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How to Open a PPTX File: with Free Tools

Get the most out of your PPTX files with this step-by-step guide.

In this article we will discuss about the How to Open a PPTX File. PowerPoint, a piece of proprietary software developed by Microsoft, was one of the first programs of its kind to be able to present digital content. It was the first of many examples of its kind to pave the way for others. In 2007, Microsoft released the PPTX format, which is an improved version of the PPT files that were previously used.

It did not render the earlier model obsolete, which was arguably the most important aspect of its offering. The PPTX file format offers a number of advantages over its predecessor, the PPT format. PPT format is still available in PowerPoint 13 years after it was first released, demonstrating that this format has not been rendered completely obsolete.

In this article, we will explain what a PPTX file is, how to open it in detail, how to convert, any problems that you might run into, and other related topics. My goal is to provide you with an in-depth knowledge of everything there is to know about the PPTX file format. So, let’s get this show on the road!

What Is a PPTX File?

A PPTX file is a file that ends in.pptx and was made by Microsoft PowerPoint or a similar program. What is PPTX, then? It means PowerPoint Open XML Presentation format. When an X is added to the old PPT format, it means that open XML is supported. That makes a PPTX file work better with different programs. Since PowerPoint 2007, Microsoft has made the newer file.

A PPTX file is a type of presentation file. Like other presentation files, it has slides with text, images, and other objects. You can find out more about the file by comparing PPTX and PPT. As was already said, a PPTX file is saved in Open XML format, while a PPT file is saved in binary format. PPTX files can only be made or saved by PowerPoint 2007 or later (unless the Microsoft Office Compatibility Pack is installed), while older PPT files can be used by all versions.

What does PPTX stand for?

PPT stands for PowerPoint, and the “x” in PPTX stands for extensive markup language (XML). With XML, PPTX files can be opened with standard tools instead of needing special software. You can just change the PPTX extension and decompress the file to look at its different parts.

Why Would You Need to Open a PPTX File?

  • in order to view a presentation that was made using Microsoft PowerPoint.
  • in order to make changes to a presentation that you have already created in Microsoft PowerPoint.
  • to provide a presentation to a person who does not have Microsoft PowerPoint installed on their computer.
  • to change the format of a presentation so that it can be viewed on a computer using HTML or PDF.
  • printing a presentation is to be done.
  • Insert a presentation into a website or blog using an embed code.
  • to give a presentation utilizing a projector or other display device of one’s choosing.

How to Open a PPTX File

using Microsoft PowerPoint

  1. Click twice on the PPTX file to open it.
  2. If you’re asked which program you want to use to open the file, choose Microsoft PowerPoint.
  3. Microsoft PowerPoint will start when you click on the file.

using an online viewer

  1. Go to the online viewer’s website.
  2. Click the button that says Open.
  3. Find the PPTX file and click on it.
  4. The PPTX file will open in the online viewer, which will then show the presentation.

Pros and cons of .PPTX files


  • Storage for media. With less data, PPTX lets users add rich visuals, text, and multimedia to their decks. To do this, the format uses a number of TXT, XML, and other folders that handle presentation properties, slide notes, and multimedia. They are stored in a zip file.
How to Open a PPTX File
  • Less data in the file. PPTX files are much smaller than their predecessor, the PPT file, because their sub-files are compressed. They take up less space on your hard drive and are easier to move because of this.
  • What software to use. Even if you don’t have Microsoft PowerPoint, you can still use a number of other programs to view PPTX files. You can also use a number of other programs to edit and show off your deck.


  • Older versions of PowerPoint did not have this feature. PPTX files can’t be opened in versions of Microsoft PowerPoint from before 2007.
  • Not fully compatible with software from a third party. Even though you can view, edit, and present PPTX files with different programs, it’s important to note that you may have limited functionality and some complex designs or animations may not show up correctly.


What program opens PPTX files?

A presentation created in Microsoft PowerPoint is referred to as a PPTX file. Use either Google Slides, which offers online editing for free, or PowerPoint. Convert to PDF, Open Document Format, and other formats using the programs themselves.

How do I open a PPTX file in Windows?

How to open a file saved as a PPTX format. Microsoft PowerPoint for Windows and Microsoft PowerPoint for macOS both have the ability to open PPTX files. PowerPoint is the best program for opening PPTX files because it fully supports the formatting of the presentations, including the placement of text, slide transitions and effects, images, and shapes. PowerPoint is also the best program for opening PPT files.

Why can’t i open PPTX files on PC?

If you are attempting to open a PowerPoint file that is saved on your computer, there is a possibility that Windows will prevent you from doing so. Windows will occasionally prevent access to files that it deems to be potentially harmful. Right-clicking a PowerPoint file and selecting “Properties” from the context menu will unblock the file. To unblock the file, use the Properties window to access it and click the Unblock button.

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