ArticleVersusQuickbooks Online vs Thryv: which software is better?

Quickbooks Online vs Thryv: which software is better?

Thryv provides CRM and marketing solutions for small businesses, while Quickbooks Online handles accounting.

QuickBooks Online and Thryv are both useful software programs that make business operations easier and better in different ways. QuickBooks Online, which is made by Intuit, is a well-known program for accounting and managing money. It helps businesses of all kinds manage their finances, keep track of their income and expenses, make financial reports, and make tax preparation easier.

Thryv, on the other hand, is a tool for running a small or medium-sized business that does everything. Thryv has features like CRM (customer relationship management), scheduling appointments, marketing automation, and managing your online profile. It’s important because it can bring together different business functions onto a single platform. This simplifies operations, makes it easier for customers to interact with businesses, and helps businesses thrive in a digital world.

Quickbooks Online vs Thryv Comparison table

QuickBooks Online is great at managing money, and its accounting and salary services are very good. Thryv offers basic financial tools, but its main focus is on CRM, marketing, and customer interaction. This makes it a good choice for businesses that want to manage and market to clients in a comprehensive way.

FeatureQuickBooks OnlineThryv
Financial ManagementComprehensive accounting and finance tools.Limited financial features.
InvoicingCreate and send professional invoices.Invoicing features with customization.
Expense TrackingTrack and categorize business expenses.Basic expense tracking capabilities.
Bank ReconciliationSimplify bank and credit card reconciliation.No mention of bank reconciliation.
Payroll ManagementFull payroll services with additional cost.Limited payroll or integration options.
Sales and CRMBasic customer management features.Extensive CRM tools and customer engagement.
Appointment SchedulingLimited scheduling features.Appointment booking and management.
Marketing ToolsMinimal marketing features.Marketing automation and tools included.
Online PaymentsAccept online payments with added fees.Payments processing available.
Inventory ManagementBasic inventory tracking.No specific inventory features mentioned.
ReportingRobust reporting and analytics.Limited reporting capabilities.
Mobile AppMobile access with dedicated app.Mobile app available for on-the-go use.
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Quickbooks Online vs Thryv: User Interface

Quickbooks Online vs Thryv

QuickBooks Online has a user interface that is easy to use and was made with accountants and small business owners in mind. Its dashboard is easy to use and has a clean design that makes it easier to handle money. Users can quickly get to important features like tracking income and expenses, sending invoices, and getting a report on their finances. Even if you don’t know much about accounting, the platform’s well-organized buttons and icons make it easy to enter data and complete tasks. Also, QuickBooks Online has a mobile app that makes it easy to use while you’re on the go.

Thryv, on the other hand, is easy to use but mostly works on CRM and marketing functions. Its design is made for service businesses that need tools for managing clients. The interface is made for people who care most about marketing and customer relationship management tools. Even though it doesn’t have as many accounting features as QuickBooks Online, Thryv’s interface is great at what it does best: making chores that focus on the customer easy to do.

Quickbooks Online vs Thryv: Integrations and Add-Ons

Since QuickBooks Online is mostly used for banking, it has a large ecosystem of integrations. It can be linked to famous apps like PayPal, Shopify, and TSheets to help users manage their money more easily. It also works well with other Intuit products, such as QuickBooks salary and QuickBooks Time, which improves its salary and time-tracking features.

Thryv, on the other hand, focuses on customer relationship management (CRM) and offers integrations and add-ons that are meant to improve exchanges with clients. It works with Google Calendar, Outlook, and a number of social media platforms, making it easier to schedule appointments and handle social media. Some of Thryv’s add-ons, like email marketing and online payment handling, help businesses keep in touch with their customers.

Quickbooks Online vs Thryv: Marketing and Communication

Quickbooks Online vs Thryv

QuickBooks Online is mostly about managing money and doing accounting, but it does have some simple ways to communicate. Users can give estimates and invoices to clients directly through email, and it works with email services. But it lacks marketing and customer interaction tools that are more powerful. Thryv, on the other hand, puts more of a focus on marketing and communication. It gives small businesses the tools they need to handle their relationships with customers well.

Thryv has tools like appointment reminders, email marketing, and text messaging. From a single site, users can make and send marketing campaigns, keep track of customer interactions, and handle online reviews. This all-around approach to marketing and communication makes it easier for businesses to stay in touch with their customers and get the word out about their services.

Quickbooks Online vs Thryv: Mobile Accessibility

Both QuickBooks Online and Thryv can be used on mobile devices, so users can take care of chores on the go. QuickBooks Online has a mobile app for iOS and Android devices that offers full financial management tools like invoicing, tracking expenses, and access to financial data in real time.

This app works well for small business owners and accountants who need to stay in touch and keep track of their finances from afar. Thryv also has a mobile app for Android and iOS that is mostly made for small companies. It focuses on managing customers, setting up appointments, marketing, and contact tools so that businesses can talk to customers and run their business from anywhere.

QuickBooks Online: Pros and Cons


  • Robust financial management.
  • Extensive accounting and reporting.
  • Full-featured payroll services.
  • Efficient expense tracking.
  • Established user base.


  • Steeper learning curve.
  • Limited non-financial features.

Thryv: Pros and Cons


  • Comprehensive CRM tools.
  • Focus on marketing and customer engagement.
  • Streamlined appointment scheduling.
  • User-friendly interface.
  • All-in-one solution for small businesses.


  • Limited financial management features.
  • May not suit businesses needing advanced accounting.

Quickbooks Online vs Thryv: which one should you consider?

Your business needs will determine whether you should use QuickBooks Online or Thryv. QuickBooks Online is a great choice if you need powerful tools for managing your money, like invoicing, tracking expenses, and budgeting. It works especially well for companies that put a high value on accurate financial control. On the other hand, Thryv is a good choice if you want to improve client relations and need a full customer management system, appointment scheduling, and marketing tools.

It’s made for service-based businesses that want to better connect with clients and streamline their operations. In the end, your choice should match the core needs of your business. If managing money is the most important thing, you should use QuickBooks Online. If managing client relationships and promotion are the most important things, Thryv might be a better choice.


Does Thryv work with QuickBooks Online?

Yes. For contacts to sync between Thryv and QuickBooks Online, they must have an email. If there isn’t an email address, that contact won’t be made in the other program. If a contact in QuickBooks Online doesn’t have an email address, a contact won’t be made in Thryv.

Is it worth switching to QuickBooks Online?

Moving to QuickBooks Online gives you the most freedom in accounting. When you work in the cloud, you can get to your business info from anywhere and on any device. With all of your information in one place, you can work together in real time with your manager or accountant.

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