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Palia: How to Find and Use Clay: Tips and Tricks

Clay is a key resource in Palia, and our guide will show you how to find and use it effectively.

Palia’s open-world environments hold a number of secrets for players to unearth, as well as new spots for fishing and gliding, and additional nodes for mining, which can be found by exploring these environments. If you want to Find and Use Clay in Plalia. The second option can be useful when leveling the Mining skill because it gives you access to the Mining Guild Store, which is managed by Hodari and allows you to purchase a variety of items and recipes.

One of these recipes can be obtained from Hodari and is called the Basic Smelter. This recipe gives you the ability to refine mined resources, including Clay, which can then be used to create Ceramic. In this guide, we go over the best places to mine for clay in Palia as well as the various ways in which you can use the clay in your crafting endeavors.

What Is Clay Used for in Palia?

Clay is a useful material that can be utilized in the production of items such as smoke bombs for the purpose of catching insects. you will especially need it for the standard smoke bomb, which calls for one clay and one Sundrop Lily for every 20 smoke bombs produced. It is also the primary resource for making ceramic bricks in your furnace, which you can do with your furnace. When you have reached mining level two and have purchased the crafting recipe from Hodari, the smelter will become available to you.

As you make more progress through the game, more recipes will become available on your crafting table, as will furnaces that require clay. Make it a point to acquire a sufficient quantity of it throughout your travels so that you can stock up. If at any point you find yourself in possession of surplus, you always have the option of selling it in your shipping bin to generate some extra cash.

Where To Find Clay

In order to find Clay in Palia, you will need to travel to the areas of the game world that are located along the coast and search every beach. Clay is a material that is found near the shore and can be harvested from larger brown stones with sharp angles. It is not difficult to find some clay stones because they are typically buried in the grass or in the middle of the beach.

  • The entire coast of Fishermans Lagoon.
  • Coastal area Remembrance Beach (go between the grass and near the bridges).
  • Gillyfin Cove beach area on the west coast.

How to use Clay in Palia

Clay can be used for a variety of things in Palia, making it an essential resource to have at your disposal throughout the game. Clay is put to one of its most common uses in the production of smoke bombs, which are indispensable tools for the entomologist. You can make a batch of twenty smoke bombs by mixing together one piece of Clay and one piece of Sundrop Lily. When it comes to activities that involve catching insects in Palia, these smoke bombs prove to be an invaluable tool.

Palia: How to Find and Use Clay

Clay is essential for the production of ceramic bricks, in addition to being used in smoke bombs. Unlocking the smelter and beginning production of ceramic bricks requires reaching mining level two and acquiring the crafting recipe from Hodari. Once these two milestones have been accomplished, Hodari will give you the recipe. You can put these bricks to a variety of uses, such as building intricate mechanisms like the Fabric Loom or constructing decorative elements for your home. One such use is building decorative elements.

How to Play Palia Game?

This game has an official website where you can play it for free.


Clay can be obtained by players in Palia by exploring the coastline of the map, particularly in the areas close to Fisherman’s Lagoon, Remembrance Beach, and Gillyfin Cove. Clay can then be used to craft Smoke Bombs or smelt Ceramics, which is an essential ingredient for crafting furniture and various tool benches later on in the game. It can also be used to smelt Glass, which can be used to create Glass Blocks.


Where can I find grounded clay?

Where one can obtain clay. Clay can be found frequently close to the sprinklers in the southeast toward the hedge area and in the far west above the toxic zone close to other leaky sprinklers. Both of these locations are in the southeast of the map.

Can you find clay in soil?

Clay is likely what you’re walking on if the ground is wet and the path you’re on is slick while you’re out for a walk on a day with rain. Clay can also be found in lakes, ponds, streams, and even some coastal areas of the country if you look in the right places. It is possible to find it in areas where construction workers or road workers have dug down.

What are the 4 main types of clay?

Clay can be broken down into four distinct categories: earthenware clay, stoneware clay, ball clay, and porcelain clay. It is possible to make pottery out of any of these materials, but the finished product would be very different due to the differences in the colors, textures, and pliability of the materials.

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