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Most Dislike Videos on Youtube

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Quick Info about: Most Dislike Videos on Youtube

YouTube is one of the biggest online platforms for creators to grow and earn money. Gone are the days when YouTube was just a hobby. In today’s world, YouTube is an established career choice. Many human beings, regardless of their age, abandoned their stable life and started looking for YouTube. These are the known facts regarding YouTube. But have you ever wondered about the demise of the platform? We know that the audience plays a very important role in the life of a youtuber. There are many videos that have received enough appreciation to land on the list of the most liked YouTube videos.

But what about the most hated videos on YouTube? You will be surprised when you see the name of the videos that fall into the category of videos you don’t like on YouTube. This was probably the most effective and revolutionary change in the way the platform worked. The like and dislike feature put tremendous power in the hands of the public. Therefore, this is forced to make the content more enjoyable for the audience. However, there are certain videos that have received so much hate and dislike from the public. We have made the list of the least liked videos on YouTube.

Here is the list of the most disliked videos on Youtube

“YouTube Rewind 2018: Everyone Controls Rewind” from Youtube

And the number one spot is occupied by YouTube itself. This Rewind video was meant to be a look back at 2018 from an influencers perspective.

Unfortunately for the company, viewers weren’t impressed with what they saw as an embarrassing attempt to connect with the public. The video has more than 19 million dislikes, 6 million more than number two on this list.

Sadak 2 Trailer Fox Star Studios

The Sadak 2 movie trailer was released on August 12, 2020. It took just a week for it to become the second most disliked video on YouTube with a whopping 13 million dislikes.

The level of hate for this movie trailer stems from how many people are insecure about nepotism in Bollywood. Because of this, the video garnered 4.2 million dislikes on YouTube just 24 hours after its release.


Morgenshtern is a Russian rapper, well known in Russia for his rock and rap music. His musical style mainly consists of street music, which is loved by his loyal fans. His recent release, Cadillac, has earned a place on the list of the most listened to songs in the world. On June 4, 2020, Morgenshtern released his song Pososi, which caused immense hatred among his fans. As soon as the music video for his song hit YouTube, he immediately received comments of disgust and hate from his fans. His music video on YouTube has received more than 2.4 million dislikes and earned the title of the most disliked YouTube video in Russian history.

The main reason Morgenshtern was hated in his music video for the song “Pososi” is because he calls the famous American rapper “DaBaby” in his song. Some fans even claim that his song is actually a copy of DaBaby’s rap style, which is why fans didn’t like it due to the video’s lack of uniqueness and originality. To make up for the plethora of dislikes Morgenshtern received, he soon released his song Cadillac, which immediately captured everyone’s hearts and became a TikTok sensation, making his fans forget about Pososi’s horrific music video, which garnered over 2.4 million dislikes received.

it’s every day brother

Do you know who Jake Paul is? It’s okay if you don’t know. He lists on his YouTube channel page that he and Team 10 are always making videos, acting, playing action sports, and going on crazy adventures.

He also claims to have written, directed, and edited this music video in one day. Maybe they should spend more time making this video since it has 4.45 million dislikes.

“Baby Shark Dance” by Pinkfong Baby Shark

It’s the lullaby that’s guaranteed to stick in your head. In fact, we recommend that you don’t click on the link unless you’re willing to turn it over in your head all day.

The video itself has 14 million dislikes, which pales in comparison to the 29 million likes. We’re sure this song kept the kids busy for hours, sometimes at the expense of their parents’ intense headaches.

YouTube Rewind 2019

YouTube created this video in response to criticism of their much-maligned 2018 YouTube Rewind video. So is it really better than the 2018 video? Well, it still made it to this list because it racked up nearly 9 million dislikes since its debut.

But this video still has far fewer dislikes than its predecessor Rewind, seems to have a more cohesive theme this time around (video stats and record-breaking moments for YouTube videos and creators), and is also much shorter than the video. of 2018. Progress, right?

Kunal Kamra – Carry Roast Minati

Kunal Kamra is an Indian comedian known for his comedic monologues and jokes about politicians and the struggles of the common man. The YouTube videos of him are famous all over India for his humor related to Indians. However, this year on May 29, Kunal released a YouTube video that was strongly disapproved and criticized by his fans. Fans of his consider this particular video to be the worst of Kunal’s career. In the nastiest video of his, Kunal roasted an Indian YouTuber and comedian Carry Minati.

Fans and viewers alike admit that the roast was so bland and boring that it couldn’t even come close to being classified as “funny.” The video was particularly criticized for its excessive use of the phrase “OHHH”. The video received over 2.4 million dislikes and tons of hate comments! Some fans even said that they think this video could prove downhill for Kunal’s career and end his comedy days. Kunal’s attempt to roast Carry Minati clearly failed and the whopping 2.4 million dislike count is a testament to that!

Can this video get

Can this video get 1 million dislikes? Yes, PewDiePie’s request was granted and, in fact, he received an additional 3.31 million dislikes. That’s not surprising considering his 101 million subscribers seem to do anything for him.


As the video suggests, the upsets were requested by PewDiePie himself, and his loyal fans are willing to do anything for him. The video didn’t even get 1 million dislikes, but 4.2 million dislikes, qualifying it for fourth place on the list.

“Learning Colors – Colored Eggs on a Farm” by Мирошка ТВ

We have seen many videos of children so far, but this is perhaps the longest. This animated video is five minutes and ten seconds long and teaches young children about colors using cartoon eggs with a creepy little smile.

The video is narrated in Russian, but the song playing in the background is “Old MacDonald Had a Farm” sung in English. You will definitely learn these colors in the end, but your dreams can also be filled with smiling Russian eggs – a difficult compromise.

Miroshka TV — Learning colors Multi-colored eggs on the farm

It’s not the only kids’ video on this list, but it might be the longest kids’ video. Running at five minutes and ten seconds, Miroshka TV’s Coloring Colors Multi-Colored Eggs on the Farm is a starkly animated video that teaches young children about colors through cartoon eggs with downright creepy smiles.

The video is narrated in Russian, but the song playing in the background is “Old MacDonald Had a Farm” sung in English. While the video certainly gets the job done you’ll learn the names of lots of different colors it’s a really long video given the subject matter and the eggs do weird things like break into pieces and merge the shards into one giant egg the then lays eggs again More smalls. that’s a lot

Final words: Most Dislike Videos on Youtube

I hope you understand and like this list Most Dislike Videos on Youtube, if your answer is no then you can ask anything via contact forum section related to this article. And if your answer is yes then please share this list with your family and friends.

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