a glass surface. Additionally, it would jump about, making it challenging to operate. On all other surfaces, it worked flawlessly. Therefore, avoid using this mouse on a glass surface if at all feasible.

We have used the mouse extensively and truly like it. It has an ambidextrous design, showing that Microsoft does not disregard the existence of left-handed people. Few mice in our collection offer four-way scrolling, another feature this mouse has. By pressing the scroll wheel to the left and right, you can now scroll through pages horizontally. We appreciate the mouse’s huge and wide surface because it fills up the palm and gives your hand a place to rest comfortably.

The wireless mouse’s ambidextrous design is further enhanced by additional clicking possibilities on its right and left sides. Two AA batteries are used to power the mouse. According to Microsoft, the mouse’s battery can last for eight months when used frequently. Given that other mice in our comparison may operate for up to 36 months on a single set of batteries, this is a pretty limited battery life.

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