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How to Preorder the Apple Watch Ultra 2 and Watch Series 9

Preorder the Apple Watch Ultra 2 and Series 9 today! Learn how to preorder the latest Apple Watch models in this step-by-step guide.

As the launch of Apple’s newest flagship smart watch approaches, preparations are being made. That’s right, the time has come to determine where Apple Watch Ultra 2 and Watch Series 9 can be purchased, as well as the specifics of Preorder the Apple Watch Ultra 2 and Watch Series 9, while we’re at it. It won’t be long until the release date, so it’s high time we started getting ready for the launch and the release that will come after it.

In the event that you have not been keeping up with the latest news, Apple will be holding their latest event on September 12 at 1 PM Eastern Standard Time (EST). This event is expected to see the release of the Ultra 2 and the Series 9 smart watch. That is among some other releases such as the iPhone 15, unless there is a shocking change in plans, which is to say that there is a possibility. Keeping all of this in mind, you could begin your search at Amazon, which is an excellent place to begin; alternatively, you could go directly to the Apple Store.

How to Preorder the Apple Watch Ultra 2 and Watch Series 9

  1. Go to the official website or app for Apple.
  2. Choose the model of Apple Watch you want to order ahead of time.
  3. Choose the configuration you want, such as the type of case, the color of the band, and the amount of space it can hold.
  4. Click on “Add to Bag.”
  5. Click on “Proceed to Checkout.”
  6. Type in your billing and shipping information.
  7. Review your order, and then click “Place Order.”

Release Date: Apple Watch Ultra 2 and Watch Series 9

On September 12, Apple began accepting pre-orders for the newest iteration of the Apple Watch, the Series 9. On Friday, September 22, it will be available for purchase.

How to Preorder the Apple Watch Ultra 2 and Watch Series 9

Price: Apple Watch Ultra 2 and Watch Series 9

The Series 9 Apple Watch will start at $399, which is the same price as the Series 8. The Apple Watch Series 8 used to cost £419 in the United Kingdom, but now it will only cost £399. Apple has done something about the price hikes that were put in place last year in Europe. The Apple Watch Ultra 2 starts at $799/£799, which is great news for shoppers in the U.K. because the previous model cost £849. In the U.S., the price hasn’t changed.

Comparison: Apple Watch Ultra 2 vs. Watch Series 9

FeatureApple Watch Ultra 2Apple Watch Series 9
Size49mm41mm and 45mm
Case materialTitaniumAluminum and stainless steel
DisplayAlways-on Retina display with 2,000 nits peak brightnessAlways-on Retina display
ProcessorS8 SiPS8 SiP
Battery lifeUp to 72 hours on a single chargeUp to 18 hours on a single charge
GPSDual-frequency GPSMulti-band GPS
Water resistance100 meters50 meters
PriceStarting at $799Starting at $399
Other featuresSiren, customizable Action button, extreme temperature resistanceECG, blood oxygen monitoring, sleep tracking, fall detection

Why Upgrade to the Latest Apple Watch

  • New features and improvements. The latest Apple Watch models typically come with a number of new features and improvements, such as a faster processor, a better display, and new health and fitness features.
  • Longer battery life. The latest Apple Watch models typically have longer battery life than older models. This means that you can use your watch for longer without having to worry about it running out of power.
  • More durable design. The latest Apple Watch models are typically more durable than older models. This means that they are less likely to be damaged if you drop them or bump them into something.
  • Better support. The latest Apple Watch models are supported for longer than older models. This means that you will be able to get software updates and security patches for longer.


Where can I buy Apple Watch Ultra 2?

The new Apple Watch Ultra 2 carries on this tradition. It has some new sensors, but it’s still a high-quality product that looks great and won’t affect your endurance levels. On September 22, you will be able to buy the Apple Watch 2 from the Apple store.

When can I order an Apple Watch Ultra?

Orders can already be placed for the Apple Watch Series 9, Apple Watch Ultra 2, and AirPods Pro (2nd generation) with MagSafe Charging (USB-C). These are the best accessories for the iPhone. Along with the iPhone 15 line, these new products will be available starting Friday, September 22.

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