VersusNotion vs Notability: comparison site for productivity and note taking

Notion vs Notability: comparison site for productivity and note taking

Notion is a workspace that lets you take notes, organize tasks, create documents, and work with other people all in one place. It lets people create and organize text, images, files, databases, and other types of content. Notion’s interface is flexible and can be changed, so users can make their workspace fit their needs. It has features like real-time collaboration, Kanban boards, and database integration, so individuals, teams, and organizations can all use it.

Notability, on the other hand, is an app for taking notes that is mostly made for handwritten and typed notes. It has a lot of tools and features to help you take notes and organize them well, such as tools to recognize handwriting, record audio, and add notes. Notability focuses on making it easy to take notes, which makes it a popular choice for students, professionals, and anyone else who likes to take and organize digital notes. It can only be used on devices that run iOS and macOS.

Notion vs Notability Price

Prices and plans for Notion and Notability are different. Notion uses a model called “freemium,” which means that it has a free plan with limited features and usage. It also has paid plans with more features, more space for storage, and ways to work together. The paid plans can be subscribed to on a monthly or annual basis, so users can choose what works best for them.

On the other hand, Notability is a paid app that you buy just once. Users can buy the app from the App Store for iOS or the Mac App Store for macOS. Once they do, they can use all of the features and functions without having to pay a subscription fee again and again. This one-time purchase model gives users who prefer to pay all at once an easy-to-understand pricing structure.

Notion vs Notability Comparison Table

PurposeAll-in-one workspace for notes, documents, and databasesNote-taking app for handwritten and typed notes
PlatformsWindows, macOS, iOS, Android, webiOS, macOS
Note-takingSupports both typed and handwritten notesSupports both typed and handwritten notes
OrganizationFlexible organization with hierarchical structureFolder-based organization with categories
CollaborationRobust collaboration features with real-time editingLimited collaboration features
Document ManagementAllows creating documents, databases, and wikisFocuses primarily on note-taking functionality
Formatting OptionsRich formatting options for text, tables, and mediaBasic formatting options for text and media
SyncingReal-time syncing across devicesSyncing through iCloud or other cloud storage options
Drawing ToolsBasic drawing toolsExtensive drawing and annotation tools
PriceOffers free plan with limitations, paid plans availablePaid app with a one-time purchase
Official linkVisit WebsiteVisit Website

Notion vs Notability User interface

Notion vs Notability

The user interfaces for Notion and Notability are different, so they can meet different needs and tastes. Notion has a flexible interface that can be used as a one-stop workspace for everything. It has a wide range of features, such as tools for making documents, managing databases, and working together. The interface of Notion is made to be flexible, so users can use blocks to create and organize content in a hierarchical structure. It has a clean, easy-to-use layout with a sidebar for navigation and a powerful editor for creating and formatting content.

On the other hand, Notability is mostly about being able to take notes. Its user interface is designed to make it easy to type and write notes quickly. Notability has a clean, simple interface that puts the focus on the experience of taking notes. It has tools for writing, drawing, and annotating content, as well as ways to organize notes in folders or categories.

Notion vs Notability Platforms

Notion vs Notability

Both Notion and Notability are available on different platforms, so they can be used on a wide range of devices and operating systems. Notion is an app that can be used on Windows, macOS, iOS, Android, and web browsers. It can be used on all of these platforms. This support for a wide range of platforms makes it easy for users to access and sync their content across multiple devices, giving them more freedom and convenience in their workspace.

On the other hand, Notability doesn’t work on as many platforms. It is mostly made for Apple devices and can be used on both iOS and macOS. This focus on Apple’s ecosystem makes sure that iPhone, iPad, and Mac users have the same experience and the best performance possible. It does, however, make it harder for people who mostly use platforms or devices that aren’t Apple to use Notability.

Notion vs Notability Collaboration

Notion vs Notability

Both Notion and Notability have different ways to work together to make it easier to work on shared content with others. Notion is great for working together because it has many features that are built for teamwork and editing in real time. Users can make workspaces, documents, and databases and share them with other team members. Notion makes it easy to work together by giving you tools like comments, task assignments, and mentioning team members. It also has fine-grained permissions and access controls to keep data private and secure.

Notability, on the other hand, has fewer ways to work together. Users can export and share their notes with other people, but they can’t edit or collaborate in real time. Notability is mostly about helping one person take and organize notes, so it is better for personal use or sharing finished notes than for group work.

Notion: Pros and Cons


  • Versatile and customizable all-in-one workspace.
  • Granular permissions and access controls for data security.
  • Cross-platform availability on Windows, macOS, iOS, Android, and web.


  • Limited offline access for mobile devices.
  • Occasional performance issues with larger workspaces.
  • Advanced features may require a paid subscription.

Notability: Pros and Cons


  • Streamlined and intuitive note-taking experience.
  • Powerful handwriting and typing capabilities.
  • Smooth performance and responsiveness.


  • Limited collaboration features and real-time editing.
  • Available only on iOS and macOS devices.
  • No cross-platform availability.

Which one should you consider?

Notion and Notability are used for different things and have different qualities. Notion is a flexible, all-in-one workspace that can handle different types of content and makes it easy to work with others. It is great at organizing information, letting teams work together, and being customized. Notability, on the other hand, is a focused note-taking app with strong handwriting and typing features but few ways to work together. Which one you choose between Notion and Notability depends on your needs. Notion has a wider range of features and ways to work together, while Notability makes taking notes easier.


Does Notion work with notability?

If you use your Apple Pencil to write notes on your iPad, like with Goodnotes 5 or Notability, you can now use it in Notion to add handwritten notes or a diagram.

Why is Notion so popular?

It has simple templates that let users add or take away features, and it’s easy for people in different locations to work together on notes, databases, calendars, and project boards. Notion is different from other work apps because it can be changed in so many ways. This is also why so many people who want to plan their free time use it.

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