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Nacon Rig 800 Pro HX review

The Nacon Rig 800 Pro HX ($149) is a wireless gaming headset that connects to your Xbox console or PC. It's lightweight, comfortable enough to wear for hours, and durable enough to last for weeks on a single charge, but the competition offers more value for the same premium price.

Particularly on this side of the Atlantic, Nacon is a relatively recent name in the gaming industry. Previously known as Bigben Interactive, the business was best recognised in Europe for its publication of video games. It changed its name to Nacon two years ago, and since then it has acquired Plantronics’ (which is now known as Poly because every firm is changing its name these days) rights to the RIG line of gaming headphones and peripherals.

This leads us to the Nacon RIG 500 Pro HX, Nacon’s newest wired gaming headset, which resembles the Plantronics RIG 500 Pro we last reviewed in 2018 in both appearance and feel. Although it has a fair $69.99 price tag and is a lightweight, comfy headset, the audio quality could be a little bit better.

The RIG 500 Pro HX shares many similarities with the Plantronics RIG 500 Pro in terms of appearance and feel, with design cues drawn from the series’ original vision as a range of modular cheap gaming headsets. The black metal headband and earcups are completely distinct pieces that the earcups attach to by locking into one of three mounting holes on either side of the headband.

The wire connecting the two earcups passes through a secondary band, which makes the three locations for earcup height adjustments look excessive when other gaming headsets feature a dozen click-stops or smooth sliding adjustments.

Nacon Rig 800 Pro HX review: Design and Features

For better or worse, the Rig 800 Pro HX still has the same modular construction that enables you to customise the headset to your preferences. The external frame has three slots that can accommodate any of the two removable ear cups. This headset can easily fit a variety of head shapes and sizes when used with a self-adjusting head strap.

The pleather shell of the ear cups is coupled with a breathable mesh fabric where the headset makes contact with your head to create soft, cushy ear cups. In comparison to many other headsets I’ve tested, the ear holes themselves are smaller, which at first made me feel a little uncomfortable because everything seemed a little too close around my ears.

The 800 Pro HX headset comes with access to Dolby Atmos on all platforms and is specifically made for use with Xbox Series X|S, Xbox One, and PC. With the provided USB fans adaptor, the headset can be wirelessly connected from up to 30 feet away using the 2.4 GHz frequency.

An 1800 mAh battery inside the 800 Pro HX enables up to 24 hours of wireless playback on a single charge. The headset can be recharged in about seven hours either by setting it on the provided base station, which charges through a set of magnets on the bottom of the right earcup, or by connecting it into a power outlet using a Micro USB connection. The left earcup’s exterior has all of the headset’s controls. This consists of an Xbox game/party chat dial on top, volume controls, a dedicated mute button, a power button, and the charging port for the headset, all of which are stacked on top of one another.

Nacon Rig 800 Pro HX review: Comfort

Contrary to what its aggressive black plastic exterior might imply, the Nacon Rig 800 Pro HX is a little more comfy inside. The headset is large enough to fit on my very large head even in its default setting, but a little too tightly for my taste. Fortunately, I was able to adjust the headset’s size to make it more comfortable. Each earcup can be adjusted one size up or down, albeit the mechanism is a little challenging to understand.

The secret is to insert the tiny rectangular piece of plastic that sticks out of the earcup into one of the headset’s three rectangular perforations, which releases the earcup. The headset can then be made larger or smaller than the standard centre setting by reattaching the earcup to any of the three rectangular cutouts on each side.

The Rig 800 Pro HX’s earcups, which have thick foam rings around them, are big enough to fit my average-sized ears comfortably. The padding on the headset makes it comfortable enough that I had no issue wearing it while wearing glasses for up to four hours at a time, though wearing it for any longer than that usually gave me a mild headache.

Nacon Rig 800 Pro HX review: Sound quality

For audiophiles, the RIG 800 Pro is a big victory. You won’t be dissatisfied if you purchase the headset with the intent of listening to music. With the headset on, music sounds incredibly detailed. Even more so when playing video games, as the integrated licence for Dolby Atmos will give incredibly immersive 3D audio at no additional expense.

Because of this, the RIG 800 Pro is the ideal option if you want greater immersion. We were blown away by how much detail the headset was able to pick up when we loaded up Forza Horizon 5. The RIG 800 Pro gave us the impression that we were actually there, from the loud engine noises and clumsy gear shifts to the thunderous impact of automobiles striking the ground after a 200-foot leap.

The excellent calibre continues past the microphone. Instead, the RIG 800 Pro serves as a headset that is more than adequate in this regard. In our testing, the recipients could clearly hear our voices. Each of their voices could be clearly heard.

Nacon Rig 800 Pro HX review: Gaming

The Rig 800 Pro HX headset may not have the most attractive appearance, but its sound quality more than makes up for it. It has bass boosters and 40mm audio speakers to give fantastic 3D sound in all of your games.

The technique of adjusting the earcup height before wearing isn’t the most graceful because it literally involves popping each side out of the frame and snapping it into one of the three slots provided, but after it was adjusted, the headset and elastic headband fit well on top of my head. The ear cups themselves have a rather small hole cutout, as I previously said, so people with larger-than-average ear sizes might find the design uncomfortable.

Additionally, if you wear spectacles, the earcups’ around-ear design does slightly force your frames on your head, which can eventually lead to headaches. Halo Infinite, Forza Horizon 5, and Destiny 2 accounted for the majority of my testing, and I discovered that these headphones replicate sound quite well. The last two were the only Dolby Atmos-capable games I tried since, despite being available for more than a decade, the official list of Dolby Atmos-supported titles is still quite small (less than 50). Having said that, I appreciated the sound quality that was provided.

Nacon Rig 800 Pro HX review: Price and availability

For $149, £199, or $299, you can purchase the RIG 800 Pro directly from the Nacon website. The headset is still worth the asking price regardless of where you live due to its array of high-quality features, even though you’re getting a considerably better value if you live in the US.

Final Words

We enjoy the Nacon Rig 800 Pro HX so much that I’m pleased to pick it up whenever I’m set to join pals for an Xbox game. It’s durable and comfy enough to use for hours on end, so I’d happily suggest it to anyone looking for a no-nonsense headset for Xbox and PC. However, the Rig 800 Pro is harder to suggest when compared to the competition. For instance, it costs as much as a Razer Kaira Pro yet falls short of the features offered by the Razer headset.

And while the SteelSeries Arctis 7P/7X, one of our top selections for the best gaming headset money can buy, costs the same as the Rig 800 Pro, it supports more platforms and has more features than Nacon’s headset. The Nacon Rig 800 Pro HX is an excellent option if you’re looking for a fantastic wireless gaming headset for playing action games with friends on Xbox and PC. However, for the money, you can get better.

Dian Erwin
Dian Erwin
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They were easy to set up for my XBOX. The sound is excellent, you can hear everything and the sound is clear and crisp. There is no distortion or delay at all. I love that the battery lasts 24 hours and the base station can be charged anywhere.Nacon Rig 800 Pro HX review