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How to Record Fortnite on PC: with These Easy Steps

Learn how to record your Fortnite gameplay on PC with these easy steps.

Fortnite is one of the ongoing cross-stage online battles, and a lot of people like to play it. You can have a lot of fun and MLG-like moments in Fortnite. You might want to save these minutes as video clips that you can put together into a single video and post on YouTube. If you want to improve your presentation and become a fierce digital competitor, you might find it helpful to record and watch replays. There are a lot of ways to Record Fortnite on PC and put it on YouTube or other online media sites so that game fans can watch and learn skills.

If you are an expert at Fortnite and want to share videos of how to play, it is a good idea to record them on your PC. Also, if you’re bad at the game right now, try recording your interactions and then watching the video to see where you went wrong and where you’re weak. This will help you improve your ongoing interactions. You should figure out the best way to record game play if you want to put a video of a cool moment or part of a game on YouTube. The official website will have all the information you need.

Why Record Fortnite Gameplay?

  • To show other people how you play. You can record a good game or funny moment and share it with your friends or on social media. This is a great way to show off what you can do and hear what other people think.
  • To make guides or tutorials. If you know how to play Fortnite well, you can record your game and turn it into a tutorial or guide to help other people learn how to play. This is a great way to help other people and share what you know.
  • To get better at what you do. You can also look at recordings of your own games to figure out where you did well and where you could do better. This is a great way to improve your playing skills.
  • To make content for a platform for streaming. If you want to become a streamer, you can record your gameplay and stream it live on sites like Twitch or YouTube. This is a great way to get more people to watch and talk to other players.

How to Record Fortnite on PC

with NVIDIA ShadowPlay

  1. Install NVIDIA ShadowPlay on your computer, and then run Fortnite. Use “Alt + Z” to open ShadowPlay once the game has begun.
  2. Use “Instant Replay” on the ShadowPlay bar if you only want to record important parts of the game. It will record what you do, but it won’t save what you do. Once you press the stop button, the last 5 minutes will be saved automatically. In settings, you can change how long the instant replay will last.
  3. On the other hand, use the “Record” button if you want to record your entire Fortnite game. With the “Alt + F9” key, you can stop the recording.

with Epic’s Replay Mode

  1. Start up Fortnite and go to Career.
  2. Choose Replays and then choose a match to watch.
  3. To control playback, click the camera icon at the bottom of the screen.

with Xbox Game Bar

  1. Start playing Fortnite on your computer, and then press “Windows + G” when you want to record the game. It will bring up a confirmation window, and clicking “Yes, this is a game” will open the Xbox Game Bar.
  2. As soon as the Xbox Game Bar shows up, you can press the “Start Recording” button to record your gameplay. But if you’ve never done it before, you should set up the game recording first. To do this, click the “Gear” icon and choose “Capturing” in the settings.
  3. After setting up the recording, you can start it by pressing “Start Recording.” Use “Ese” to close the Xbox Game Bar, and “Win + Alt + R” to stop recording gameplay.

Tips for Better Fortnite Recording

  • Set the right options. It’s important to use the right settings when you’re recording your gameplay. Things like the resolution, frame rate, and bitrate are all part of this. The quality of your recording will be better if the resolution and frame rate are both higher. But this will use more CPU and GPU resources, so depending on your computer’s specs, you may need to change the settings.
How to Record Fortnite on PC
  • Use a capture card. Use a capture card if you want to record your gameplay from a console. A capture card is a device that lets you record your console gameplay on a computer. This can help you get better recordings and less lag.
  • You can fix your recordings. Once you’re done recording your gameplay, you might want to edit it. This can mean doing things like cutting out parts that aren’t needed, adding commentary, or adding music. By editing your recordings, you can make your videos better and more interesting.
  • Put your videos on a website where people can share videos. Once you’ve edited your recordings, you can upload them to a video sharing site like YouTube or Twitch. This lets you share your videos and get feedback from other people.


How do I record video on Fortnite PC?

Click “Start Recording,” then open the Epic Game Launcher and start the game. After you leave the game, click the Stop button in the program window to end the recording. During gameplay, you can use hotkeys to change how the recording works. Press F10 to start or stop recording, and press F9 to pause and start recording again.

Why is there a recording button on Fortnite?

The REC button in Fortnite was meant to let players start and stop recording their games on their own. Even though this feature is already on PCs and consoles, many players don’t know how to use it.

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