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How to Play Baldur’s Gate 3 co-op Multiplayer

This guide will show you how to invite friends, throw a party, and play together.

You can easily Play Baldur’s Gate 3 co-op Multiplayer, making it relatively easy to set up multiplayer and cooperative sessions. However, there are a few rules that you should be aware of before getting started. After all, Dungeons & Dragons is a group activity; consequently, it makes sense to involve some of your actual friends in playing Baldur’s Gate 3 with you.

Additionally, whereas in the past only friends were able to interact with one another, it is now possible to play with players you have never met before by browsing open sessions. we will explain how to access the multiplayer portion of Baldur’s Gate 3 and play co-op with your friends below, if that’s something you’re interested in doing.

What is co-op multiplayer?

Players in a game of cooperative multiplayer all work together toward a common objective. In contrast, players compete against one another in competitive multiplayer. Video games of all types, from role-playing to action to strategy, feature cooperative multiplayer modes.

Co-op multiplayer is commonly used in role-playing games so that players can adventure together and finish quests. Co-op multiplayer is commonly used in action games so that players can work together to defeat enemies and complete missions. Co-operative multiplayer is commonly used in strategy games so that players can work together to construct and defend structures, or to attack and defeat enemy forces.

How to Play Baldur’s Gate 3 co-op Multiplayer

  1. It’s time for Baldur’s Gate 3.
  2. Go to the main menu and choose Multiplayer.
  3. To access the Multiplayer lobby, select Create.
  4. Change “Who can join your lobby” to “Friends only.”
  5. Bring your pals over here.

Benefits of playing co-op in Baldur’s Gate 3

  • More fun: Sometimes playing with other people is more fun than playing alone. You can play the game with your family or friends and share the fun.
  • More difficult: Co-op games can also be harder than single-player video games. To beat enemies and solve puzzles, you will need to work together.
  • More planning: Co-op can also need more planning. To be successful, you will need to work with your teammates to plan what to do.
How to Play Baldur's Gate 3 co-op Multiplayer
  • More choices: Co-op can also give the game more choices. You can try out different strategies and play as different characters and classes.

How to create a new multiplayer game of Baldur’s Gate 3

  • Public – Creates a public game that anyone can join.
  • Friends only – Creates a game only for people on your platform’s friend list.
  • Invitation only – Creates a game where you need an invite to join.
  • Closed – Creates a Closed lobby that requires a ‘Direct Connection ID’ to join.

Should you Play Baldur’s Gate 3 co-op?

I think it’s clear that you should play co-op in games like Borderlands 3 or Remnant 2 because it’s more fun. Baldur’s Gate 3 is not like this.


  • Taking care of a full party by yourself is a lot of work. You’re playing four D&D characters at the same time. When you divide up tasks in a co-op group, you can focus on building and controlling your own character.
  • The sandbox freedom could lead to real friendships or, at the very least, funny situations like those that happen at real tabletop RPG sessions. Phil Iwaniuk and a friend played both Larian’s Divinity: Original Sin and Divinity: Original Sin 2, and he said that the best thing about Divinity is that “co-op in Divinity is unique in that it’s a fight.”


Can friends join mid game Baldur’s Gate 3?

So that your friend can join the campaign without having to pick an existing character, you must have an open slot (maximum of three players / origin characters). Then, they should be prompted to make a unique character when they sign up.

Can you play baldurs gate 3 with 2 people?

If you’re familiar with Divinity: Original Sin 2, you should have no trouble picking up Baldur’s Gate 3’s multiplayer features on the fly. Cooperation in Baldur’s Gate 3 is exactly what it sounds like: The game allows for the participation of two, three, or even four players.

Can you play baldurs gate with two people?

Yes, Baldur’s Gate 3 supports multiplayer and co-op, allowing you to take on the campaign with a group of friends. Up to four players can join your party in this adventure.

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