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Razer Key Light Chroma review

If you're an online streamer looking to put the finishing touches on your video quality, the Key Light Chroma offers enough flexibility and control to make it look exactly how you want. And if you're invested in the Razer Chroma ecosystem, the device's direct integration makes it even better.

Most PC configurations don’t place a high focus on a nice streaming light, but it is an addition that significantly improves how your stream appears to viewers. You might want to check out its new Razer Key board Light Chroma, an exceptionally bright 2,800 lumens light with RGB lighting effects built-in, because it’s also crucial for getting the “vibes” just right.

Other lights typically concentrate on a single white source when directed at streamers. After all, all you require to make your stream appear slick is this. However, Razer laptop being Razer, that wasn’t quite enough for its most recent lighting equipment; in addition to lighting you up brighter than a police officer’s Maglite in a deserted lay-by, the Key Light Chroma also emits an astonishing range of colours.

If you’re wondering why you’d want to soak in the entire spectrum of colours on a stream, then this isn’t the right light for you. The Key Light Chroma costs $300 and isn’t very inexpensive given its RGB components.

The price of streaming equipment has truly rocketed through the stratosphere, and Elgato’s comparable key lights which I had previously considered to be costly at $200 now seem like far better investments. However, if you’re a die-hard RGB fan with nothing to lose you might be able to partially justify the cost of this light. After all, it does provide a benefit that few alternative alternatives provide, and never in this order.

Razer Key Light Chroma review: Design & features

The Key Light Chroma was expertly constructed by Razer, and even the packaging exudes quality. There is a change from the customary glossy black and green boxes to a more subdued plain printed cardboard, but everything is still organised in a tidy manner.

This quality is carried over to the Key Light Chroma; the metal backplate is a high-end option and lends the entire unit a polished appearance. There is a lot of panel here, measuring slightly larger than Elgato’s full-size Key Light and more than six times larger than the superb Elgato Key Light Mini. Though not particularly thick just under 4 cm at its thickest point and cleverly lacking any buttons or lightning cable ports on the back, it can comfortably and without any compromises sit flush against a wall.

The desk clamp and supplied mount are reliable, which is comforting given how weighty the Key Light Chroma is. It’s a really helpful addition because the clamping mechanism also enables you to detach the handle from twisting the screw so you can tighten in confined locations. It’s important to keep in mind that the clamp will require at least 15 cm of clearance under the surface, which could provide a challenge for some game engine workstations with wire management trays.

Razer Key Light Chroma review: Connectivity

In essence, you can use a smartphone and the Razer Synapse programme on a computer or laptop to control the Razer Key Light Chroma. When you put the Key Light into pairing mode by pressing and holding the reset button for three seconds, the smartphone, PC, or laptop recognises it right away and connects to it.

This is done on a smartphone using Razer’s brand-new streaming app, which is available for free on iOS and Android. The primary menu offers options for accurately adjusting the brightness between 1 and 100 percent, the colour temperature (between warm, 3,000 Kelvin, and cool-white, 7,000 Kelvin), as well as setting colourful illumination via Razer Chroma in a variety of modes like static, pulsating, wave, and more.

Razer Key Light Chroma review: Performance

The Key Light has a broad colour temperature range from 4000 to 7000K with step-less transitions, providing lots of control for optimal white balancing under various circumstances. The Razer Key Light Chroma’s RGB settings are very saturated and still throw an astounding amount of colour when the illumination is off. By default, the complete rainbow is available with a few simple effects, while the Razer Synapse desktop programme offers more precise effect control.

It was difficult for me to incorporate the Razer Key Light Chroma into my setup. Although the hardware is top-notch, Razer has failed miserably in the areas of software and connections. After spending nearly 40 minutes trying to get Razer’s own Synapse programme to recognise and add the Key Light, I was dissatisfied with the options given.

Razer Key Light Chroma review: Software

When using RGB leds, the light’s brightness decreases by 15%, but it doesn’t get any less brilliant; it stays significantly bright. Even better, you may choose to solely output RGB leds, which will result in deeper colours. Additionally, because it’s a Razer product, it works great with all of your Chroma gadgets and with your games when you stream them. In my situation, I connected it to my Philips Hue lights and gave a few games control over the light so that it contributes to the immersion rather than being a blinding white light.

Razer Key Light Chroma review: Price

Most people might find the price increase to be excessive given that RGB is essentially the only improvement to the light when compared to its rivals. For one light, the Razer Key Light Chroma costs $299.99 USD, which is $100 more expensive than Elgato’s solution. you can purchase this product from Razer official store.

Numerous lights with a similar size that also give RGB can be found online, if there is a value for the RGB. A few months ago, we evaluated the Pixel K80 RGB Video Lights, which offer gorgeous colour at a considerably lower cost but sacrifice the connectivity of the Key Light Chroma. Make a list of the things you REALLY want in a light, and then look at what matches those criteria. I can imagine someone being able to justify the $300 price tag, but I can imagine many more simply being unable to.

Final Words

The Razer Key Light Chroma costs $249.99, which is a bit steep considering that other brands sell identical products for less money. However, the Key Light Chroma might be a fantastic addition to your setup if you are already a part of the Razer community. You may completely personalise your streaming experience with its extensive flexibility and comprehensive range of choices.

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The Razer Key Light Chroma costs $249.99, which is a bit much considering other brands sell identical products for less. However, the Key Light Chroma could be a fantastic addition to your setup if you are already part of the Razer community.Razer Key Light Chroma review