VersusPicsArt vs Facetune: which photo editing app is better for you?

PicsArt vs Facetune: which photo editing app is better for you?

PicsArt is a free app for editing photos that you can use to make art. There is a background eraser, a text overlay, a double exposure filter, and more in the toolkit. It also has a video editor built in, so you can make short videos for Tik-Tok. PicsArt also has a collage maker, a paint tool, and hundreds of cool photo effects, among other useful tools. You can also add any of the more than 60 million stickers available or make your own stickers with the drawing tool. You can fix photos by making automatic changes, removing flaws, adjusting the contrast, and adding filters, stickers, and frames.

On the main page of the app, you can see examples of photos that other PicsArt users have edited. Facetune is an app that makes it easy to edit selfies with a photo frame. With it, you can fix your pictures, get rid of red eyes, and make other changes. Facetune makes it easy to fix up portrait photos like a pro. It comes with a teeth-whitening tool that makes it easy to give your pictures a Hollywood smile. You can also use the tools to get rid of blemishes and smooth out your skin.

Another good thing about this blemish remover app is that it has a simple interface and a good layout, which makes it easier to get to its features. If you have never used either PicsArt or Facetune before and aren’t sure which one is better for you, keep in mind that Facetune doesn’t require any advanced skills. Even a newbie will be able to figure out how to use its editing tools quickly.

PicsArt vs Facetune: Price

PicsArt is a free app that lets you buy extra features and tools right inside the app. Facetune, on the other hand, is a paid app that costs $3.99, and you can also buy things inside the app. So, PicsArt is the cheaper option, but Facetune may have better editing tools for those who are willing to pay more.

PicsArt vs Facetune: Comparison Table

CostFree with In-app purchases$3.99 with In-app purchases
User InterfaceEasy to use, intuitive designEasy to use, intuitive design
Editing ToolsA wide variety of editing toolsFocused on portrait editing
FiltersWide range of filters and effectsLimited filters and effects
Portrait EditingCan be used for portrait editing, but not focusFocuses on portrait editing, with advanced capabilities
Retouching ToolsBasic retouching tools availableAdvanced retouching tools for skin, teeth, and eyes
Collage MakerYesNo
Social NetworkHas a social network for sharing edited photosNo social network
Official linkVisit WebsiteVisit Website

PicsArt vs Facetune: User interface

PicsArt VS Facetune

Both PicsArt and Facetune have intuitive user interfaces that are simple to navigate. PicsArt is simple to use and has straightforward editing tools and options. Its interface works well for both new users and those who have used it before.

Facetune also has a clean, simple interface that puts the focus on editing portraits. The tools are neatly set up so that they are easy to find, and the user can easily switch between the different ways to edit. Overall, the user interfaces of both apps are well made and make it easy for people to edit and improve their photos. But each app’s layout and design are a little bit different, so it may come down to what you like best.

PicsArt vs Facetune: Ease of use

PicsArt VS Facetune

Both PicsArt and Facetune are simple to use, but how simple depends on the user’s familiarity with photo editing software. PicsArt has a ton of editing tools and effects, but they are all simple to use and comprehend. Some of the app’s more advanced features also come with step-by-step guides that make it easier for new users to learn how to use the app well.

Facetune, on the other hand, is only good for editing portraits, but it has better tools for doing so. Compared to PicsArt, the app can be a little harder to use, especially for people who haven’t edited portraits before.

PicsArt vs Facetune: Features

PicsArt and Facetune are different in what they can do and what they can do for you. Which one you choose may depend on your needs and preferences.

PicsArt offers a wide range of features, including:

  • Several tools for editing, such as crop, resize, and color change
  • There are filters and effects, including many artistic ones.
  • Tools for drawing, like brushes, text, and stickers
  • Collage maker with many templates and options for personalization
  • Social network where people can share what they’ve made and find what others have made.

Facetune, on the other hand, is mostly used for editing portraits and has features like:

  • Tools for retouching skin, teeth, and eyes that are very good
  • Smoothing and shaping tools for the face
  • Tools for makeup, such as eye and lip enhancers
  • Effects on the light, like relighting and adding highlights
  • Background blur and focusing on certain things

PicsArt vs Facetune: Performance

PicsArt VS Facetune

PicsArt and Facetune are both well-built apps that work well. But how well they work might depend on the device used and how complicated the editing tasks are. Even when many filters and effects are used, PicsArt is usually quick and easy to use. But if the user has a slow device or is editing large files, there may be some lag or slower performance. Facetune is also a good app, but the advanced portrait editing tools may take a little longer to process, especially if the user is working on high-resolution photos.

PicsArt: Pros and Cons


  • Wide range of editing tools and effects
  • Beginner-friendly interface
  • Social network for sharing edited photos
  • Collage maker and drawing tools


  • Limited portrait editing tools
  • Some features are only available with a paid subscription
  • May experience lag with slow devices or large files

Facetune: Pros and Cons


  • Specialized portrait editing tools
  • Advanced retouching and makeup tools
  • Lighting effects and selective focus
  • Well-designed interface


  • Limited to portrait editing only
  • Paid app with in-app purchases
  • May take longer to process advanced editing tasks.

Which one should you consider?

PicsArt and Facetune are both popular apps for editing photos, but they do things differently and have different strengths. PicsArt has a lot of tools, filters, and effects for editing photos, as well as a social network for sharing edited photos. It’s a great choice for editing photos in general and is easy for beginners to use.

Facetune, on the other hand, focuses on advanced portrait editing with tools for retouching skin, teeth, eyes, and other facial features. It might be better for people who want to make their portrait photos look better.

The choice between PicsArt and Facetune comes down to what the user wants and needs. PicsArt is a good choice for anyone who wants to edit photos and share them on a social network. Facetune is a better choice if the person wants more advanced tools for editing portraits.


Is there anything better than PicsArt?

ToolWiz Photos is the best alternative to PicsArt that you can use. It is an app for managing photos, and it has more than 200 tools. ToolWiz Photos’ photo editor also has more than 40 Prisma-style filters and more than 80 filters and effects.

Is Facetune the best photo editing app?

FaceTune 2 is the best app for editing faces in 2023. You can buy it from the Apple Store and the Google Play Store, but you can also try it for free for a limited time.

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